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To get to know more about the Red Angus cattle, read these Red Angus facts.
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The Red Angus, scientifically known as Bos primigenius taurus, is a domesticated breed of beef cattle. It belongs to the Bovidae family.

This Angus is derived from the Aberdeen Angus breed origin or both have the same origin. These breeds are separately registered from the Black Angus, which is related.

These breeds are herbivores and tend to primarily graze or feed on grass and thus, require open ranges or pastures or lands. They were originally bred in the eighteenth century due to the light nature of the Scottish cattle.

Thus, they are native to England and Scotland. The crossbreeding led to the red gene which eventually led to red calves.

The breeding happened with the black polled cattle and they carry this gene and thus, the breeds are naturally polled. Being in a herd is common for these Angus as they are social animals.

This breed is polygamous and the gestation period lasts for nine months after which a single calf or a pair of calves is born. These cows look similar to Aberdeen Angus and the males tend to be larger than the females.

This breed is known for its marbled meat which is highly desired. There is not much difference between the Black Angus and this breed apart from the color.

Read on to know more about this animal. You may also want to read about Highland cattle and Przewalski's Horse too, after reading these facts.  

Red Angus Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Red Angus?

The Red Angus is a type of cow.

What class of animal does a Red Angus belong to?

The Red Angus belongs to the category of mammals.

How many Red Angus are there in the world?

There has been no specific number recorded for the Red Angus in the world.

Where does a Red Angus live?

The Red Angus can be found in open places with grass, shrubs, and plants in Australia, Canada, and United States while it is native to England and Scotland.

What is a Red Angus' habitat?

This breed of cattle was developed from other cows and thus, they have no natural habitat and live on manmade pastures and land and open places or ranges with grass for them to feed on.

Who do Red Angus live with?

The Red Angus is a social animal and thus, lives in herds.

How long does a Red Angus live?

On average domesticated cows are known to live for 12-25 years.

How do they reproduce?

The Red Angus is a polygamous animal and thus, a single male breeds with all the females in the herd who are receptive.

After breeding takes place, the females have a gestation period of nine months after which a single calf or a pair of calves is born. The Red Angus heifers can walk and stand on their own right after birth and thus, start following their mother.

The mother feeds the calf with its own milk for about six months and when a calf is one year old, they become fully independent and reach sexual maturity.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the Red Angus is Not at Risk. They are bred for cattle ranching and so are not considered to be an endangered breed.

Red Angus Fun Facts

What do Red Angus look like?

The Red Angus breed looks quite similar to Aberdeen Angus. It is medium in size and has a beefy carcass. As the name suggests, the Red Angus is red in color. It has a pigmented skin and is naturally polled.

Its skin is thick and its build muscular. The red color is passed on to the calves. The males are larger than the females.

The red color is one factor that distinguishes this cattle from the other.

How cute are they?

Cows in general are considered to be social and emotional and thus, are considered to be adorable or lovable, especially the Red Angus calves.

How do they communicate?

The communication between the cows and calves takes place through calls. There is one low-sounding call that is produced when the calves are close to the mothers and the other is high pitched which is produced when the calves are out of visual contact or sight.

How big is a Red Angus?

The male Red Angus can weigh up to 1900 lb (900 kg) and females can weigh up to 1400 lb (635 kg). The length of a Red Angus cow ranges from 44-50 in (110-125 cm) and that of bulls up to 53 in (135 cm).

How fast can a Red Angus run?

The exact pace of a Red Angus Breed is unknown.

How much does a Red Angus weigh?

The male Red Angus can weigh up to 1900 lb (900 kg) and females can weigh up to 1400 lb (635 kg) and the Red Angus Bull weigh up to 850 kg (1874 lb).

What are their male and female names of the species?

The males and females of the species do not have specific names. They are referred to as a bull and cow for the male and female respectively, as is the case with other cattle.

What would you call a baby Red Angus?

A baby Red Angus is called a calf.

What do they eat?

The Red Angus beef cattle are herbivores and mostly spend their time grazing on the grass. Sometimes, the Red Angus also feeds on grass and shrubs. While half the time is spent in grazing, the other half is spent resting and rechewing the food they ate.

Are they dangerous?

While the Red Angus is known to be a calm and friendly animal, these animals can sometimes display aggression which could prove to be dangerous.

Would they make a good pet?

While the Red Angus possess friendly behavior, it is uncommon for people to keep the Red Angus as pets as they mainly are produced for their meat production, and thus, people keep the Red Angus for its meat and not as pets.

The Red Angus also requires extensive care and a large space to roam and graze. Apart from that, the Red Angus are social animals and they need to live in a herd.

Thus, to keep the Red Angus as pets, it requires big land or pastures or open spaces and additional hay to feed it during winters.

Did you know...

The Red Angus regurgitate their food or cud and chew it again for better digestion.

These breeds are also known for their maternal characteristics and reproductive capacity.

The Red Angus is popular for its excellent quality of marbled meat which is because of the intramuscular marbling.

Angus among the other animals is the first one to be bred only for the beef. And it's not only the American Red Angus, but the Red Angus beef is also now popular in Australia and other parts of the world.

The Red Angus calf, which weighs about 500 lb can cost $700.

It can be differentiated from a Limousine by slight differences in the color of the body, temperament, and meat quality. The Limousine is excitable cattle as compared to the Red Angus which is docile and calm. The meat of Limousine is lighter and has a higher water-holding capacity than the Angus.

There is no genetic difference in Red Angus vs Black Angus except the color.

The Red Angus Charolais cross are hybrids that are cross-bred for various advantages like yield grade.

The countries of Eastern Europe offer the potential for breeding quality cattle.

It is believed that in Europe, the demand for heavier cattle to be used to pull draughts is one factor contributing to the creation of this breed.

How is a Red Angus' coat adapted?

The Red Angus are crossed with other red breeds to produce red calves for advantages in selling. It is also believed that the red coat reflects sunlight better than the darker ones or specifically than the Black Angus and thus, is a better option for tropical regions or climate.

It is believed that the red color makes the Angus more heat-tolerant and thus, is less likely to get sunburnt udders and eye cancer.

What was Red Angus originally bred for?

The Red Angus has the same origin as the Aberdeen Angus. In the eighteenth century, the Black Scottish cattle were considered to be light to provide large draught oxen. Thus, larger English longhorns, mostly red in color were bought for crossbreeding with the black polled ones.

The resulting ones being black in color due to the dominance of the black color gene over red. However, all the crossbreeds carried the red gene. The interbreeding led to the birth of the red calves which are naturally polled.

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Red Angus Facts

What Did They Prey On?

Grass, plants, and shrubs

What Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?


How Much Did They Weigh?

Bulls: up to 850 kg (1874 lb) Cows: up to 550 kg (1212 lb)

What habitat Do they Live In?

pastures and open areas

Where Do They Live?

australia, canada, united states

How Long Were They?


How Tall Were They?

Bull: up to 53 in (135 cm)Cows: range from 44-50 in (110-125 cm) ‍







Scientific Name

Bos primigenius taurus

What Do They Look Like?

Red in color with pigmented skin

Skin Type


What Are Their Main Threats?


What is their Conservation Status?

Not at Risk

australia canada united states

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