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Toy Fox Terrier facts are fun to read.

A Toy Fox Terrier is a breed full of energy and tenacity all packed into a toy-sized pup. They have the best of both Fox Terrier dogs and Toy breed dogs.

The Toy Fox Terrier size is about 8.5-11.5 in (21.6-29.2 cm) when they are standing. They have a beautiful, short, smooth, and shiny coat.

They were bred by crossing Toy breeds with the Smooth Fox Terrier breed, and they are the only ones among the toy breeds that originated in the United States. They have loving, energetic, intelligent, and loyal personalities. The Toy Fox Terrier temperament is just a delight and they are easy to live with.

Due to their intelligence, training them becomes quite easy. It's even said that they have a bit of a comic side to them.

The Toy Fox Terrier's lifespan is about 13-15 years. To give them a happy and healthy life, always keep an eye out for health issues that the breed is prone to like, obesity, lens luxation or patellar luxation, and more.

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Toy Fox Terrier Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Toy Fox Terrier?

The Toy Fox Terrier is one of the Terrier breeds of dogs.

What class of animal does a Toy Fox Terrier belong to?

Toy Fox Terrier belongs to the class Mammalia of animals.

How many Toy Fox Terriers are there in the world?

The Toy Fox Terriers are a popular breed. They are mainly bred in the homes of their owners and the breeders. So, the exact population of these dogs is unknown.

Where does a Toy Fox Terrier live?

The dogs were first bred in the United States by American breeders. They were bred from Smooth Fox Terriers.

The American breeders took their Smooth Fox Terriers and bred them by crossing them with toy dog breeds, like the Manchester Terriers, Italian Greyhounds, or Chihuahuas. Since then, these dogs have become a favorite in show business and their popularity has spread all over the world.

On today's date, they can be seen in many countries, almost all over the world, except Antarctica.

What is a Toy Fox Terrier's habitat?

The Toy Fox Terrier was bred from the Smooth Fox Terrier, which has also served as pet dogs since they were first bred. Like them, the Toy Fox Terriers have also stayed around as pets, but they have also earned a respectable amount of popularity in show business.

So, they can live in about any kind of habitat. Be it in an apartment or on the roads, roaming around the country with people. Too much cold might be a problem for them but they can endure warm climates.

Who do Toy Fox Terriers live with?

Toy Fox Terriers were bred to live as pets with humans. Since the beginning, they have lived with humans in their households.

Later, they made their name in the circus, where they have lived with many other animals too. They also have a strong prey drive, so they might take a little time and training to get along with other animals in the house.

How long does a Toy Fox Terrier live?

The main threats to the health of any domesticated dog are mainly injuries or diseases. A healthy Toy Fox Terrier's life expectancy is about 13-15 years.

You will need to look out for a few health issues that are associated with the breed to keep them healthy.

They are very much prone to obesity, so you would need to keep an eye on the amount of food you are giving them. They should be checked for patellar luxation often and you must always take care of the injuries they might get as soon as you can.

How do they reproduce?

These dogs are mainly bred at the breeders' or at their homes.

If you do decide to breed them at home, then it is better to breed them with the supervision of an expert breeder or a vet.

Before that, you will need to test them to see if there are any genetic health problems they may have, or if they have any temperament issues. These dogs are loyal, intelligent, and protective, and they can either be couch potatoes or way too lively.

So, if you think that they are showing any abnormalities in their behavior, then you would not want that to pass on to the babies.

Now, if both your dog and bitch have passed these tests, then you can go on with the breeding process.

The dog should not be taken for breeding until they are at least two years of age, and the bitch should not be taken until she has had at least three to four heat cycles.

Frequently breeding, like more than once in a year or breeding them for more than two to three times in a row should be avoided.

Generally, the gestation period of a Fox Terrier dog is about 60-63 days, and as Toy Fox Terrier is one among the Fox Terrier breeds, we can assume, the gestation period would be the same for them.

At the end of the gestation period, they give birth to about two to six puppies.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the Toy Fox Terriers is Not Evaluated under the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List. They are bred in homes and at the breeders according to the demand of society and they are a favorite of many people. So, it can be assumed that their population is certainly not in any immediate danger.

Toy Fox Terrier Fun Facts

What do Toy Fox Terriers look like?

Toy Fox Terriers are usually short in size and they have a perfectly well-balanced, athletic body. They have an intelligent look to them with bright, dark-colored eyes and erect ears.

Mainly their tails can be standing vertically but many among the breed can be seen with their tails docked. Their coat is short, shiny, and has a beautiful smooth feeling to it. Their coat is usually a combination of two or three colors.

The colors are white, black, chocolate, and tan. The coat color combination of chocolate, tan and black Toy Fox Terrier is the most common among all.

Toy Fox Terriers are full of energy.

How cute are they?

They can seem quite cute due to their small size and gorgeous looks. They have a shiny and smooth coat which just adds to their cuteness.

They are also loyal, intelligent, and loving. They will want to snuggle up to you or just act like lap dogs at times, as they like to cuddle at times. They can seem extremely adorable at these times.

How do they communicate?

Dogs in general have a way of communicating with humans, and they do it through body language. You need to understand the meaning of their body postures and habits to properly understand what they are saying.

For example, if your dog is in a relaxed posture and they are wagging their tails, it means that they are happy and if they are rolling on the floor on their back, it means they are playful.

If the body posture of your dog seems tense, their tail is hanging low or tucked between their legs and they seem to be licking their lips a lot or yawning a lot, it may imply that they are worried about something. They express themselves vocally too.

In the case of Toy Fox Terriers, they are good watchdogs and keep a keen lookout through sight and hearing.

If they sense anything strange, they let you know with their sharp barks, and they might bark a lot. You have to learn to understand the differences in their barks.

How big is a Toy Fox Terrier?

A Toy Fox Terrier full-grown in size is still a small-sized dog. A Toy Fox Terrier size is about 8.5-11.5 in (21.6-29.2 cm) in height. Chihuahuas are one of the toy breeds that were crossed with the Smooth Fox Terrier in order for the Toy Fox Terrier to be born.

The Chihuahua dog breed is considered the smallest dog breed. They are a little smaller than the Toy Fox Terrier. They are about 5-8 in (12.7-20.3 cm) in height.

How fast can a Toy Fox Terrier run?

The Toy Fox Terrier is a breed of dog that likes to jump and run towards adventure. They will run around the house and if they are no fences and they are not looked after at all times when they are outside, they may run after animals due to their high prey drive.

They love running, but at what exact speed they run is unknown.

How much does a Toy Fox Terrier weigh?

A Toy Fox Terrier doesn't weigh too much as they are small in size. A Toy Fox Terrier weight is about 4-9 lb (1.8-4.1 kg).

What are their male and female names of the species?

The males of the species are called dogs and the females of the species are called bitches.

What would you call a baby Toy Fox Terrier?

A baby of any dog is called a puppy. Hence, babies of a Toy Fox Terrier would be called Toy Fox Terrier puppies.

What do they eat?

The amount of food and how many times it should be given to your dog depends on three factors - their age, their size, and their energy and activity level.

Food habits change according to when your dog is a puppy when they go into adulthood, and when they enter into their senior years. Toy Fox Terriers are small-sized dogs, so the amount of food they should be given should be according to that.

Toy Fox Terrier has a high energy level, which requires a high level of activity too.

Keeping these factors in mind, food should be given to your dog. In general, if given commercial food, a Toy Fox Terrier should be given high-quality food and tailor-made food suggested by the vet can also be given to your dog two times a day spread across the day with no more than 12 hours of gap.

The meal should be well balanced with a proper amount of nutrients.

Are they hypoallergenic?

The Toy Fox Terrier dog breed is not hypoallergenic. A Toy Fox Terrier's shedding is moderate so they don't need around-the-clock grooming, but weekly grooming is required. As their fur is short and they're small in size, that helps with the shedding amount, but they are not hypoallergenic.

Would they make a good pet?

Not every dog breed is for everyone. That being said, this dog breed is highly energetic, and not aggressive at all, other than the time when they feel some danger is approaching. They love to run around the house, park, and backyard.

They have the tenacity and activity level of a Fox Terrier and the calm, adorable quality of a Toy breed. Their personality is a bit uncertain and depends upon the individual dog. They can be couch potatoes and complete lapdog.

They can also be live wires. Toy Fox Terrier training can be done easily as they are an intelligent breed.

They can be good with other animals if they are introduced to them from a young age. They are also excellent watchdogs. Hence, all in all, they can be good family dogs and can make great pets.

Did you know...

Other names that a Toy Fox Terrier can be called by are American Toy Terrier and Amertoy.

When it comes to Toy Fox Terrier vs. Rat Terrier, there are not too many differences. The Toy Fox Terriers are a bit smaller in size than Rat Terriers. Both breeds are good family dogs but if you have small children at home, a better choice would be the Rat Terriers.

These dogs have been crossed with other breeds of dogs to make new amazing breeds too. Like, the Wire Haired Toy Fox Terrier was bred crossing Toy Fox Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers.

A Toy Fox Terrier price is about $800-1200 USD on average.

These dogs respond more to praise and a treat-based training method. If they are more motivated, they would be willing to learn more.

What was the Toy Fox Terrier originally bred for?

They were first bred by crossing Toy breeds with the Smooth Fox Terrier breed. They were then used as ratters to chase away rats and other vermins. They have also worked in the circus in their later years of popularity.

Are Toy Fox Terriers territorial?

They get along well with other animals in their home but they can be pretty territorial where other strange dogs are concerned.

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