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Titan triggerfish information about the Balistidae family of fish found on coral reefs.
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Have you ever heard about a titan triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens)? A titan triggerfish is the largest species of the triggerfish family. They are one of the meanest looking fishes and are very aggressive, mostly found in the Indo Pacific region.

Titan triggerfishes (Balistoides viridescens) are also known as moustache triggerfish or giant fish. The titan triggerfish attack is a certainty if you get into the their nesting habitat. Titan triggerfish teeth are extremely sharp and the bite can inflict a serious wound on the body of the diver.

Here are some fun, engaging and interesting facts on titan triggerfish for your reading. Afterwards, do check our other articles on queen triggerfish and midas blenny as well.

Titan Triggerfish Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a titan triggerfish?

Titan triggerfish is a large species of triggerfish that belongs to the family of balistidae. They are also known as giant triggerfish or mustache triggerfish as they have linings above the mouth that look like a mustache. Titan triggerfish are mostly found in reefs, especially in Indo Pacific. They are large and aggressive and are extremely terrestrial.

What class of animal does a titan triggerfish belong to?

Titan triggerfish is a large fish that belongs to the actinopterygii class. It comes under the tetraodontiformes order of the balistidae family.

Its scientific name is Balistoides viridescens. Titan triggerfish species is also known as giant triggerfish or mustache triggerfish and are the biggest among the species. They are mostly found in reefs and lagoons especially in the Indo Pacific region.

How many titan triggerfishes are there in the world?

There is no accurate estimate of the total number of titan triggerfish in the world. Titan triggerfish are not facing any decline in their population. Hence their numbers are steadily increasing.

Where does a titan triggerfish live?

Titan triggerfish live in an ocean. Titan Triggerfish are found mostly in reefs and lagoons. Triggerfish are seen in the Indo West and Central Pacific region, south western to north western Western Australia, the central coast of New South Wales, and the Great Barrier Reef.

What is a titan triggerfish's habitat?

Titan triggerfish are mainly seen in the Indo Pacific region. They prefer to live in seaward reefs, lagoons, and inner reef slopes.

Young ones of Titan Triggerfish species are often seen in the rubble of shallow protected areas. They also live in aquariums. They are found in dense reefs where lots of food is available.

They are very aggressive and strong predators. The titan triggerfish nest is commonly placed in a flat sandy area and is vigorously protected by the female against any intruder with help of the first dorsal spine.

Who do titan triggerfishs live with?

Titan triggerfish prefer to live in alone or in pairs. They are very short tempered and can be aggressive. While keeping them in aquariums, two fish should be introduced at the same time to avoid any possible attack at a later stage.

How long does a titan triggerfish live?

Titan triggerfish may live up to eight years in the wild and around 20 years in captivity. It may differ according to food habits and surroundings.

How do they reproduce?

Titan triggerfish undergoes heterosexual reproduction. Their nest is in flat sandy areas between the coral reef. Before laying eggs, titan triggerfish perform a mating dance in order to impress the mate. A female titan triggerfish lays their eggs on the substrate and male titan triggerfish fertilize it.

The eggs are taken care of by the female from predators. Female titan triggerfish are very aggressive during this time. Titant triggerfish spawn four days a month.

What is their conservation status?

Titan triggerfish are of the Least Concern status. There is no decline in their population. Hence they do not face any extinction threats.

Titan Triggerfish Fun Facts

What do titan triggerfishs look like?

Titan triggerfish are the largest species of triggerfish in their range. Titan triggerfish are green or dark gray in color with heavily scaled bodies and these scales have dark centers. There are black margins on the dorsal and anal fins.

These fish have two dorsal fins where one dorsal fin has three spines. The small pectoral fins are the main mode of mobility for these fish. Each dorsal and anal fin has black margins.

They are called mustache triggerfish as they have black markings above the mouth that look like a mustache. A black region with yellow spots is covering the eyes and to the pectoral fin bases. They have powerful sharp teeth that can cause deep injury.

Yellow triggerfish are mainly yellow in color in Thailand.

How cute are they?

Titan triggerfish is one of the meanest looking fish and are large sized. These nesting fish are aggressive and have black markings above the mouth that look like a mustache. This appearance makes them a little unattractive and hence they are not that cute in appearance.

How do they communicate?

Titan triggerfish communicate with each other through gesture and motion. Before laying eggs, this nesting species perform a mating dance to attract or impress the mates.

How big is a titan triggerfish?

Titan triggerfish have an average length of around 30 in (76.2 cm) and are a large sized fish. The length is ten times bigger than a goldfish.

How fast can a titan triggerfish swim?

Titan triggerfish are capable of maintaining a prolonged swimming speed of around 3.2 total length per minute.

How much does a titan triggerfish weigh?

On an average scale, an adult titan triggerfish weighs around 30 lb (13.6 kg).  The weight may vary depending on its food habits and environment.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Titan triggerfish is a fish species. Male titan triggerfish and female titan triggerfish do not have any particular names.

What would you call a baby titan triggerfish?

A baby titan triggerfish is called a fry.

What do they eat?

Titan triggerfish are carnivores and strong predators. Their diet includes sea crustaceans, mollusks, sea urchins, crabs, tube worms, corals, and several other sea animals. The main predators are large fishes, sharks, and humans.

Are they dangerous?

Titan triggerfish are dangerous as they have powerful teeth that can cause serious injury and can be harmful to intruders and divers. Sometimes natural poison called ciguatoxin is secreted which is not harmful to other fishes but is harmful to human beings.

Would they make a good pet?

Titan triggerfish are beautiful fish but they are not commonly kept in an aquarium due to their large size. They have a tendency to attack small fishes and are very aggressive, so proper care should be given. They are not suitable for home aquariums as their primary diet comprises sea urchins, molluscs, crustaceans, and tube worms.

Did you know...

Titan triggerfish are good for eating and are consumed by humans as their meat is soft, firm, and tasty.

Divers have to be careful while passing through titan triggerfish nests. Female titan triggerfish are very aggressive. They have an erected dorsal spine which is used as a defense.

How long do titan triggerfish guard their nest?

Female titan triggerfish guard their nest and can be very aggressive during that time in order to protect them from intruders. The nest is cone shaped and they will fiercely defend the nest. Once the larvae are hatched, these fish swim away.

The triggerfish species

All triggerfish are aggressive in nature but the most aggressive one is the orange lined triggerfish. The most aggressive triggerfish are the queen, grey and blue lined triggerfish. Titan triggerfish are the largest species of the triggerfish family.

Triggerfish have two dorsal spines which help them to protect themselves against predators by using the triggering mechanism. The first spine is erected by the fish and it can be unlocked by the second spine. This is how it got its name triggerfish.

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