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Singapura facts about an adorable-looking breed of cats.
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The Singapura cat breed has a highly social and interactive personality. Because of their habit of living in drains and gutters, they are also known as ‘drain cats’.

Singapore is referred to as Singapura in Malaysia, and as the cat is indigenous to Singapore, it is known as Singapura. The Singapuras were thought to have been bred from cats from around the globe. With a small muzzle, blunt nose, and a round head, the Singapura has a slim, toned physique.

They have long, tapering ears. The hair of the breed is short and soft beige.

Their eyes are large and hazel, gray, or yellow. It's a strong, extroverted cat with a lot of character.

The Singapura cats are gentle and friendly, and they enjoy interacting with people. They like to lie on their owner's lap and relax on bookshelves.

The Singapura sheds much less than other cats and does not need daily brushing because of its short coat. They have uterine inertia, a health condition in which the uterus is unable to remove the baby in the womb because of weak muscles. The breed also suffers from pyruvate kinase deficiency, which can cause anemia.

A bone marrow transplant is the only available cure for this condition. Read on for more fascinating Singapura cat facts.

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Singapura Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Singapura?

The Singapura is a type of cat that is very loving and social. This cat is indigenous to Singapore and has a hyperactive yet loving personality. They are also said to have the streets of Singapore as their origin.

People generally prefer this cat breed for its friendly demeanor. This cat is a gregarious creature who loves the presence of humans and even pets of other species. They are devoted to their caregivers and enjoy being tenderly rubbed.

What class of animal does a Singapura belong to?

The Singapura cat breed belongs to the class Mammalia and the family Felidae.

How many Singapuras are there in the world?

There haven't been enough studies that have estimated the population of the Singapura cat breed. But the Cat Fanciers Association has classified these cats as rare.

Where does a Singapura live?

These cats are quite rare and are usually kept as pets. They originated in Singapore but can now be found wherever their owners live.

What is a Singapura's habitat?

The Singapura cat likes to live indoors. They prefer to sit on their owner's lap or a tall bookshelf so they can have an overview of the room. The Singapura's best personality trait is its vibrant and active yet also curious nature.

Who does Singapura live with?

The Singapura cat lives with people. They enjoy the human touch and are incredibly endearing and welcoming. One of this cat's personality traits is that it prefers to be in positions of great height.  This is due to the cat's need to get a clear picture of its surroundings. Their owner can buy a high perch for their cat.

How long does a Singapura live?

The estimated life span of this cat breed is up to 14 years.

How do they reproduce?

After working in Singapore in 1975, Tommy Meadow and Hal Meadow headed back to the USA. They took two male kittens and one female kitten which they thought were local brown-ticked cats roaming the streets of Singapore.

The Singapura breed was founded through these cats. After a breeder discovered a cat fitting in this cat breed profile, in Singapore in 1981, a fourth cat was accepted into the breeding program.

The Singapura is still a rare pet. As they are a natural breed, only Singapura mating to Singapura is permitted (no other breeds). Two or three kittens are an average litter size.

The Singapura is sluggish to grow and only after around 15-24 months, it can reach its full size. Kittens are frequently delivered by cesarean section due to the cat's inability to give birth because of its weak muscles.

What is their conservation status?

They are classified as rare by the Cat Fanciers Association and are not listed by the IUCN.

Singapura Fun Facts

What does Singapura look like?

The Singapura is a cat with a short coat They are smaller than the normal size of cats. They have significantly large eyes and ears.

They come in dark brown, tan, beige, and dark cream. The coat would be of a single color if a recessive gene is included. Breeders also sought to remove the recessive gene from the breeding population to avoid the creation of cats with only one color.

They found that two of the three initial breeding cats had this recessive gene. These dark brown cats have hazel green or yellow eyes. Although, the mature color of the eyes in kittens cannot be predicted.

They might resemble Abyssinians because characteristics like the pattern, eyes, and ears, are the same, but everything else is different. Their grooming is very easy because of their short coat.

The face of a Singapura cat.

How cute are they?

The Singapuras are very cute cats. Their characteristics are very cute and bold, like their ticked coats.

Apart from their cuteness, their personality is charming and keeps their owner quite smitten. This fascinating feline is so famous in its homeland that it was proclaimed a 'national living treasure' by the Singaporean Government in 1991. The Singapura cat was also the national mascot of the Singapore Tourism Board.

How do they communicate?

Singapuras pur to communicate. They are very curious cats and with time, they can comprehend human cues and can interact at a certain level. This breed can also communicate through body language and by hissing or meowing. They are also known to mark territories through their scent or their urine.

How big is a Singapura?

They are very small cats and that's why a lot of people think of them as adorable and want to keep them as pets. They are only 6-8 in (15-20 cm) in length. The Singapura breed resembles the Abyssinian in appearance, but they are a much smaller species.

How fast can a Singapura run?

These cats are quite hyperactive and can be charged on energy at any given time. They can be quite fast in their movements.

They're extremely enthusiastic and enjoy climbing, so their owner must ensure that there's a sufficient amount of space available. This playful cat will jump up to your shoulders when you go by, hoping for a lift. They are also capable of chasing little objects thrown away.

How much does a Singapura weigh?

These cats weigh anywhere between the range of 4-8 lb (1.8-3.6 kg). There isn't much distinction present between the weight of the male and female cats with the female cats weighing anywhere between 4-6 lb (1.8-2.7 kg) and the male cats weighing 6-8 lb (2.7-3.6 kg)

What are the male and female names of the species?

There is no particular name for the male or female cat of this breed.

What would you call a baby Singapura?

A baby Singapura cat is known as a kitten, like all the babies of other cat breeds.

What do they eat?

As this cat breed is usually kept as pets, they eat high-quality cat food. They love to eat meat. Although the pet owner must be cautious about rodents in its home as the Singapura when it catches sight of a rodent, its predatory instincts can naturally come to the surface.

Are they slobbery?

All cats are slobbery sometimes, mostly when they feel at ease and relaxed. They might drool when they are in the middle of purring. It is considered a sign of love towards their owner if cats drool on them, as they used to do it on their mothers in the middle of getting fed.

Would they make a good pet?

These cats, usually brought home as a kitten, make delightful pets. They are endearing, social, and friendly cats. Singapuras are even easy to maintain because of their short coat.

Only once a week grooming and bathing are required of this pet. They suffer from a few health conditions but these health conditions though are easily treatable. These cats make charming pets that are loving toward their owners.

Did you know...

In 1979, the Singapura cat breed was registered with the International Cat Association. And in 1982 it was registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association.

The Singapura cat may be tiny but is not sensitive.

This cat has a brilliant personality. It is a unique and smart, breed that flourishes on her family's love. Muscular Singapore cats want to explore and learn. They want to be around you in the midst of the action.

This cat breeds and hates loud noises. They can become alarmed if they hear a sudden noisy sound.

Singapore residents are immensely proud and have selected this cat as the country's mascot.

Getting your own Singapura

The Singapura is comparatively a rare cat. A breeder's kitten, relying on the pedigree, will cost approximately $800–$2,000.

You can get this affectionate cat breed from a reliable and reputable cat breeder who provides a health guarantee. Breeders are worried about the absence of genetic variation in this breed.

The genetic diversity in Singapura and Burmese cats is the lowest. It's an extroverted cat who keeps on supporting you with everything and is adventurous and playful.

They are very smart and friendly with humans and stay so even as they get older. However, the owner must keep a regular check on their pet's health as they can suffer from health conditions easily.

If you adopt a Singapura cat, you must take it to the veterinarian as early as you can to ensure it doesn't have any health problems that need to be addressed. Apart from that, this pet requires occasional grooming.

Are Singapuras the smallest breed of cat?

Yes, in comparison to other cat breeds, the Singapura cat is among the smallest of cat breeds weighing a mere 4 lb which makes them a very cute pet to own. It is distinguished by its wide eyes and ears, blunt tail, and ticked coat.

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