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The Tanimbar corella (Cacatua goffiniana) is a species of parrot that lives on the Tanimbar Islands in Indonesia. Cacatua goffiniana parrots have yellow long tails.

These parrots (Cacatua goffiniana) flock together during the breeding season which takes place between October and March every year when they might be hunted for their meat or feathers by people who live nearby these islands.

The near-threatened Goffin's cockatoo bird eats acorns, seeds, nuts as well as insects like grasshoppers or termites. If freshwater isn't available, this bird can go without drinking for up to six weeks.

This parrot is one of the largest members of its family Cacatuidae. The Tanimbar corella (Cactua goffiniana) birds have a huge wingspan and are often seen near water sources looking for food or nesting spots on high trees, cliffsides, rocky outcrops where they typically nest.

The Tanimbar corella is the world's most endangered species of cockatoo.

Goffin's cockatoo birds are native to Indonesia and live mainly in low-elevation forests, but only 6% remain due to habitat destruction. The Tanimbar corella (Cacatua goffiniana) is one of Asia's largest and most beautiful parrots.

With their striking redheads and green bodies that are adorned with yellow feathers on each wingtip and a white underbelly, these birds possess many desirable traits for any pet owner.

The near-threatened parrot of the Tanimbar Islands can be taught to speak human words or perform tricks like handstands in exchange for food rewards! The sweet disposition of the cockatoo Tanimbar birds has made them an appropriate companion bird throughout history.

They make for excellent pets because they're relatively inexpensive and easy keepers as long as you provide them enough space.

They tend not to do well if confined. While Goffin's cockatoo birds may not seem like much at first glance, these little guys have some interesting qualities when it comes to how they love living high up in trees!

Unlike most other types of birds who prefer nesting close to the ground for safety reasons, this particular species loves heights! For more relatable content, check out these saker falcon facts and thick-billed parrot facts for kids.  

Tanimbar Corella Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Tanimbar corella?

Tanimbar corellas are a type of bird found in the Tanimbar Islands of Indonesia.

What class of animal does a Tanimbar corella belong to?

The cockatoo Tanimbar is a beautiful parrot that belongs to the class Aves.

How many Tanimbar corellas are there in the world?

It is a difficult question to answer. Tanimbar corellas are spread across many islands in Indonesia, and there have been no genetic studies done on them yet so estimates about their population vary wildly from 40,000-600,000 in the world.

Where does a Tanimbar corella live?

A Goffin's cockatoo lives primarily among trees in a forest in very limited parts of the world. Goffin's cockatoo birds are known to be noisy animals that make loud calls while they jump for nuts or fruit from an upper branch.

What is a Tanimbar corella's habitat?

Goffin's cockatoos are found in Indonesia's Tanimbar Islands of the Maluku Province along with the yellow-billed cuckoo. They inhabit dense forest and scrubby lowlands, as well as agricultural land with coconut plantations.

Who do Tanimbar corellas live with?

Some people believe that Goffin's cockatoos live in groups and have a very strong sense of family. One corella cockatoo is known as the 'alpha male' who leads their group, defending them from other animal predators such as snakes or owls.

How long does a Tanimbar corella live?

For most animals, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact lifespan because they all age differently. However, a Tanimbar corella lifespan is about 25 years in the wild and around 30-40 years at zoos.

How do they reproduce?

The female Goffin's cockatoo will lay two to three eggs and mate with a male Goffin's cockatoo before incubating her clutch. When they have reached the point of hatching, she'll switch to mating again in an effort to keep population numbers up across the world.

What is their conservation status?

The Goffin's cockatoo belongs to the IUCN Red List and is classified under the Near Threatened species of cockatoos.

Tanimbar Corella Fun Facts

What do Tanimbar corellas look like?

Their body color ranges from grayish browns, dark grays, or light tan making it difficult for predators to spot these individuals when resting during daytime hours. Their whole population also boasts distinctive feathered patterns such as blue eye patches around their eyes, white cheek furrows above each ear lobe, and wing bars.

They are known for their unusually long yellow tail that they use as a means to fly from place to place on the island in which it resides. They look very similar to a Solomons cockatoo.

The population of the Tanimbar corella cockatoos species is declining abruptly.

How cute are they?

Goffin's cockatoos are so cute. These cockatoos are a type of wild parrot that has been observed to be the most adept at mimicking human speech compared to other parrots in the world.

How do they communicate?

You'll often see them coming together around sunrise or sundown when they will playfully interact with each other through different methods such as grooming, dangling from branches, or sitting on top of one another's backs like human friends would do while playing tag.

How big is a Tanimbar corella?

The Goffin's cockatoo is an approximately 12-14 in (30–35 cm) long. This bird has a predominantly white body coloration with a yellowish underside chest region.

How fast can a Tanimbar corella fly?

One study found these cockatoos are able to reach speeds of up to 18 mph (30 kph).

How much does a Tanimbar corella weigh?

Goffin's cockatoos are small, round birds weighing only 0.5-0.6 lb (220-270 g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

For now, the male and female Goffin's cockatoos species have no specific names. Both are generally referred to as cockatoos.

What would you call a baby Tanimbar corella?

A baby Goffin's cockatoo bird is commonly known as a cockatoo chick.

What do they eat?

Frequenting many different types of environments from rainforests to gardens, Goffin's cockatoos are often found eating insects and termites in addition to maize which provides an important energy source for these little guys.

Are they dangerous?

This threatened Goffin's cockatoos species is not dangerous, but these birds can be aggressive. They live in large groups and will often get into fights with other cockatoos of different family members or another species nearby.

Would they make a good pet?

This cockatoo species are cute, cuddly birds that can make a great addition to the family. These social creatures get along well with other pets and children as long as they're given plenty of attention. However, considering they are on the IUCN Red List, it can be hard getting one though as it is probably illegal.

Did you know...

The lively Tanimbar corella from Indonesia has become one of the most popular birds for tourists taking part in wildlife spotting tours around Singapore's bustling cities during their stay. In fact, these spots are commonly referred to as 'Tanimbar corella Singapore spots'.

What are the different types of corella?

The different types of corella are the Tanimbar, Solomons, long-billed, western, red-vented and little corella.

What is the difference between a cockatoo and a corella?

Cockatoos are large, stocky birds with a crest of long feathers on their head. The corella population is a smaller and less aggressive species than cockatoos and have shorter crests that sit closer to the top of their heads.

The difference between these two species is in their size as well as aggression level. The cockatoo population tends to be larger while corella's stay small throughout adulthood. If you're looking for a bird that is better suited towards children or living primarily indoors, then consider a Corella!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! Learn more about some other birds from our sea eagle facts and harpy eagle facts pages.

You can even occupy yourself at home by coloring in one of our free printable tanimbar corella coloring pages.

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