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Valley Bulldogs facts that ate very interesting

A bulldog is a breed of dog which is very strong, muscular and a big dog. There are many breeds of bulldogs and Valley Bulldog, or a Bull Boxer, which is also a mixed breed of English bulldog and boxer.

This English bulldog boxer mix breed was first bred in Annapolis valley, Nova Scotia, Canada. The bulldog boxer mix dogs are a proper blend of strength and gentle behavior.

These dogs have willing tempers, these dogs will never bark and behave aggressively without any reason.

Bulldog Valley dogs are sweet natured and slow dogs, these dogs, due to their heavy weight, cannot run very fast and they are generally slow. In order to provide more relevant information about these dogs we have brought some more fun facts for you.

Valley bulldogs are very active, strong and loyal dogs. These dogs are similar to their parent breed Boxer and English Bulldog. The Valley dogs are best suited as a watchdog or guard dog.

These dogs are generous and not very aggressive, which makes them an ideal choice for a watchdog. A valley bulldog is a very interesting dog and it has a lot more interesting facts. After going through these interesting facts about a Silicon Valley bulldog, you may also check out Pitbull mastiff mix and miniature husky.

Valley Bulldog Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Valley bulldog?

A Valley bulldog is a mixed dog breed of boxer and English bulldog. It is also known as 'bull boxer'. They were first bred in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada.

What class of animal does a Valley bulldog belong to?

A Valley bulldog is a mammal and gives direct birth to its babies. Average litter size of  female valley bulldogs is six to eight valley bulldog puppies.

How many Valley bulldogs are there in the world?

There are many boxer and English bulldogs in the world and as these two dog breeds are the parent breeds of Valley bulldog, we can say that the population of Valley bulldog is pretty large. There is not enough information about their population count of this breed.

Where does a Valley bulldog live?

A Valley bulldog is a strong dog breed and can be kept as a guard dog ,watchdog, and pet dog in the houses, farms, farmhouses, etc.

What is a Valley bulldog's habitat?

A Valley bulldog generally lives in a house. As this breed is very friendly with humans, people really like them as a pet

Who do Valley bulldogs live with?

Valley bulldogs get along well with people of all ages including kids and adults. This breed can also co-exist with other dogs as well.

How long does a Valley bulldog live?

The average life expectancy of a Valley bulldog is 8-12 years. It is possible to improve the lifespan of this breed through proper healthcare, good diet, and grooming.

How do they reproduce?

A Valley bulldog reproduces through sexual reproduction, and a female valley bulldog can give birth to six to eight Valley bulldog puppies at once.

What is their conservation status?

The bulldog boxer mix population is pretty substantial, so there are no concerns regarding the conservation status of this breed.

Valley Bulldog Fun facts

What do Valley bulldogs look like?

A Valley bulldog, also known as a bull boxer, is a strong dog, which looks almost similar to its parent breed of boxer and English bulldog. A Valley bulldog is a muscular and strong dog with a broad head, very broad chest, broad shoulder area and thick neck.

The bull boxer has eyes similar to that of its parent breeds.

The ears are round shaped, feet are sturdy and thick, and a very short almost non-existing tail. These bull boxers have very strong teeth and jaws which can bite pretty hard.

Please note, this image is of a regular bulldog. If you have any images of a Valley Bulldog, we'd love to hear from you at

Valley bulldog is a hybrid breed type dog.

How cute are they?

A Valley bulldog is a very muscular and strong dog, but still it manages to look cute. The do,  because of its behavior, sense of humor and nature looks cute, the dog is very calm and gentle which makes his appearance innocent and cute.

Playing with a valley bulldog puppy is one of the most relaxing experiences in the world.

How do they communicate?

These dogs are very wise dogs and they are very good at communicating, these dogs can bark a lot if they sense anything suspicious. Valley bulldogs communicate through, barking, whining , howling etc.

How big is a Valley Bulldog?

A Valley bulldog is a medium sized dog, it is about 14-18 in tall which is neither too tall nor too small. A Valley bulldog can be almost twice as bigger than a snorkie dog.

How fast can a Valley bulldog run?

A Valley bulldog can run at a speed of 8-10 mph. Their running speed is not very fast, as bulldogs can't run very fast.

How much does a Valley bulldog weigh?

Valley bulldogs are pretty heavy in weight, a male valley bulldog weighs between 50-79 lb and a female Valley bulldog weighs around 40-66 lb.

What are their male and female names of the species?

A female Valley bulldog will be called a bitch and a male valley bulldog will be called a dog.

What would you call a baby Valley bulldog?

A Valley bulldog puppy will be called a Valley bulldog puppy.

What do they eat?

A Valley bulldog breed, being a carnivore, can eat small animals, but as it is usually kept as a pet, they usually don't have to prey on other animals for food. A valley bulldog breed dog is strong, muscular and has a very good appetite. These dogs require high quality dog food with all the essential nutrients.

Are they slobbery?

As its parent dog breed, Valley Bulldog is renowned for being the big time drooling dog, and having it as a parent, Valley bulldog may also drool a lot.

Would they make a good pet?

A Valley bulldog is a very strong dog, but they are not very aggressive. These dogs are calm and gentle dogs.

So these dogs can be the best pets as they are strong and their aggression is well controlled, these dogs will be the best companion and guard dogs. They will definitely male a good pet. The only issue with these dogs is that their life expectancy is a bit short.

Did you know...

Can bulldogs be left alone at one place  all day?

A well trained dog can be left alone all day. But the dog should be adequately trained to be left in such a condition.

One important thing to keep in mind is that leaving a dog alone should not be done unless very necessary. Dogs like to be with their owners and they do not like to be left alone. So, even if the dog is trained, it should not be left alone all day unless it's very urgent.

Do Valley bulldogs like to cuddle?

Yes, Valley bulldogs are very sweet and gentle dogs and they love to spend time with their owner. And in order to spend time with their master they have to cuddle , then yes they will also cuddle with their owner.

Are Valley bulldogs recognized by FCI (Federation Cynologique International)?

No, the breed valley bulldogs are not recognized by the FCI (Federation Cynologique International.

Are Valley bulldogs hypoallergenic?

No, Valley bulldogs are not hypoallergenic.

Are valley bulldogs good with children?

If your Valley bulldog is trained appropriately then yes they will be good with children. Valley bulldogs are known for their gentle and calm nature and they will not cause any harm to children if they are adequately trained.

But generally older children (3+) are more easy to deal with as they are mature enough to understand the dog's behavior.

Can a Valley bulldog swim?

The answer to this question is no. Valley bulldogs can not swim because their body shape is such that it doesn't allow them. This is the same case with almost all the bulldog breed types. They all face difficulty in swimming and they usually can't swim.

Are Valley bulldogs high maintenance dogs?

Valley bulldogs are of very low maintenance, so these dogs do not require any high maintenance tasks. They are really easy to maintain as they do not have long hair coats so you do not need to get their hair groomed by professionals.

These dogs do not require any special environment which makes it really easy for the owner to have them as a pet.

Are Valley bulldogs silly?

It will sound quite weird, but yes these fellows like to be silly sometimes. Most of the breeds which are quite similar to bulldogs are serious and aggressive in nature.

But Valley bulldogs are just the opposite. These dogs are said to be full of humor. These dogs can make their owner laugh by their silly behavior and they do not have any problem in showing their humorous side to their owners.

Health Issues And Characteristics

Valley bulldogs can suffer from various skin irritations and allergies. It is important to maintain the proper hygiene of your valley bulldog because their face skin folds can get infections. So maintaining proper hygiene is necessary.

It is important to keep a check on your dog's weight, because weight gain can cause many problems to your dog, such as difficulty in breathing. Apart from these, Valley bulldogs do not suffer from any serious health issues. But these dogs do not have a very long lifespan, these dogs have an average lifespan of 8-12 years.

Getting Your Own Valley Bulldog

The Valley bulldog, from Nova Scotia, Canada, can be the best pet as it is a strong, loyal, smart and calm dog. These dogs are very loyal to their owners and their well controlled aggression gives them a major advantage. So, having a Valley bulldog as a pet can be a good decision.

Valley bulldog Price

A Valley bulldog can cost somewhere between $500-$1900.

Valley Bulldog Temperament

A Valley bulldog is a mix breed of English bulldog and boxer and this combination has made this dog a perfect tempered dog. The valley bulldog is intelligent, muscular and active because of its bulldog genes. His gentle and calm nature is what makes this breed a perfect tempered dog. This dog has strength with a controlled temper.

These dogs are very protective, loyal and companionable. These dogs can be the best companion dog as well. These dogs are full of life and they never let their owner feel alone. These dogs are always protective towards their owner. They never let their owner live without a companion as they are always close to them.

Valley Bulldog Training

Training your dog is a very important task. Training a dog can be very challenging, but when it comes to a valley bulldog, training can be a piece of cake. Valley bulldogs are very obedient dogs and they are not very  stubborn while training. They are quick learners, and if dealt with patience these dogs can be easily trained.

Training is an integral because the behavior of the dog is likely to be dependent on the training. If the dog is not adequately trained then the dog is likely to have an uncontrolled temper and such a dog can bark a lot and can even become aggressive real quick.

When it comes to a dog of bulldog breed training is really necessary because these dogs are strong and if not trained properly these dogs can cause serious harm.

Valley Bulldog Exercise

Exercise is extremely important for a dog which is of athletic nature. Valley bulldogs, because their parent breeds are full of energy and this makes the valley bulldog athletic and energetic in nature.

In order to release this energy, Valley bulldogs require regular physical activities and exercise in order to release their excess energy and stay healthy. These dogs require daily long walks and because of the boxer parent they are very athletic and they need to be indulged in physical activities daily.

Valley Bulldog Grooming

Valley bulldogs are easy to groom as these dogs do not have long hair and small physique. Valley bulldogs do not have long hairs, so grooming valley bulldogs is a bit easy.

Proper brushing of their coat is very important and should be done regularly. Because of  their short hair coat these dogs are not suitable for extreme weathers.

Always keep your dog clean and check skin folds, ears and other body parts  for any smell, redness or discharge. Proper grooming can save your dog from many serious infections and health problems.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Valley Bulldog coloring pages.

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