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Swedish Lapphund facts, it is Sweden's national dog.

The Swedish Lapphund is a Swedish-origin dog breed group. It is one of the oldest ancient breeds of its native. The Swedish Lapphund dog breeds originated first among the northern Scandinavian tribes. They were initially bred for hunting and guarding.

The Swedish Kennel Club first recognized the Swedish Lapphund in 1903 as a distinct dog breed. The first Lapphund dog registered was named Halli. Today Lapphund is Sweden's national dog breed.

The Swedish Lapphund falls under the mitochondrial DNA subclade d1. This mitochondrial DNA is found only in northern Scandinavia, which originated 480-3000 years ago.

This breed originated post domestication due to the hybridization of a female wolf with a male dog. Similar related breeds are Finnish Lapphund, Jamthund, Lapponian herder, Hallefors elkhound, and Norwegian elkhound.

However, the maternal wolf sequence that resulted in the production of these breeds does not match with Eurasia. The Altai dog (33000 years old) is not a direct ancestor, but the lappies are rooted in the same sequence in the phylogenetic tree.

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Swedish Lapphund Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Swedish Lapphund?

The Swedish Lapphund is a multi-talented dog. They were used by the Sami people for hunting, guarding, and herding reindeers. It is a rare dog breed group found only in Sweden. But those people who are aware of it know that they can make a good family pet.

What class of animal does a Swedish Lapphund belong to?

The Swedish Lapphund belong to the class mammal and family Canidae.

How many Swedish Lapphunds are there in the world?

Only about 1200 lappies exist. The lappie is the national dog of Sweden. Since it is a rare breed dog, little is known about it and rarely found outside of Sweden.

Where does a Swedish Lapphund live?

The Swedish Lapphunds live on a farm or in a house. As its name suggests, this dog breed group is also named after its country of origin.

The Lapphunds are found in Lapland, bordering Sweden, northern Norway, and Finland. The Lapphunds originate from that region where it is similar to the Finnish Lapphund. Both are fox-like herding dogs from Lapland.

What is a Swedish Lapphund's habitat?

The Lapphunds love to live outdoors. The Swedish Lapphund's fur has adapted well to its environment.

Since the Lapphund is a guarding and hunting dog, they are resistant to bad cold weather conditions. They have fluffy fur, which protects them from the harsh winter days. During the colder winter seasons, they remain indoors in the company of their owners and their family members.

It requires daily exercise to stay active. The Lapphunds are not stranger friendly and require socialization and training.

Who do Swedish Lapphunds live with?

The Swedish Lapphunds loves to live with people. A Lapphund, if left alone in the backyard, will be pretty unhappy with little or no human companionship.

How long does a Swedish Lapphund live?

The Swedish Lapphund, life span is 12-13 years if only appropriate care is taken.

How do they reproduce?

The Swedish Lapphund puppies are born by the process of sexual reproduction. Like other dogs, the males leave their sperm on the vulva of the females. The sperm fuses with the ovum and forms a zygote.

The zygote fertilizes inside the reproductive tracts of the females. However, since they are rare breed dogs, only the certified breeders breed them. So the breed's purity is maintained, and no serious health problems occur.

The Lapphunds reproduces small litter size. The Lapphunds are found to show seasonal variation in their reproduction patterns; depending on the pairing bitch the gestation length is influenced, large size litters shortens it, and vice versa.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of Swedish Lapphunds is Least concern.

Swedish Lapphund Fun Facts

What do Swedish Lapphunds look like?

The Swedish Lapphund is a medium-size dog. It has a wedge-shaped head, prick ears, a beautiful waving tail that curls as it moves its back. The Lapphunds have a thick double coat. The bright coat color comprises black, brown, and sometimes brown and black.

Only some brushing off is required when the coat is shedding. However, if there is a presence of dust, the Lapphunds are known for shedding a lot of hair. So do know the basics of grooming.

The body of the Lapphunds is compressed and a bit long and tall. The chest is located deep below the elbow, and the fore chest is quite visible.

The ribs are developed well, and the ribcage is oval and long. They have a strong and leveled muscular back. Although the Swedish Lapphunds look similar to the Finnish Lapphunds, they are two different breeds.

The ancient dog breed, Swedish Lapphunds.

How cute are they?

The Swedish Lapphunds are medium-sized dogs with a thick double coat. This dog breed group is compact with well-defined features.

The black nose and lips, ovular eyes, wedge-shaped head, strong limbs, and squared jaw make it one of the unique dog breeds. As it is a guarding and hunting dog, it has a hardy appearance with a loud bark and marks its territories. Training is required when you bring them as a puppy to be social and friendly.

The Swedish Lapphund temperament is gentle, loving, lively, clever, and alert, making them the best family pet as a watchdog. However, it would help if you teach them to be social when they are puppies since they are not stranger-friendly.

Like any other herding dog breeds, they tend to bark a lot; you have to teach them to bark at the appropriate times.

The lappies have a gentle behavior towards their masters and like to be in their company. Try to give them enough time.

If they are neglected, they might become destructive, leading to severe consequences. Since the lappies are easy to train, as the master of your puppy, you must provide proper training to be social and friendly. They can be the cutest of pets if given the right care.

How do they communicate?

The Swedish Lapphund's bark is very unusual. The lappie breeds have a high-pitched barking sound. They achieve this high-pitched sound by swiftly and quickly pushing the air through the diaphragms and controlling their vocal cords.

The result is a squeaking bark sound that's very loud but harmless. This barking sound makes them effective in their job; it lets reindeer know it's time to move. They enjoy barking and howling very loudly and depending on the emotional level, their barking behavior changes.

The Swedish Lapphunds were initially trained by northern Scandinavia Sami people for herding and guarding their reindeer. The Swedish Lapphunds are usually raised alongside the reindeer claves, so they are friendly and social.

How big is a Swedish Lapphund?

The Swedish Lapphund size is 16-20 in long. The Swedish Lapphunds are two times smaller than the Finnish Lapphund.

How fast can a Swedish Lapphund run?

Since the Swedish Lapphunds are hunting dogs, they are fast runners. They have high energy levels and require 60 minutes of exercise daily and other dog sports.

The lappies are active and intelligent dogs. If you have brought them as a pet, you must provide the necessary training and daily exercise. The best part is they are easy to train and used for search and rescue operations.

The lappies need an adequate amount of play and exercise time. Since they are herding dogs, they are always in action. Without any exercise or daily activities, they will become restless and noisy.

How much does a Swedish Lapphund weigh?

The Swedish Lapphunds are smaller than medium-size dog breeds and weigh between 30-45 lb (13.6-20.4 kg).

What are their male and female names of the species?

The male species is known as a stud, and the female species is known as bitch.

What would you call a baby Swedish Lapphund?

The baby Swedish Lapphund is known as a Swedish Lapphund puppy.

What do they eat?

The Swedish Lapphunds like to eat meat, dog food, milk, and dairy products. They feed on cooked meat like chicken, beef, and turkey.

The lappies' diet should comprise a medium breed with moderate to high energy level food items. Feed them high-quality dog food, or you can make the dog's food yourself. If you are confused, get in touch with proper vet care to avoid serious health concerns of the Swedish Lapphunds.

They are a rare breed species, so keep an eye on their diet. Don't let them eat anything that might lead to serious health issues and decrease the life span of a Swedish Lapphund.

Are they hypoallergenic?

No, the Swedish Lapphunds are not hypoallergenic. The lappies don't do well with allergy sufferers as the coat undergoes heavy shedding.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, the Swedish Lapphunds would make a good pet. The temperament of lappies is kind, affectionate, easy to train, alert, lively, and versatile. These dogs are attentive and willing to work. They are suitable for obedience training, guarding, herding and hunting.

Since they are watchdogs, they are committed to their job. The lappies are highly playful, and you can indulge in dog sports. The lappies are suitable for families with kids. They are tolerant and enjoy playing.

Although the lappies are heavy shedders, they require average grooming. The only grooming they require is brushing their coat, cleaning their eyes and ears, trimming their nails, and making the bath. All the grooming activities once a week are enough. If you take care of their health, the lifespan of a Swedish Lapphund can go up to 13 years.

Did you know...

Swedish Lapphund vs Vallhund- the coat of Swedish Lapphunds are fluffy whereas, the coat of Vallhund is thick.

The Swedish Lapphund price is $1500-$2000 USD. However, the cost varies depending on the breeders and the country you are buying.

The Swedish Lapphund purple tongue is due to concentrated deposits of some substance known as melanin pigment.

The lappies have health problems like diabetes mellitus, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, allergies, and ear infections. Progressive retinal atrophy is a loss of eyesight caused by genetic mutation and is hereditary.

What wolf-like characteristics do Swedish Lapphunds have?

The lappies have wolf-like characteristics like pointed ears, long snout, curled tails, and furry coats. The lappies are known as spitz breed dogs since they have wolf-like characteristics. Many other dogs also fall under the spitz breed category, like the Alaskan malamute, the Pomeranian, and the Shibu Inu.

How long have Swedish Lapphunds been around?

The Swedish Lapphunds are the oldest dog breed in Sweden. They are believed to be the first dog breed of the Sami people who migrated to northern Scandinavia 9000 years ago.

It is a typical Nordic spitz and domesticated by the hunting tribes of northern Scandinavia from early times. Like any other spitz breed, the lappies also have a remarkable history.

The Swedish Lapphunds are an ancient breed known to be around for more than thousands of years. Scientists have uncovered the lappies' skeleton that is 7000 years old. It is a natural breed, and its descendent is believed to be the ancient Arctic wolf.

The lappies breed is listed in the pastoral branch of canines as it was used as a herding and guarding dog. Due to its fluffy fur, it is adapted to the harsh cold climatic environment.

As it was an active working dog, guarding and capable of herding the Sami people's reindeer and assisting them in their fieldwork from the Stone Age, the Swedish Lapphunds were re-bred.

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