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Learn about the Triton cockatoo facts, a bird that eats fresh fruits and vegetables or a seed mix.

If you are looking for a beautiful and intelligent bird as a friend, this is the bird for you. Take a look at the Triton cockatoo (Cacatua galerita triton).

The Triton cockatoo is a subspecies of the greater sulfur-crested cockatoo, native to Papua New Guinea and the neighboring islands.

These white cockatoos with yellow streaks and curved bills are gorgeous-looking birds you will instantly fall in love with.

They make excellent pets since they are highly affectionate, playful, and intelligent, and they live for a long time, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a long-term pet. More amusing is that Triton cockatoos can be taught to speak and even perform tricks.

When wild, like other cockatoo species, Triton cockatoos have an unusual behavior in which if there is a flock on the ground, at least one is high up in a tree to keep an eye out for predator attacks. Is it similar to standing guard?

Don't get confused with the yellow-crested cockatoo as the larger sulphur-crested cockatoo look alike, and out of all cockatoo, citron-crested cockatoos are among the rarest species.

There are many other interesting birds to discover, such as the blue jay and hummingbird.

Triton Cockatoo Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Triton cockatoo?

The Triton cockatoo (Cacatua galerita triton) is a highly intelligent bird with prominent crests and curved bills. They are one among the four subspecies of sulphur-crested cockatoo.

What class of animal does a Triton cockatoo belong to?

The Triton cockatoo is a member of the Aves class of birds. It is one among the 21 parrot sub-species that belong to the Psittaciformes order and the Cacatuidae family of cockatoo.

How many Triton cockatoos are there in the world?

Although the exact population of these cockatoos is unknown, cockatoos are more commonly found in captivity and are popular birds in aviculture, which is the practice of keeping and breeding birds, especially wild birds, in captivity.

Where does a Triton cockatoo live?

New Guinea and the adjacent islands are the home for these Triton cockatoos. In addition, you can find their habitat in the Western Islands, Louisiade Archipelago, and the D'Entrecasteaux Islands. The majority of these cockatoos distribution can also be found on the islands in the western Solomon Sea, with the exclusion of the Aru Islands.

What is a Triton cockatoo's habitat?

If you're looking to discover them in the wild, they can be found in dense jungle forests on hillsides, and most are found in forests at lower and moderate elevations up to 6,070 ft (1850.14 m) above sea level.

Who do Triton cockatoos live with?

Triton cockatoos are almost entirely arboreal and are rarely seen in the group of half-dozen for ground feeding and assembling in a large group in the evening for roosting.

How long does a Triton cockatoo live?

These birds can live for up to 40 years; hence they can be an excellent human companion.

How do they reproduce?

The breeding season lasts from May to September. Finding the right partner is difficult for these cockatoos since they can be aggressive. It builds its nests in tree cavities, filling them with leaves and vines.

After mating, female cockatoos lay two to three eggs, with the incubation period lasting about 26 days. After that, both the male and female incubate the young. The nestling period lasts up to 12 weeks, and the young fledglings stay with their parents for several months until they leave the nest.

What is their conservation status?

As of today, their conservation status is of Least Concern according to the IUCN. It is abundant in its range, still, habitat destruction and capture for the pet market are constant pressures that result in a constant drop in numbers and can put the species in greater danger.

Triton Cockatoo Fun facts

What do Triton cockatoos look like?

Triton Cockatoo perched on a branch

The Tritons are birds that you enjoy watching as it has an elegant personality with its white plumage and broad yellow crest. Their feet and beaks are tiny compared to their body height, and their tails are short and rounded.

They have blue-eyed rings and rich thicker crest feathers than that of other subspecies. Their feathers are waterproofed with fine powder. One of the Triton cockatoo's features is its loud voice makes it appealing to owners of pets.

How cute are they?

These cockatoos are undoubtedly cute as they belong to the order of parrots. They are attracted to being intelligent, highly social, emotional, and vocal.

How do they communicate?

Triton cockatoos are white parrots that can communicate with other birds using their whole bodies, eyes, and feathers. Most importantly, these cockatoos, like other parrots, communicate by songs and calls, similar to hummingbirds and songbirds, and can also replicate human speech or other sounds.

They even use their crest as a means of communication and are often raised to show their behavior like anxiety, fear, and excitement.

In addition, it is often shown during courtship rituals.

The Tritons are known for their loud voice and propensity for screaming, which they learn at a young age. So we need to keep in mind that they are not suitable as apartment dwellers due to their screaming behavior in the morning and evening.

How big is a Triton Cockatoo?

Triton cockatoos measure about 18 to 20 in (45.7 - 50.8 cm) long, much larger than if you compare them with the length of cockatiel cockatoos.

How fast can a Triton Cockatoo fly?

The exact speed of Triton cockatoos has not been determined yet, but it is likely to be similar to other cockatoos groups such as galahs. This is because they share their personality and have long, large wings that enable them to fly quickly, reaching speeds of up to 43 mph (70 kph).

How much does a Triton cockatoo weigh?

Triton cockatoos weigh between 21 - 28 oz (600 - 800 g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

There is no official name given for male or female Triton cockatoos. However, in general, males are referred to as cocks, while females are referred to as hens.

Most intriguing is that both male and female birds look similar they cannot be distinguished by sight easily, particularly juveniles. If you want to know the gender of your bird particularly; it is necessary to have DNA testing. However, it is observed that adult females have reddish-brown eyes, while males have dark brown eyes.

What would you call a baby Triton cockatoo?

Like other parrots, baby Triton cockatoos are known as chicks.

What do they eat?

They thrive on a varied diet of seeds, berries, and occasionally insects in the wildlife. If you are feeding them at home, their menu must include a high-quality parrot seed mix and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Are they dangerous?

They are not dangerous but male cockatoos are considered to be aggressive, Hence, female Triton crested cockatoos are more popular as pets. You never know when these friendly birds will change their mood and become aggressive toward other birds.

Moreover, it is necessary to note that cockatoos are unsafe and should never be left alone with a small child. We may get a warning sign, as they're excited or stressed flaunt the crest and wings.

Would they make a good pet?

These are interesting and playful birds that develop strong attachments and can be great companions to their owners. The Triton cockatoo is an expensive bird to own, costing anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000.

However, before you bring them as pets to your homes, remember Tritons would need a bigger cage and must allow at least enough room to fully spread their wings and make sure that the nest box is safely locked as they are great escape artists.

In addition, they often need a lot of care, such as bathing regularly to keep their feathers white and reduce the powder they naturally produce. You can also provide them with various chewable toys since they like to chew.

Did you know...

Cockatoos usually go crazy as a sign of irritation or boredom. Screaming and feather plucking is a way for them to get your attention by displaying angry or violent behavior.

Like every cockatoo, Tritons will have a screaming session almost every day as it is their natural behavior and often used to interact with others. Surprisingly, this screaming behavior is also taught by the bird owners or else learned from other cockatoos at a younger age.

Researchers observe various forms of their calls; first, they let out a harsh, explosive alarm cry when they detect a predator. Next, resting birds make a high-pitched screeching sound, like a poorly worn wheel bearing. Finally, they call loudly and incessantly as they fly home to their evening roost in the wild.

What is the difference between a Triton cockatoo and a sulphur-crested cockatoo?

The sulphur-crested cockatoo distribution ranges from Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, and some Indonesian islands. On the other hand, Tritons are one of four recognized subspecies of these sulphur-crested cockatoos and can only be found in New Guinea and its surrounding island.

Tritons have blue eye-ring and a heavier beak than other species like the Eleonora cockatoo, also known as the medium sulphur-crested cockatoo. In addition, the crest of this subspecies is a thicker yellow crest than that of others.

How did Triton cockatoos get their name?

It was Coenraad Jacob Temminck, a Dutch zoologist, who first described this cockatoo in 1849. There is no evidence as to why Temminck chose this nomenclature, but it is thought to be inspired by the Dutch corvette Triton, which served off the coast of Dutch New Guinea in the nineteenth century.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by coloring in one of our free printable Triton cockatoo coloring pages.

Triton Cockatoo Facts

What Did They Prey On?

Seeds, Fruit, Insects

What Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?

2-3 eggs

How Much Did They Weigh?

21 - 28 oz (600 - 800 g)

What habitat Do they Live In?


Where Do They Live?

papua new guinea

How Long Were They?

18 - 20 in (45.7 - 50.8 cm)

How Tall Were They?








Scientific Name

Cacatua galerita triton

What Do They Look Like?

White Body, Yellow Crest

Skin Type


What Are Their Main Threats?

falcons, eagles

What is their Conservation Status?

Least Concern
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