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Read these interesting silver marmoset facts about these small-sized primates that are known for their scent and found in Brazil

The silvery marmoset (Mico argentatus), also known as the Callithrix argentata, is a monkey species living in groups in the eastern part of North American countries like Brazil.

These are small primates that have flesh-colored ears and small ears. These species of monkeys are generally found in the rainforest and flat lowlands.

With their ability to survive on both fruit and insects, this species is also known as the New World monkey. These animals are very social and stay in small groups and mark their territories with a unique scent produced by their genital and skin glands.

They avoid searching for food in the dark and are mostly seen living on the tree.

Dominant females breed twice a year and give birth to twins after a gestation period of almost six months. These species of monkeys are very intelligent and are not the greatest choice for pets as they are even capable of biting or scratching human beings.

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Silver Marmoset Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a silver marmoset?

The silvery marmoset (Mico argentatus) is a monkey that belongs to the Mico genus.

What class of animals does a silvery marmoset belong to?

Silvery marmoset (Mico argentatus) belong to the class Mammalia, and they are a part of the Callitrichidae family.

How many silvery marmosets are there in the world?

The silvery marmoset (Mico argentatus) is currently marked as Least Concern. Their range is distributed in Brazil to a great extent. This mammal lives in the eastern parts of Brazil as it favors tropical regions. The number of silvery marmosets in the world is unknown. However, the number of marmosets was 2,500 across the world in 2017.

Where does a silvery marmoset live?

Silvery marmosets are known to stay in rainforests and flat lowland areas in Brazil. They are found majorly in eastern Brazil.

What is a silvery marmoset habitat?

The silvery marmoset (Mico argentatus) lives in the southeastern part of Brazil and is known to be found in the rainforest and Amazon basin. Their diet includes both fruit and flesh, which helps them survive in the rainforest. They generally remain on trees and search for food during the day.

Who does silvery marmoset live with?

The silvery marmoset (Mico argentatus), also known as the New World monkey, is known to live in small groups of about 15 members, and the group members are known to mark their territory with their unique scent.

How long does a silvery marmoset live?

The silvery marmoset (Mico argentatus) is known to have a lifespan of about 16 years in the wild.

How do they reproduce?

Silvery marmoset (Mico argentatus) attains sexual maturity at the age of two and is known to breed twice a year, and mostly, only the dominant female in the group is known to breed. Females are known to have a gestation period of about six months, and after six months, young marmosets are given birth.

Young ones depend on their mother's milk in the initial stages and are later experienced to taste the food.

After two years of age, offspring becomes mature and can breed. Adult group members are known to protect the babies and spend time in the forest searching for food.

What is their conservation status?

The silvery marmoset (Mico argentatus) is known to have a current conservation category of Least Concern as they are found in good numbers across the globe.

Silver Marmoset Fun Facts

What does a silver marmoset look like?

These New World monkeys are little in size and have a dark tail that is fluffy and sharp nails that help them to tear flesh and even hunt in the wild. They have little flesh-colored ears and lips. These marmoset's body resembles that of the primates except for their tail as the silvery marmosets have long tails.

The silvery marmosets have a long tail and sharp nails on their small and powerful claws.

How cute are they?

New World monkeys or silvery marmosets are small-sized monkeys and are very cute. They have little yet powerful claws and a long dark tail which makes them look adorable, but these animals are not very friendly, and humans should avoid them as they are capable of biting you or scratching you with their claws.

How do they communicate?

The silvery marmosets or the New World Monkeys are known to communicate with vocals, scents, and expressions. This creature is known to live in a little group of about 15 members and mark their territory with its scent.

How big is a silvery marmoset?

The silvery marmosets' body has a weight of 11-14 oz (300-400 g) and has a length of 7-11 in (18-28 cm). Silvery marmosets are small-sized monkey species and are almost three to four times smaller than their predators, the wild cats.

How fast can a silvery marmoset run?

American silvery marmosets are not very fast in terms of running, and after research, it was found that the Callithrix argentata can travel as fast as 1.46 mph (2.34 kph) on average. They are generally seen on trees climbing from here to there with the help of their strong claws.

How much does a silvery marmoset weigh?

This American native silvery marmoset is known to weigh between the range of 11-14 oz (300-400 g) when they are fully grown into adults.

What are the male and female names of the species?

The silvery marmoset's species do not have any specific names for males and females but are generally known as the New World monkey and Callithrix argentata. Their scientific name is Mico argentatus.

What would you call a baby silvery marmoset?

The babies of silvery marmosets are known as infants or simply young marmosets and do not have any names in particular.

What do they eat?

The silvery marmosets' diet consists of lizards, spiders, frogs, insects, and snails, but these species are seen eating fruits. As they are diurnal in nature, they spend their time hunting in the daytime with their claws, searching for food, and rest during the nighttime. They are generally predated by wild dogs and cats in their natural habitat.

How active are they?

The Callithrix argentata species are very active animals and are generally seen climbing big and little trees and moving here and there searching for food. These animals are diurnal and sleep during the night. Research is also being conducted to see whether they can swim or not.

Would they make a good pet?

The Callithrix argentata species are not a great choice for pets as they are social animals that prefer to stay in groups, and the adult members are known to protect the babies. These animals are very intelligent and clumsy and will search for things throughout the house and mess with everything. A baby marmoset will cost around $3,000-$4,500.

Did you know...

This marmoset species releases mixed secretions from genital glands and skin glands, which form a fragrance mark (circumgenital). By the age of two years, a young infant turns into an adult and reaches the stage of sexual maturity.

Finger monkeys are legal in the UK but are considered illegal in many parts of Canada. Marmosets are also legal in the UK.

Do marmoset monkeys bite?

The American marmosets' species do bite when they are playing with you or simply during regular interactions. They ought to be taught not to bite, just the way we teach children to learn good things in life. They are generally not aggressive.

Are silver marmoset endemic?

Yes, the American native Callithrix argentata marmosets species are endemic to Brazil. These animals were originated from southern America.

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