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Here are Chantilly Tiffany cat facts about this fluffy feline.
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The Tiffany cat is also known as the Chantilly cat. It was bred in 1969 by Jennie Robinson (Neotype Cattery) of New York.

She bought a pair of chocolate-colored cats with golden eyes to New York. This pair of chocolate-colored cats were called Thomas and Shirley. In 1969, a litter of six kittens was born.

Robinson continued breeding them further. In the 1970s, the ACA registered them as Foreign-Longhairs.

Later Sigyn Lund (Sig Tim Hill Cattery), a known Florida Burmese breeder, purchased some of Ms. Robinson’s kittens and further advanced this breed of cat. Because Lund was a Burmese, these breeds came to be known as Burmese, too. Lund changed the chinchilla Persian cat breed name from foreign longhair to Tiffany.

Later, the ACA dropped tiffany cats from recognition due to their rarity. At the same time, a similar-looking cat was found by a Canadian acreage owner at his doorstep.

In 1988, Tracy Oraas became the major advocate of the Chantilly Tiffany breed cat. She continued her work till the early 2000s. After which, this breed seems to have faded from the scene.

In 2012 a devastating fire destroyed the breed and its archives, almost bringing the chinchilla Persian cat breed to extinction. Some still consider the Tiffany Chantilly breed to be extinct. After reading about these interesting tiffany facts about the Chantilly Tiffany cat personality traits, you may also check out Abyssinian cat facts and Burmese cat facts.

Tiffany Cat Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Tiffany cat?

The Chantilly Tiffany cat is a type of cat with a silky smooth, soft semi-long coat. Cats of this breed lack an undercoat, and therefore grooming care for their coat is easier.

What class of animal does a Tiffany cat belong to?

The Tiffany cat belongs to the mammal class of animals as it gives birth to offspring like all other mammals.

How many Tiffany cats are there in the world?

The exact numbers of the Tiffany cat may be difficult to come by as some perceive this cat breed to have gone extinct. The lack of recognition from the ACA would also make it difficult to register them under this category.

Where does a Tiffany cat live?

The Chantilly Tiffany cat can live in an urban or a rural set up as this cat breed was developed for domestication and companionship. It adjusts well to small apartments and houses with lawns, too. These cats need to be protected when taken outside as they may be attacked by other stray animals.

What is a Tiffany cat's habitat?

The habitat of a Tiffany cat can be an apartment small or big with other pets or a home with a small front yard. The Tiffany cat does better with older children rather than younger ones. Cats of this breed are more active than a lap cat and can be left alone to play with their toys.

Who do Tiffany cats live with?

The Tiffany cat can stay with other pets in a human home. They are moderately active and adjust well with company.

They are loyal to their owners and enjoy following them around the house. Cats of this breed can adjust well to older kids and older due to their active playful nature. As the longhair coat of these cats require proper grooming care, they require a caring and loving family to live with.

How long does a Tiffany cat live?

Cats of this breed live for 7-12 years. With the right diet and active exercise and play routine, the tiffany cat can live a longer and healthier life. Tiffany cat shouldn’t be overfed as that may hamper their active, agile behavior.

How do they reproduce?

For the reproduction to take place, both the male and female cat should be of adequate size. The female tiffany cat must be going through her heat cycle. Cats ovulate when they are bred and are known as reflex ovulators.

The male will mount the female from behind, and the mating process will take 5-15 minutes. After which there will be a gestation period of 60-70 days, and the female will give birth to kittens. The litter size could of 5-6 kittens.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status for the tiffany cat is not mentioned. Some breeders believe that the tiffany cat breed is extinct due to the fire at Amorino Cattery in 2012.

Tiffany Cat Fun Facts

What do Tiffany cats look like?

The Chantilly Tiffany cat is a medium-sized cat breed, and has a semi longhair coat. They are curious cats who love to explore their surroundings. One of their ancestors may be Asian.

The Chantilly Tiffany cat has a wedge-shaped head with medium to large ears which are placed in line with the face. They have oval-shaped eyes and range from colors like yellow to green.

They have neat oval paws. Their fur coat comes in black color, blue color, chocolate color, cream color, lilac color, caramel color, and apricot color. The longhair coat of these cats require proper grooming care to retain its shine.

A Chantilly Tiffany cat has a long haired coat.

How cute are they?

Chantilly Tiffany cats are definitely cute-looking creatures, especially their curious face and long haired soft silky fur. The Tiffany cat breed has an affectionate personality and have loving and loyal characteristics, too. Chantilly Tiffany cat loves interacting with the owner. With proper grooming care for their fur coat, their cuteness can be enhanced greatly.

How do they communicate?

These semi longhaired cats are talkative and expressive. Having a mild and an affectionate temperament, they are very connected to the people around them and love to play interactive games. If left alone for a longer time, the Chantilly cats may turn into noisy animals.

How big is a Tiffany cat?

The Chantilly Tiffany cat is 10-12 in long. It is a medium-sized cat with a strong muscular build. They are not very short or long, just the right size.

How fast can a Tiffany cat run?

Chantilly Tiffany cats may run at a speed of 30 mph for a minute or so. They aren't much of a runner. This semi long haired cat prefers to climb and jump. They have active personality traits wherein they will prop themselves at a height to observe the happening below.

How much does a Tiffany cat ​weigh?

The tiffany cat is around 6.6-11 lb. They must be fed a healthy diet of fat-free meat and veggies with an active exercise routine to keep their weight in the normal range as they may have a tendency to put on weight.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Male tiffany cats are called bobcats, and the female tiffany cats are called queens like all cat breeds.

What would you call a baby Tiffany cat?

Baby tiffany cats are called kittens or kitties.

What do they eat?

Chantilly Tiffany cats are omnivorous and can eat good quality fat-free meat and certain veggies. These cats with a semi longhair fur coat are smart, agile animals who need to be fed good dry or wet food in measured quantities.

Water must be kept ready at all times for them. They must be fed as per their requirement and not extra, as they tend to get obese.

Are they rare?

They could be considered rare as this cat breed is not very popular so far. According to some reports, the cat breed may have gone extinct too.

Would they make a good pet?

This Persian cat would make an ideal pet. Chantilly Tiffany cats have temperament traits of a loving, affectionate, and loyal companion. They have an active, playful, and curious personality who love to play interactive games with you.

They are the talkative ones, and some people may find them loud too. But they do have a great personality with beautiful colored coats and eye colors that get deeper as they age.

They have all the required characteristics to make a great pet. Their fur coat does require proper grooming care. Their ears need regular cleaning to remove any accumulated dirt.

Did you know...

Chantilly Tiffany cats are a recent breed that has Asian ancestors. In 1994 the International Cat Association officially recognized the Tiffany Chantilly breed.

They are talkative cats and love to interact with their humans. The females are known to be more curious than the males. Due to their curious nature, it is advisable to keep the Chantilly cats inside the house because sending them outside could be dangerous for them.

The Tiffany cat has beautiful eyes with colors like deep yellow to rich amber, sometimes with a greenish halo around their irises.  They are medium-sized and have a tail that will grow into a full plume.

The Chantilly Tiffany cat can adapt to any climate nicely. Their unique personality traits and peculiar characteristics make them an ideal pet animal.

What are other names for the Tiffany cat?

The tiffany cats are also called Chantilly cats, foreign longhair, Tiffanie cats, and also chocolate-colored cats.

Getting your own Tiffany cat

The Chantilly Tiffany cat price is generally around $400-$600. You can visit and inquire at your local pet store or vet’s office. Some professional catteries or breeders might be breeding them too, and offer the white tiffany cat. Also, it is a good idea to adopt rather than buying, and children love this, too.

Chantilly Tiffany cats are known to not be too lazy and not too active. They are moderate cats with a moderately active nature but a curious mind.

The Chantilly Tiffany cat breed is known to love humans and interacting with them. They may suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone for a longer period of time.

You may have to groom them daily by brushing their long silky coats. Regular visits to the vet for checkups, taking care of their dental and oral hygiene will keep your pet healthy.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Tiffany Cat coloring pages.


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