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Check out these Pyredoodle facts about these large dogs with great temperament.

These dogs are the result of breeding Great Pyrenees and Poodles. The very adorable Pyredoodle is a perfect example of the phrase 'the best of both worlds.' They inherit their large size and protective nature from the Great Pyrenees, and they inherit their designer breed looks from the Poodle.

Pyredoodles are large dogs, growing up to 15-32 in (38-81 cm) tall and weighing about 85-100 lb (38-45 kg). They also have mixed coats, which they inherit from their parents, Great Pyrenees and Poodles. They come in elegant colors such as black, gray, white, and cream.

Children will be extremely happy to be around this dog. Pyredoodles are great baby sitters as they are gentle and protective around children. They enjoy the company of humans in general. They are also great guard dogs.

The main objective behind this breed was to create a dog that would be non-shedding. The result was a fluffy and gentle family dog.

They are also easier to train in comparison to other guard dogs. It is easy to take care of these dogs as, despite their large size, they do not shed as much. However, they do require regular exercise and grooming activities to keep them healthy.

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Pyredoodle Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Pyredoodle?

Pyredoodles are a dog from the animalia kingdom. They are not a pure bred dog.

What class of animal does a Pyredoodle belong to?

Pyredoodles belong to the mammalia class. This designer dog comes with the combined features of Great Pyrenees and Standard Poodle.

How many Pyredoodles are there in the world?

An official population of Pyredoodles has not been recorded. That being said, they are a popular breed and live with owners all around the world.

Where does a Pyredoodle live?

Pyredoodles are happy family members in many houses. Pyredoodles were the result of mixing Great Pyrenees, which was a mountain dog from Asia, and Standard Poodles, which are thought to have originated from either Germany or France. Pyredoodles were first bred in North America.

What is a Pyredoodle's habitat?

Pyredoodles are large dogs with medium energy levels. They like to live with their owners, in places where they can move around freely.

Although they are easy to train, the owners need to keep their weight in check, this is because they can easily gain weight if they aren't given proper exercise. An hours walk daily would be ideal. Small apartments may not be the best for this dog.

Pyredoodles sometimes have a double coat, and they need to be in conditions where the temperature is moderate in order to avoid overheating. Houses with a small lawn or plenty of open space to run out in are ideal for these dogs.

Who do Pyredoodles live with?

Pyredoodles love to be around people. They are great with children and love being their friends and protectors.

They also get along with any other pets in the house. As with any other dog, socialization is essential. Making these dogs comfortable around other pets and people at a young age will go a long way in having a happy and healthy dog.

How long does a Pyredoodle live?

Pyredoodles life expectancy, on average, is between ten and 12 years. It is the dog owner's responsibility to maintain their health in order to ensure a long and happy life.

How do they reproduce?

Pyredoodles reproduce the same as all dogs. After reaching puberty, males mate with females during their estrous cycle. The average litter size is between two and four puppies. Pyredoodles are mixed breeds themselves, resulting from a cross between Great Pyrenees and Standard Poodles.

What is their conservation status?

The IUCN does not list the conservation status of Pyredoodle dogs as they are a mixed breed. They are usually under the care of their respective owners, and they do not have any concerning threats. Their official conservation status is Not Evaluated.

Pyredoodle Fun Facts

What do Pyredoodles look like?

Being a mixed breed of Great Pyrenees and Standard Poodle, Pyredoodles both have great personalities and look very cute. Pyredoodle colors ranges between black, gray, white, and cream.

A few Pyredoodles have mixed colors as well. There are also rare Pyredoodles, such as the silver-colored Pyredoodle, along with other rare shades such as blue, apricot, and café-aulaits. They have straight or wavy fur, which may be a thick double coat or a dense single coat.

Pyredoodles don't shed as much in comparison to some other dog breeds. They have an average weight of 85-100 lb (38-45 kg) and height of 15-32 in (38-81 cm), which has put them in the category of large dogs.

Pyredoodles are an easy-to-train, highly intelligent dog breed. This gentle giant has medium levels of energy, so a little exercise every day with the proper diet will be enough to keep them happy. All they need is a big enough place to move around and people to love.

Speaking of which, Pyredoodle puppies are great for any family, even new pet owners. Early socialization ensures that they get along with all members of the family, including children.

Pyredoodles are a mix between Great Pyrenees and Poodles.

*Please note that this is an image of a Great Pyrenees, not a Pyredoodle specifically. If you have an image of a Pyredoodle, please let us know at

How cute are they?

Pyredoodle puppies are some of the cutest puppies of all dog breeds. Their furry body and tiny face will get their owners attention in a second.

Once their owners have spotted these dogs, their puppy eyes will make sure their owners pick them up and never set them down. The designer dog traits also help them with their cute looks.

Once they grow up, they become huge dogs. But, they still remain very cute. Their huge appearance helps them with their secondary role, the guardian of the house.

Being the caretaker of the family is their primary role. Their interactions as they take care of the children will melt their owners heart. Pyredoodles are a dog that will win anyone over in an instant.

How do they communicate?

Like most dogs, Pyredoodles communicate with body language, sound, and barks. With Great Pyrenees, a huge guard dog from the Pyreness mountains, being one of the parent breeds you'd expect Pyredoodles to lack a good temperament.

However, these huge dogs are gentle giants. They are calm and composed in most situations. They will only bark out loud to alert their family of an intruder on their property.

When they are happy and playful, you'll find them wagging their tail. They are often glad to be in their designated corner, taking care of the children in the family.

How big is a Pyredoodle?

Full-grown Pyredoodles have a height of 15-32 in (38-81 cm) height and weigh around 85-100 lb (38-45 kg). Their height puts them on the list of large dogs. Pyredoodles are four to five times bigger than a bulldog.

How fast can a Pyredoodle run?

Pyredoodles are huge designer dogs that do not have high energy levels. They also don't tend to run very fast.

They mostly tend to stand their ground while protecting their property. When they aren't protecting their homes, these designer dogs would rather just lay around and spend time with their human family. That being said, it is important that these dogs are trained regularly.

Routine exercise every day, even just an hour walk everyday, is key to avoid any health issues. Training must be started when they are young in order to ensure that they are happy and well socialized.

How much does a Pyredoodle weigh?

Great Pyredoodle are big dogs, weighing around 85-100 lb (38-45 kg). They are prone to gaining weight quickly. Therefore their owners should provide a well-maintained diet and exercise routine for their Pyredoodles.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Like all dogs, male Pyredoodles are called dogs, and a female Pyredoodle is called a bitch.

What would you call a baby Pyredoodle?

Baby Pyredoodles are called puppies. A young Pyredoodle puppy has a very small face, with eyes that seemingly have a permanent calm gaze.

What do they eat?

A Pyredoodle's diet must contain high-quality dog food that is rich in protein. Kibble with no carbs would be ideal. Their food should not be left around for the dog to eat whenever they feel like it, as they can overfeed.

Owners should follow a strict schedule when feeding their Pyredoodle. These dogs tend to gain weight quickly, which can lead to joint issues such as hip dysplasia.

A proper exercise routine is a must with these gentle breeds. Their ideal height and weight should be 15-32 in (38-81 cm) and 85-100 lb (38-45 kg). A healthy Pyredoodle can live between ten to 12 years.

Are they slobbery?

Pyredoodles are not slobbery like other breeds of large dogs, for example, neapolitan mastiffs. This makes them an easy pet to be around. Owners will not have to worry about ensuring that their house is clean from slobber.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, they will make an excellent pet. Pyredoodles are easy to train and perfect for any type of family.

They are great companions for single people, and great caretakers for families with kids. As a bonus, when these dogs grow up, they can make use of their big size to keep intruders away.

As an owner, all you need to take care of is early socialization and training when they are young, their diet throughout their life, regular veterinarian visits, and a regular exercise routine to keep them from gaining weight and becoming lazy.

Owners also need to provide them an environment that isn't too hot, as their thick double coat might cause their body to overheat. This dog breed has a great temperament, they are calm, intelligent and quickly fit into their role in the family.

They love children and are always ready to play and take care of them. Unlike other big dogs, they are a non-shedding breed, and just the occasional grooming of their coat is enough to prevent matting.

Did you know...

Pyredoodles, being a mix of two very different breeds, inherit traits from both parents. Both breeds, Great Pyrenees and Standard Poodle, are generally healthy dogs.

But, Pyredoodles are known to suffer from some conventional health conditions such as patellar luxation, hypothyroidism, bloat, and hip dysplasia. With proper training and exercise right from a young age, owners can help the dogs avoid these health problems throughout most of their life.

Unlike other dogs, Pyredoodles do not need constant attention. Owners can let them explore and wander around without worrying too much.

Having your own Pyredoodle

Before you get your own Pyredoodle, it is important to prepare yourself for the task and be familiar with this breed.

Pyredoodles are a mix of two breeds. One is a large dog from the Pyrenees mountains called Great Pyrenees, and the other is the adorable designer dog, Standard Poodle.

The main intention of the breeders was to create a family pet that shed less, and can be around owners who are suffering from asthma.

It is safe to say that they are a great family pet, whose trainability and attractive looks have made them popular among dog lovers. This dog, as intended, is a low shedding dog in comparison to other large dogs.

They may have a thin or thick coat, and grooming a Pyredoodle once a day is enough to keep their coats shiny.

An occasional Pyredoodle haircut is also ideal to ensure that they are trimmed and their shedding is kept to a minimum. Ensure that these dogs enough space on your property to run and play around, as they do not do too well in small places.

When it comes to owning a Pyredoodle, always check your local dog shelters and rescues to see if there are any that need adopting. Pyredoodle puppies will cost you anywhere between 700 USD to 2,500 USD each.

Once they are brought home, it is essential to begin their training immediately. They need to learn the members of the family as part of early socialization, and they need to know their spot in the house. They also need to be taught how to behave with strangers.

These dogs can grow up to an impressive height of 32 in (81 cm), and weigh up to 100 lb (45 kg). A dog of this size will require frequent exercise to remain healthy.

When it comes to their temperament, these smart and intelligent dogs are calm and composed most of the time. They even handle themselves well around children. All of these qualities are enough to make any potential dog owner consider the Pyredoodle.

Do Pyredoodles like to swim?

Pyredoodles love to swim. They can be trained to swim when they are a puppy, and their designer dog status doesn't keep them away from the water.

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