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Are you fond of checking out new cat breeds? If yes, then you may want to learn more about the toyger breed.

Yes, the very name gives away the fact that it has some connection to the tiger.

The name is a portmanteau of the words 'toy' and 'tiger.' Well, the cat hasn't been bred from the tiger, but it has come from the domestic species known as the Bengal cat.

Sometime in the 1980s, a Bengal cat breeder, Judy Sugden had the idea of trying to breed the Bengal cat with a domestic shorthair tabby. This gave rise to the toyger breed which has similar vertical stripes and circular stripes in the neck and head area like to a real tiger.

The first one was produced when Judy Sugden mated her tabby, Scrapmetal, and Millwood rumpled spotskin. She even went forward with importing a street cat from Kashmir, India, that had circular spots to make an evolved toyger breed.

The International Cat Association accepted the registration of toygers as domestic cats in 1993, and breeder Judy Sugden went on to create the toyger Cat Society.

The toyger is one of the newest mixed-breed domestic cats that are available to us. However, they still remain rare because of the need for selective breeding.

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Toyger Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a toyger?

The toyger is a domestic cat breed that was first created in the US.

What class of animal does a toyger belong to?

A toyger belongs to the class Mammalia and the family Felidae like all other fellow felines.

How many toygers are there in the world?

As a domestic cat and a new breed, their exact number cannot be found. However, according to the database of Pawpeds, they have noted the registration of 469 toygers.

Where does a toyger live?

The toygers are designer cats, so they live in human households and they cannot survive in the wild.

What is a toyger's habitat?

The toyger cats love to live in a comfortable household, and as medium-sized cats, they can easily adapt to apartment living. They need to have constant access to interactive toys for their intelligent brain. It is always better to have them living in a spacious area so that they can roam around freely.

Who do toygers live with?

Toygers may look like tigers, but this breed is extremely affectionate. They have been bred to live with human beings, and they are quite affectionate to their pet parents.

The kittens are easy to train, and they are good for households with multiple pets and even kids. They may have a wild look to them, but toygers are rarely aggressive. They are extremely playful in nature, so you can expect them to have lots of fun with your children and pets.

How long does a toyger live?

The average lifespan of a Toyger is around 10-15 years. As a new breed not much is known about their health problems. However, these are strong cats and they haven't been reported to have big health issues. With proper care, your Toyger can lead a comfortable and satisfying life.

How do they reproduce?

Toygers have been bred successfully from Bengal cats and a domestic shorthair tabby. The breeders may still find it hard to get the exact reproduction that looks similar to a tiger.

So, you will often find variations in the tabby markings present in their bodies. A breeder may choose to breed a male and a female toyger, but it may provide varying results compared to the first generation.

Some breeders may even choose to breed them with other shorthair tabby cats to get more variations. However, like other felines, the toyger female also has her estrus (heat) cycle. Mating during the cycle will make the female toyger cat pregnant.

The gestation period lasts between 58-67 days, and they usually have a litter size of four to six toyger kittens. These toyger kittens are initially dependent on their mothers, but they soon grow up.

What is their conservation status?

The toyger is yet to be listed in any conservation lists.

Toyger Fun Facts

What do toygers look like?

Well, a toyger looks like a mini tiger. This cat breed has a mackerel tabby pattern which defines the vertical markings on their bodies that look like  those of a tiger.

Proper toygers also have circular markings on their heads. Only a proper toyger with the specified markings laid by The International Cat Association (TICA) can take part in a full championship.

They describe the toyger breed to have an oval head shape with a cylindrical muzzle. The ears are small and rounded, while they have rich deep-colored eyes. As they have descended from short-haired cats, the toygers have a short coat that needs minimal grooming.

The cats have a medium-sized torso, and they have a muscular body without being too heavy. They also have a long tail, but it isn't fluffy because of their uniform short coats.

They have pumpkin-colored or orange fur with deep markings, which gives them the tiger-like look. One of the fun facts about toyger cats is their eyeliner-like markings in their eyes which make them look more like the traditional Bengal Tiger.

How cute are they?

The toyger cat is extremely cute as it looks like a miniature tiger. They are the perfect pet for those who cannot manage the high-energy level of a Bengal cat, but would still like to have a striped domestic cat in their home.

How do they communicate?

Mewing and purring are the basic forms of vocal communication practiced by most cats. However, felines can also communicate through their scents either to mark their territory or to attract their mates. As the toyger is an intelligent and easy-to-train cat, it can also pick up human cues of communication if you are patient with your pet.

How big is a toyger?

The average size of a toyger is 9-13 in (22.9-33 cm) which makes them a medium-sized striped domestic cat breed. They are slightly smaller than the Bengal cats that can grow up to a height of 13-16 in (33-40.6 cm).

How fast can a toyger run?

Well, as a fairly new breed, not much is known about the running speed of the toyger, but you can rest assured that they do not run as fast as a tiger. However, they may have a speed closer to that of the Bengal cats which is 30 mph (48.3 kph). It may not be true in all circumstances.

How much does a toyger weigh?

The average weight of a toyger is around 7–15 lb (3.2-6.8 kg) which is fairly light.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Like other cats, the male is known as a tomcat and the female is known as a queen.

What would you call a baby toyger?

A baby toyger is called a kitten.

What do they eat?

They do not have any special diet requirements, and they are considered a usual domestic cat breed. However, they will need to have high-quality food to maintain their health and coat.

After getting a toyger, you should immediately consult a vet to know more about a healthy and balanced diet. As carnivorous animals, felines do depend on a more protein-rich diet to keep them agile and strong.

Are they slobbery?

No, toygers do not tend to be slobbery.

Would they make a good pet?

If you are able to find a toyger, they can become an absolutely brilliant pet. toygers are extremely friendly and affectionate towards humans.

They are low-maintenance cats, so you do not need to invest a lot of time in grooming their coat. Regular grooming will include brushing their short coat and trimming their nails.

They can manage to live alone, but it is best to keep them with other pets to give them company. Even though the toyger wouldn't need an immense amount of exercise, they do appreciate daily activity to keep up their good health.

As a newer breed, not much is known about their health problems. Like other domestic cats, they may also suffer from heart murmurs, dental problems, and hip dysplasia.

So, regular vet visits will help in the early detection of problems. Also, make sure to get them from a responsible breeder who knows their responsibility.

Did you know...

As toygers are friendly, they can be easily taught to walk on a leash.

One of the fun toyger cat facts is that the first toyger prototypes bred by Judy Sugden had an 'M' marking on their forehead which inspired her to go on experimenting to create a breed that looked closer to the Bengal Tiger.

Toygers also enjoy bathing and splashing around in the water.

Toyger Breeding

The pet cat breed was first made by the breeder Judy Sugden by mating her two cats, Millwood Rumpled Spotskin, a Bengal cat with Scrapmetal, a shorthaired tabby. The name Toyer is given by her by mixing the words 'toy' and 'tiger'.

Sugden said that her main aim to create the breed was to raise awareness about wild Bengal tigers.

Getting Your Own Toyger

Toygers are friendly domestic cats with minimal grooming needs. They are also quite rare. You will need to find a certified breeder to have a toyger. There are less than 500 registered toygers. They can cost you around $1,500-6,000 depending on the purity of the breed.

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