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One of the interesting Snorkie facts is that it is an extremely popular bog breed.

Have you ever heard about the name Snorkie? A Snorkie is a mixed breed of Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) and Miniature Schnauzer dogs.

It is not a very tall and ferocious dog, rather Snorkie is a friendly and lovable dog. Snorkie is a very popular pet dog breed as these fur balls are cute and not very aggressive in nature.

It has got its cute appearance from the parents, which are Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie and Miniature Schnauzer dog. An extremely small Snorkie is known as a teacup Snorkie.

These dogs, with their soft and silky fur, are able to catch the attention of small kids. The Snorkie breed seems interesting, right?

If you want to know more about this cute creature, then here we have some interesting facts about a Snorkie for you. After reading all about Snorkie, do check out more information on Kunming wolfdog and Australian retriever as well.


Snorkie Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Snorkie?

A Snorkie is a Schnauzer Yorkie mix designer dog. A Snorkie is a very friendly creature like most dogs are and that’s why it is considered ideal as a pet. This is a very intelligent and alert dog but does not possess a lot of strength to be suitable as a rescue dog.

What class of animal does a Snorkie belong to?

Dogs belong to the mammal class of animals. As we know that the Snorkie is a dog, we can say that the Schnauzer Yorkie hybrid is also a mammal.

How many Snorkies are there in the world?

The exact number of Snorkies is not known for certain as there is no exact information available for their population anywhere. These are cute hybrid dogs, so their number depends on the demand. It is estimated that there may be thousands of Snorkie puppies around the world.

Where does a Snorkie live?

A Snorkie, being a popular breed of pet dog, lives in a house or in an area where humans live because they are generally kept as pets. Since it is a designer dog breed, it is always found in a safer environment along with the human companions who provide them with love and companionship.

What is a Snorkie's habitat?

A Snorkie is kept as a pet dog and its habitat is the house of its owner. Snorkies are not suitable for big farms or wilderness as they do not have the strength and agility to survive in adverse conditions. They love to like indoors in a cozy environment.

Who do Snorkies live with?

Snorkies live with their owners. Since it is a very expensive hybrid dog, you will not find it roaming alone in the streets. A Snorkie lives in the house with its rightful owner who loves the dog dearly. It does not require a lot of exercise and thus loves to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle.

How long does a Snorkie live?

The lifespan of a Snorkie is almost the same as some other dog i.e. 12-15 years. Though their lifespan ranges between 12-15 years, a Snorkie can live for a longer period as well if they lead a healthy life.

How do they reproduce?

In order to give birth to a Snorkie puppy, both genders of the breed will be required. After the mating process is over the female Snorkie will give birth to Snorkie puppies. The size of a litter of Snorkie puppies can vary between 5-10 puppies.

What is their conservation status?

A Snorkie is a result of cross-breeding between a Miniature Schnauzer and a Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) dog. So, this breed was created by the breeders and now it is has become a very popular mixed breed of designer dogs.

Their population is not endangered as they are pet dogs and as such receive proper care, so their conservation status is Least Concern.

Snorkie Fun Facts

What do Snorkies look like?

A Snorkie dog has an appearance that every kid will fall for. It has a shiny, soft, silky, and straight coat which in some cases can be blue-black, gray, and white.

They are not very heavy; as usually their weight is in the range of 5-15 lb. A Snorkie puppy can weigh around 5 lb while a full-grown Snorkie dog can weigh around 15 lb.

They are not very tall in height; the average height of this dog is 5-12 in. They’re not so tall but have a hairy coat and this property makes them look very cute and adorable.

How cute are they?

Their cuteness is something that is worth praising. The soft fur and short height of a Snorkie puppy makes it look as cute as a soft toy.

This is a very lovable dog, and if you see a Snorkie puppy, the first thing which you will wish to do is to cuddle it in your arms. The teacup Snorkie is an even tinier and more adorable version, so having a teacup Snorkie sounds fun right?

How do they communicate?

A well-trained dog knows how to communicate with its humans. Snorkies have a very good and sharp mind, they are very wise dogs, and they can communicate with their owners easily. They give their response by barking, whining, and howling.

How big is a Snorkie?

A Snorkie is not a very enormous dog as it is a hybrid of a Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) and Miniature Schnauzer. But still, there are many dogs that are smaller than the Snorkie.

For example, a Snorkie is almost 10 times bigger than a Chihuahua. Ideally, the Snorkie size can go up to 12in but the size of a Chihuahua can go up to 3in only.

How fast can a Snorkie run?

A Snorkie is not a very ferocious and strong dog. So, its running speed is not very fast. It can just roam around the house but do not expect any fast sprints.

How much does a Snorkie weigh?

A Snorkie is one of the most lightweight dog breeds. The weight of a Snorkie ranges between 5-12 lb.

What are their male and female names of the species?

As Snorkie is a dog breed, the species of Snorkie is Canis lupus. A male Snorkie is called a dog; while a female Snorkie will be called a bitch.

What would you call a baby Snorkie?

A dog’s baby is referred to as a puppy. So, a baby Snorkie can also be called a puppy because a Snorkie puppy is also a dog.

What do they eat?

A Snorkie is a pet dog so it usually eats dog food. The Snorkie, being a hybrid dog, requires special care and that’s why they must be given good quality dog food only.

In order to maintain the shine of their coats and be free from health problems, it is important that Snorkies are offered proper dog food after consultations with a vet. Avoid giving human food to a Snorkie puppy as it might lead to various health problems in the puppy. Any sweet food must also be avoided.

Are they slobbery?

Snorkies’ parent breeds i.e. Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) and Miniature Schnauzer dogs are not slobbery and it is the same in the case of a Snorkie. If proper training is administered, the Snorkie does not drool much.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, a Snorkie is a good pet dog for a person who does not want a dog that is hyperactive. Snorkie with its cute appearance, loyalty, and wise nature is perfect to be a companion.

These dogs are extremely friendly which makes them kid-friendly dogs as well.

Snorkie is a dog with moderate energy levels, which is actually a good thing because a very hyperactive dog can cause a lot of trouble as they have a lot of energy and they never settle in one place. So this moderate activeness gives the Schnauzer Yorkie mix some plus points.

Did you know...

Snorkies are very wise and alert in nature which makes everyone think that they will be easy to deal with. But this is not completely true.

Snorkies can actually be quite tricky breeds in training. The reason behind this is that the Snorkie temperament can be really stubborn and moody.

Their stubbornness can make training a challenging task. But yes, it does not imply that they are impossible to train.

Snorkies are smart and they learn things quickly so if they are in a good mood they will learn things real quick and a well-trained Snorkie will be the most ideal pet dog. So, it might be challenging but do not ignore proper training and grooming of your Snorkie as this will make it a better dog.

Cleaning and bathing your Snorkie is also very important in order to maintain the shine and silkiness of their soft coat. Giving your Snorkie a bath once or twice a month is totally okay. But you have to brush their fur coat regularly as it is a part of the recommended Snorkie grooming regimen.

Having your own Snorkie

Snorkie is an expensive dog and it will cost you somewhere around $500-$600. You can buy a black Snorkie dog from a pet animal dealer or from someone whose pet Snorkie dog has given birth to Snorkie puppies.

As Snorkie is a designer dog, you need to provide it with special care, to mitigate health and mood-related issues. So, if you want to keep Snorkie as a pet then you need to give this little buddy proper care.

Snorkies have a beautiful, low-shedding, hypoallergenic coat, which means that you can try some interesting Snorkie hairstyles on your furry friend's coat too!

Temperament and health

As a Snorkie is a hybrid of a Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) and Miniature Schnauzer breeds, they require a lot of special care in terms of food health and temperament. Here are some important details about snorkie temperament, food, and health.

In terms of temperament, Snorkie is a very fun-loving breed, they love to play, engage in exercises and go on short walks.

Exercise here refers to the little activities which the dogs should undertake to remain active.

This cute little dog loves to communicate, so there might be chances that they bark a lot, and if they do so then the owner should not mind this. Also, Snorkies are very much attached to their owners, so they can come and hop into your lap anytime they want.

So, if you are planning to have a Snorkie dog as a pet then you will have to become habitual of this.

Always take the Schnauzer Yorkie on short walks and give proper them training, so that they are able to socialize properly, because if your dog is not undergoing training for socializing, then there is a chance the little dog may become violent and territorial.

Coming to the health issue of these little fellows, these little fellows are Schnauzer Yorkie mix hybrid dogs and that’s why they face some health issues. Snorkie dogs like the parent breed, Schnauzer, are more prone to heart and pancreas-related problems.

Because of its second parent which is Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie), the dog faces health problems related to hypoglycemia, weak bones, and tracheal collapse.

These dogs are a bit weak, so the owner needs to be very gentle and careful while handling these breeds. So, if you think that you are able to handle all these things then you will definitely love to keep Snorkie as a pet.

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