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Saluki facts help kids to know more about the dog.
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A Saluki is a fast-running breed of dog that has exceptional speed and can run its quarry to kill its prey. Since they rely more on their vision rather than scent, they are also called sighthounds.

A Saluki is an ancient breed of dog. Many cave paintings of dogs having a similar physique have been discovered that suggest that Saluki has been present on earth for thousands of years.

Most of these paintings are found in African countries generally in and around Egypt. Carvings of the Sumerian Civilization, presently Iraq, show the presence of dogs similar to the Saluki.

Big hound-like animal drawings were also found in Egypt. They became more popular by the 18th Egyptian dynasty.

In the south, the extent of this dog was all the way to Sudan. Mentions of a Saluki dog are also observed in old Iranian poetries.

From the 18th century Chinese collection of arts and inscriptions, hound dogs like Saluki paintings were found. According to myths, it is believed that this dog was transferred to Europe from the Middle East.

After being recognized by the Kennel Clubs in the 20th century, widespread and commercial breeding of this species started. To know about the specifications of this dog in detail, continue reading some interesting Saluki information and facts.

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Saluki Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Saluki?

A Saluki is one of the most ancient dog breeds that are believed to exist at present. This breed of hound dogs is far-seeing and they use the power of sight to hunt rather than scent.

What class of animal does a Saluki belong to?

A Saluki is a warm-blooded animal so they belong to the class mammal or Mammalia.

How many Salukis are there in the world?

The exact population of Salukis is hard to determine. Some theorists believe them to be the oldest dog breed with ancestors tracing back to 7000-6000 BCE. Most of their ancestors are extinct so it is impossible to get a pure Saluki breed at present.

They were recognized by the English and the American Kennel Club around the 1920s and since then their popularity increased gradually. Around 1215 of such impure Saluki breeds were registered between 2000-2009 with the UK Kennel Club. Their population has stayed stable in recent years.

Where does a Saluki live?

The Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds to exist to date. At present, Salukis are still considered a noble breed in the Middle East. They are found in Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Turkey, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.

In England, Salukis were brought from countries like Palestine, Arab, and Sarona although a certain population was present in Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden. These dogs gained popularity in North America after getting recognized by the American Kennel Club. Salukis that are found in Israel are called Negev Salukis.

What is a Saluki's habitat?

Historians have not been able to come up with any proper description of a Saluki habitat. They have been residing for a long time on this planet so there is a deficiency of credible data.

Since their breeding was started by nomadic bedouins, Salukis also had a nomadic lifestyle. Their habitat covers a large range and it stretches from the Saharas to the Caspian Sea.

Due to this diverse range, a large number of variations are noted in them. A typical breed found in the desert areas called desert Salukis is believed to descend from the true origins of the dog.

Who do Salukis live with?

Salukis have now become favorable family dogs who live peacefully with human beings. They might shy away in front of strangers.

It is an extremely loving dog and is very gentle with children but unlike other dogs, Salukis enjoy sitting alone by your side and indulge in fewer cuddles. They are very compassionate with other species of dogs as well.

How long does a Saluki live?

The Saluki dog breeds are currently found in captivity, as pets, or for the purpose of hunting. Like all dogs, they do not have a much longer life span. A healthy Saluki can live for 12-14 years under ideal conditions.

How do they reproduce?

A Saluki is a famous breed of dog that shows reproductive processes similar to all other canines. The female goes through multiple estrus cycles and can get pregnant during these cycles. These cycles in dogs are often called heat.

Mating is generally not monogamous in this breed in usual cases. The male show their interest in mating by sniffing and if the female is receptive she will take part in the process. The gestation period lasts for 63 days.

What is their conservation status?

Salukis are large and slim dog breeds that are believed to exist on earth since ancient times as royal species. At present, they stay in households as pet dogs.

They are not very commonly available dogs so their population is very low. However, the population of this dog still seems to be stable as of now. There is no present status about its conservation and Not Listed under the Red List of IUCN or International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Saluki Fun Facts

What do Salukis look like?

Salukis have an elegant, and sleek body. Their coat can be of two types, one is smooth and the other feathered.

The feathered variety has fluff around the legs, ears, thighs, and throat. They have smooth, long, and silky hair that sheds less in comparison to other dogs.

Salukis have a long and narrow head and elongated droopy ears, tail is curved but quite long in this breed. This breed of dogs is known for its long legs and powerful vision. Their coat can be of various colors like black and tan, white, cream, fawn, golden, and red grizzle tan.

The desert Salukis look a bit primitive with a broader chest and broader skulls. Their tails are also shorter and their overall appearance differs from their western counterparts.

Saluki was bred in the Fertile Crescent.

How cute are they?

The Saluki's beauty and elegance is by far one of the best among the species. They are good companions but retreats from too much cuddling. You will definitely find this dog to be very cute by looks and also by nature.

How do they communicate?

A Saluki, like all dogs, uses the visual and vocal communicative processes. Vocally these dogs communicate by barking, growling, panting, and sighing. Visual communication includes changes in body posture or facial expressions. They also have very good vision and as a result scent marking is slightly less observed in these dogs.

How big is a Saluki?

Salukis are hound dogs so they naturally have a larger build. Despite that, they flaunt a sleek physique. An adult Saluki stands at a height of 23–28 in (58–71 cm) around the shoulder.

The length differs according to the breeds. Females are smaller in size than male dogs and accordingly, their height varies. They are almost three times bigger than average Chihuahuas.

How fast can a Saluki run?

A Saluki is a hound also known as a sighthound because of its good eyesight. The slim body structure of the dog helps it to run fast. Salukis love to run makes them very fast.

The speed of a Saluki can reach up to 42 mph (64 kmph) which is a lot faster than its cousin, the greyhound. A healthy adult Saluki hound can cover 2-3 mi in an hour if required. They can run for 30 mins at a go.

How much does a Saluki weigh?

The weight of a full-grown adult breed of Saluki ranges between 36-65 lb (16-29 kg). Since the males are bigger, their weight is also more than the females.

What are their male and female names of the species?

A male and a female Saluki do not have any specific names. They are simply called dogs and bitches like other dogs. However, Salukis are known by various other names like the Persian greyhound or the gazelle hound.

What would you call a baby Saluki?

A baby dog is called a puppy. Similarly, a baby of a Saluki will be called a Saluki puppy.

What do they eat?

A Saluki is more sensible than any other dog breed. They generally do not overeat even if they get the chance so obesity rates are very low in them. The diet of a Saluki mainly includes dry food.

Feeding them high-quality dry food once a day is enough to get them going. In the wild, these dogs are hunters. This breed was mainly created as hounds and under proper training, their high prey drive allows them to successfully kill small animals like gazelles, hares, foxes, and rabbits.

Are they slobbery?

Salukis have a prim and proper eating habit. They are very clean dogs and are not at all slobbery. There might be some drool after drinking or eating but that is negligible. The Saluki is a perfect dog for you to get if you cannot tolerate slobber.

Would they make a good pet?

Salukis are now mainly known to be domesticated. They are good as pets and very loyal. You can trust them as watchdogs but they are terrible as protection dogs. They are very reserved and sometimes come off as cold-natured. They are prone to crying a lot because of their sensitive nature so ignoring them might lead to depression.

Did you know...

Due to their long and narrow physique, great height, and controlled weight a Saluki is considered to be a supermodel in the dog world.

History of the Saluki

The origin of Salukis can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilizations. From the remains, it is assumed that they were considered to be prized possessions of the noble class of ancient times.

They were found to be mummified along with Egyptian Pharaohs. They were used for hunting by the nobles as well as participated in games and sports events of ancient times for entertaining their masters.

In the Middle East where dogs were considered to be unclean according to Islamic rituals, Salukis were referred to as 'El-hor' or the noble one. To maintain the purity in their breed, Saluki dogs were prohibited to breed with other species.

In the 20th century, they were brought to England for the first time from their native lands. Currently, different styles of Salukis are present in different places depending on their breeding stocks.

Getting your own Saluki

A Saluki is an athletic breed of dog that has a high energy level. As pets, they also play the role of loyal companions.

They are generally calm and reserved and seem to shy away from strangers. This dog is less prone to attack unless they feel intimidated. Salukis are gentle with kids however if they start pulling the dog's hairs or ears they become very intolerant.

Therefore, they form a better companion to adults and teenagers. Training these dogs can be troublesome and should be done very gently.

If they are left off the latch, chances are there that they might run away. Occasional brushing is enough for maintaining the smooth body hair smooth and long body hair but the feathered areas require weekly brushing. Daily exercise includes running in a closed area while being leashed.

Salukis require daily exercise to keep them happy and fit. The average cost of a Saluki ranges from $2000-$2500 USD.

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