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Vermillion rockfish facts about the fish species that is not afraid of intruders.
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The vermilion rockfish, Sebastes miniatus, is also called vermilion seaperch, red snapper, red rock cod, and rasher. These fishes from phylum Chordata dwell in depths at the rocky bottom of the oceans.

The vermilion rockfish are often confused with the canary rockfish. This species is distinguished from the other rockfishes based on the gray mottling and projecting lower jaw and scaly lower jaw.

This fish species is caught in large amounts by the fishing industries on the coasts in their range. Rockfish are found in the Pacific Ocean from San Benito, Baja California to Alaska.

Here are some of the most interesting aspects about this distinctly red fish species. Afterward, do check out our other articles on the Nassau grouper and northern kingfish as well.


Vermilion Rockfish Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a vermilion rockfish?

A vermilion rockfish Sebastes miniatus is a fish. These rockfish species are very rarely found near the coasts.

What class of animal does a vermilion rockfish belong to?

A vermilion rockfish (Webastes miniatus) belongs to the fish class of animals. These Pacific Ocean fishes belong to the Sebastidae family.

How many vermilion rockfish are there in the world?

The total population of the vermilion rockfish has not yet been noted. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife keeps track of the rockfish vermilion populations.

Where does a vermilion rockfish live?

A vermilion rockfish lives in the ocean. This species can be found at the rocky bottoms in the depths of the ocean. Only the juvenile rockfish vermilion is found near the coast.

What is a vermilion rockfish's habitat?

A vermilion rockfish is a bottom-dwelling fish. It is most commonly found at the bottom of the oceans. The adults are found up to the depths of 900 ft (275 m). These fishes prefer rocky bottoms.

They hide among these reefs whenever they sense danger. The juveniles are found in shallower waters near the coasts. Their habitat includes kelp forests.

Who do vermilion rockfish live with?

Vermilion rockfishes live with other fishes of their species. They also live with other marine species in their habitats.

How long does a vermilion rockfish live?

A vermilion rockfish (Sebastes miniatus) has an average lifespan of 22 years. The rockfish vermilion has a great lifespan.

How do they reproduce?

The vermilion rockfish spawning season is from December to March. These fishes reach sexual maturity at the age of five to six years. The number of eggs laid depends upon the length of the females.

What is their conservation status?

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the conservation status of the vermilion rockfish is Least Concern. This indicates that the population of this species is stable along with its natural habitat.

Vermilion Rockfish Fun Facts

What do vermilion rockfish look like?

Vermilion rockfish, Sebastes miniatus, have a distinctive red color. They look very similar to the Canary rockfish. They have a lower jaw that is slightly projecting. Their lower jaw is scaly as well.

These fishes have a black and gray mottling around their fins. This gray mottling is also on their back and sides. The pectoral fin of a vermilion rockfish is rounded in shape.

Vermilion Rockfish in coral

How cute are they?

The vermilion rockfish, Sebastes miniatus, is very cute. The fins of these fishes are bright red in color which makes them beautiful.

How do they communicate?

The vermilion rockfish use chemical signals and sounds for communication. They are capable of sending and collecting chemical signals through water.

How big is a vermilion rockfish?

The vermilion rockfish are medium-sized fish. This species can grow as long as 30 in (76.2 cm).

How fast can a vermilion rockfish swim?

The swimming speed of a vermilion rockfish is pegged at around 0.7 mph (1.1 kph).

How much does a vermilion rockfish weigh?

A vermilion rockfish weighs in the range of 6-15 lb (2.7-6.8 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

No specific names are assigned to the males and females of the vermilion rockfish species. Hence, they are known as males and females respectively.

What would you call a baby vermilion rockfish?

A baby vermilion rockfish is called a larva.

What do they eat?

The vermilion rockfish eat small sea creatures in their habitat. Their diet includes small fish, octopus, squids, and krill.

Are they dangerous?

The vermilion rockfish have big sharp spines on their dorsal fins. When caught these spines can severely injure humans.

Would they make a good pet?

The vermilion rockfish have a huge lifespan. For someone who is looking for a long-term pet, a vermilion rockfish is a very good option. Cleaning their tank can be difficult, though, due to their sharp fins.

Did you know...

A hook and line are used to catch the vermilion rockfish. The hook and line should have a heavy weight attached to them.

The vermilion rockfish is slightly poisonous with venomous spines in the dorsal and anal fins.

Catching and eating vermilion rockfish

The vermilion rockfish are eaten all over the world. Vermilion rockfish tastes amazing.

Vermilion rockfish fishing is very easy. They are caught by placing fishing bait at the bottom of the ocean by attaching a heavy weight to get the fishing bait quickly to the bottom. The vermilion rockfish do not struggle much when they are caught and lifting them up is very easy during fishing.

What are rockfishes good for?

The rockfish has a good quantity of Selenium in it. Selenium boosts our immune system and also acts as an antioxidant. These fish also contain Vitamin B.

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