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Let us dive deep and know about Serrasalmus geryi facts.
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With sharp teeth, slow movements, and a rhomboidal body., the Serrasalmus geryi is a popular species of the piranha family.

This fish species is native to South America, often found swimming in the rivers of  Rio Araguaia and Rio Tocantins of Brazil. This fish is known by so many names - the Geryi’s piranha, the violet line piranha, and even Serrasalmus Geryi.

The Serrasalmus genus has about 31 species under it, so you might wonder how to recognize this fish. Well, the presence of a violet band running from the lower jaw all the way to the dorsal fin makes it easy to distinguish this fish from the others. Hence, they get the name ‘the violet line piranha’.

These fishes are a popular pet, so you might want to keep one in your home aquarium too!

Thrilled knowing about these facts on the Serrasalmus Geryi? We assure you to have more fun with our pages on the piranha fish and the dog fish!

Serrasalmus Geryi Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Serrasalmus Geryi?

The Serrasalmus Geryi is a type of piranha fish.

What class of animal does a Serrasalmus Geryi belong to?

The Geryi piranha falls in the class of Fish.

How many Serrasalmus Geryis are there in the world?

The exact estimate of the population of the Serrasalmus Geryis is as yet unknown.

Where does a Serrasalmus Geryi live?

Serrasalmus Geryis live in rivers.

What is a Serrasalmus Geryi's habitat?

These piranhas are native to the waters of South America. They prefer freshwater habitats.

This species is benthopelagic in nature, lurking in the deep waters of rivers. They adjust well in waters with pH levels to be in the range of 5.8-7.5, and the temperature ranges are between 72 – 84°F (22 – 29°C). They prefer being in turbid waters, which have a good amount of suspended particles.

Who do Serrasalmus Geryis live with?

These fish prefer living alone, however, they can survive together in shoals of their own kind.

How long does a Serrasalmus Geryi live?

The Serrasalmus Geryi, Rio Tocantins piranha, has a lifespan of about 10 years.

How do they reproduce?

There is not a lot known about the breeding cycles of these fish. All that is known is that the Geryi piranha spawns in shallow waters. This fish is said to be a seasonal spawner and to make a shallow burrow or pit in the substrates, and after breeding, they deposit their eggs in it.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the geryi piranha is Not Listed on the IUCN Red List.

Serrasalmus Geryi Fun Facts

What do Serrasalmus Geryis look like?

This Serrasalmus genus species can be found in the Tocantins and Araguaia draianges.

*Please note, this is a picture of a piranha, a member of the same family as the Serrasalmus geryi.

The body shape of the Geryi piranha is very compressed on the lateral side. The main distinguishing feature of this fish is a broad stripe that runs all the way from its lower mouth to the beginning of its dorsal fins. This stripe is violet in color and is present in the fish at almost every age.

This line is not visible if you view the fish from the side. Their heads are slightly concave in shape. There may also be the presence of a humeral spot.

Their bodies are bright silver in color, and they proudly display numerous spots on their flanks. Their scales are highly reflective and their ventral and pectoral fins are clear. Their tail fins are glass-like, with a black margin.

They have either silver or orangish eyes. Both the male and females of this species look similar. They also have very sharp teeth, suiting their carnivorous diet.

How cute are they?

We do not find these fish that cute, sorry!

How do they communicate?

Piranhas usually make no sounds. However, they let out a small percussive noise in situations where they need to fight for food, and a soft croak as well.

How big is a Serrasalmus Geryi?

These fish can usually grow to sizes of about 10 in (25 cm). However, in captivity, they usually grow to a length of 8 in (20 cm).  The maximum size of this fish recorded has been about 12 in (30 cm).

This body length is equal to the length of an average table fork.

How fast can a Serrasalmus Geryi move?

The speeds of the Serrasalmus geryi are not known. However, piranhas in general can attain speeds of about 15-25 mph (24.14-40.24 kph).

How much does a Serrasalmus Geryi weigh?

We do not know the weight of this fish species.

What are their male and female names of the species?

The male and female fish of this species do not have exclusive names.

What would you call a baby Serrasalmus Geryi?

Newly hatched piranhas are called fry.

What do they eat?

Being a prime carnivore, the Geryi species are known to prey on smaller fish and insects. In their natural environment, this piranha feeds on the scales and fins of other fishes. Small prawns, small squids, pellets, larvae, and frogs are also a part of their diets. Occasionally, they also eat sea fruits, though this is very rare.

In captivity, these little fish munch down on chopped prawns, bloodworms, brine shrimps, annelid worms, and similar foods. Adults have a larger appetite and crave larger foods such as chopped squids, earthworms, mussels, whole prawns, cockles, herring, and similar fish.

However, once they attain their full size, they can be fed with food only two or three times a week. Very rarely do they accept nuts, seeds, chunks of vegetables, or fruit.

Are they poisonous?

No, this Serrasalmus species is not poisonous.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, these fish are quite often kept as pets. Their maintenance is absolutely minimal, so you need not take much trouble looking after them in your home aquarium!

Did you know...

If being kept as a pet, these fish must not be fed with any bird or mammal meat. The lipids present in such meat may cause harm to the piranha, as they are not digested properly. Thus, this might lead to their organs degenerating over time, or an over-accumulation of fats in the body.

They can live without having food for a few weeks.

It is recommended not to feed them raw fish meat, such as that of goldfish or guppies. This, again, would affect the fish by destroying the vital constituents required for their diet and affect the health of this fish.

Behavior of the Geryi piranha

This fish specimen is said to be extremely shy, often hiding behind rocks and aquatic vegetation. They have minimal movements, staying still for long periods of time. Keeping them either alone, or in groups of four, is recommended for a peaceful environment, otherwise, they get very aggressive. This aggression might lead to munching down each others' fins and scales.

What can live with a Gery's piranha?

They are not tolerant or welcoming to the presence of other fish, thus making them an unpleasant tank companion. The Serassalmus geryi is compatible with other fish of its own kind, being kept in small groups. However, it is always recommended to keep the violet line piranha alone, leading a solitary lifestyle.

This is the only species of the Serrasalmus species that successfully coexist with its own kind, however, this coexistence is balanced usually in its own habitat, allowing it free space to swim as per its convenience.

Closed spaces, such as a home aquarium or a fish tank, would make them parasitic in nature, nibbling down on the fins and scales of their tankmates.

Thus, keeping this species in groups with other species would be causing disturbance to others who would be sharing the same space with them.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by coloring in one of our free printable Serrasalmus geryi coloring pages.

*Please note, the main image is a picture of a piranha, a member of the same family as the Serrasalmus geryi.

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