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Read these amazing tomini tang facts.

The bristle tooth tomini tang also known as Tomini surgeonfish and flame fin tomini tang. This fish is called the flame fin as its fin color changes when they become an adult.

It is known by a variety of vernacular names like yellow tip bristle tooth, orangetip bristletooth, and bristletooth tomini tang. All of these names are mostly based on their appearance It belongs to the Ctenochaetus genus.

Tangs are gaining attention from many people all over the world due to the pet trade. They are generally aggressive towards other fishes. However, you can fit them in your aquarium if you provide them with a large reef tank, enough swimming room, and proper food.

These fish mainly feed on dried seaweed and algae. They almost spend half of their day picking on live rock.

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Tomini Tang Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a tomini tang?

Tomini tang is a type of fish belonging to the family Acanthuridae and Ctenochaetus genus.

What class of animal does a tomini tang belong to?

Tomini tang belongs to the Actinopterygii class of the Animalia kingdom.

How many tomini tangs are there in the world?

The precise population of this species is unknown. This fish has a wide range and is densely populated. Their population does not face any threats in the nearest future.

Where does a tomini tang live?

Tomini Tang lives in the Solomon Islands, Western Central Pacific, Indo Pacific, and Fiji.

What is a tomini tang's habitat?

The tomini tang is a tropical fish. The main habitat of this species is Marine water surrounded by rocks and vegetation. They depend on rocks to a great extent as they feed on algae.

Who do tomini tangs live with?

In general, the tang fish species is semi-aggressive and does not do very well with other tangs. However, depending on the space they can adjust with others. This species is seen living singly or in very small groups of five to six members or tank mates.

How long does a tomini tang live?

The Tomini tang species can live up to five years or even more. If placed in suitable environments and provided with proper food they can live a little longer than five years.

How do they reproduce?

The tomini tang fish reproduces by a method called broadcast spawning. They generally breed between March and September.

The mating process is initiated by the male fish by performing movements with its shimmery skin. Once it has convinced the female fish both of them move upwards and simultaneously release the eggs and sperm into the water. This is called broadcast spawning.

One of the main reasons why this species cannot be bred in regular tanks or aquariums. The fry is susceptible to diseases and the water can be contaminated quite easily. They do not offer any form of parental care.

The fry is left to fend for itself. Females typically only mate once in a month or two months whereas males may mate multiple times a month.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the tomini tang species is Least Concern according to the IUCN Red List. This is because their population is dense and widespread. The population of this fish is steady and does not face any decline in the next few years.

Tomini Tang Fun Facts

What do tomini tangs look like?

The tomini tang as a juvenile is tan and has spots along with yellow blue and white highlights. The color of their body changes when as they become adults.

The tail turns blue and dorsal and anal fins are tinges with a yellow golden cover. Small golden flakes with golden half circle markings over the eyes can be observed. The species has a lot of variations.

Tomini tang has yellow highlights on its fins

How cute are they?

The bristletooth tomini tang is one of the most adorable creatures. The colors and behavior have drawn a lot of attention.

How do they communicate?

The communication methods of this species are not well studied. From the small observations made it is possible to say that the male signals that he is ready to mate by courtship performances which include movements of the shimmery body to attract females.

One of their defense movement is to quickly spread fins which makes them look larger. This is also done when they are aggressive.

To warn other predators or fishes they flaunt the scales on their fins which is similar to a scalpel. This is mainly used to chase other fishes away and get to the food first or even when fellow mates enter their territory.

How big is a tomini tang?

The tomini surgeonfish is 6-11 in (15-30 cm) long. This fish is three times bigger than the Gila topminnow.

How fast can a tomini tang swim?

The exact speed at which the bristletooth tomini tang swims is not known. But they are quite fast.

How much does a tomini tang weigh?

The bristletooth tomini tang weighs around 1.2 lb (0.6 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

The male fish and female fish do not have any specific names. They are generally referred to as tomini tang fish or bristletooth tomini tang.

What would you call a baby tomini tang?

The bristle tooth tomini tang baby can be called a fry.

What do they eat?

The diet of tomini surgeonfish mainly consists of marine algae ad seaweed. They will be more active and healthy as a result of this. They also eat frozen foods and meat based items.

If you want to feed your pet tang, you should give it a lot of greens instead of frozen stuff. They can also consume large amounts of greenery, dried seaweed, or leafy greens like romaine and green leafy lettuce on a veggie clip that they can graze on all day.

It is also seen picking a live rock or the glass of the tank constantly. They are hunted by tunas such as yellowfin tuna and white tuna. Other predators include barracuda, groupers, snappers.

Are they dangerous?

They might be dangerous to other fellow tangs. However, are very peaceful towards other fishes and humans. They can be semi aggressive at times but should do fine in a large tank. Other than this they are very friendly.

Would they make a good pet?

The bristle tooth tomini tang is an amazing pet. Once you place them in a large reef tank giving them enough swimming room your work is done. Feeding them is also not a tedious job. They can survive on the algae or dirt in the tank even if you forget to feed them for a day or two.

They are extremely friendly towards humans. Initially, they might be aggressive but this is only an effect of the environmental changes. In a few days, they will become your best friends.

Did you know...

The tang species is also called unicorn fish or surgeonfish.

Are tomini tangs reef safe?

The bristletooth tomini tang is reef-friendly.In fact, they do much better in a reef tank. They will avoid eating corals and clean the entire tank for free.

Which tang is the hardiest?

A hardy fish is practically any fish that is easily manageable. They can adapt well to the conditions of the tank and other food conditions. While all fishes do have trouble adjusting the hardy ones don't throw a fit by staying in a corner or avoiding food.

There is a debate on which tang is the hardiest. It is said that the Zebrasoma genus has quite a lot of hardy fishes. Yellow tang,tomini tang, Kole tang, and sailfin tang are all said to be hardy fishes.

All tangs will do just fine if you meet the basic requirements. The only thing they demand is space. Once that is settled your tang will be the nicest.

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Main image by Rickard Zerpe.

Second image by Haplochromis.

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