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Victoria crowned pigeon facts for kids about the largest surviving pigeon species.
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Have you seen a Victoria crowned pigeon? Did you like it?

If so, you are sure to like this majestic bird which is known by its scientific name Goura victoria. The sounds they make are particularly interesting, like, when they leave the nest and take flight, we hear a loud clapping sound, but the sounds using which they are known to communicate are much deeper and muffled.

These characteristics make the pigeon species population very interesting. Both the male Victoria crowned pigeon and female Victoria crowned pigeon can produce crop milk which is used to feed the nestlings for some time after they are born.

Are you curious and excited to know more about these birds? Read on to find some interesting facts about Victoria crowned pigeons. After reading these interesting facts about the Victoria crowned pigeon, do check our other articles on [nicobar pigeon] and [carolina parakeet].

Victoria Crowned Pigeon Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Victoria crowned pigeon?

The Victoria crowned pigeon is a type of bird, which prefers to stay in lowland and swampy forests. This is the largest surviving pigeon species in the world.

What class of animal does a Victoria crowned pigeon belong to?

Victoria crowned pigeons are birds that belong to the Aves class of animals. These birds are unique in the sense that both the females and males can produce crop milk which is used for feeding the nestlings.

How many Victoria crowned pigeons are there in the world?

There are known to be around 10,000-20,000 members forming the Victoria crowned pigeon population in the world, which justifies the fact that they fall into the Near Threatened category in the IUCN Red List.

Where does a Victoria crowned pigeon live?

The Victoria crowned pigeon can be found living in swampy forests and are mostly found in Northern New Guinea.

What is a Victoria crowned pigeon's habitat?

The habitat of the Victoria crowned pigeon (Goura victoria) consists of lowland, swampy forests and is usually found at a low elevation near sea level. However, sometimes they venture to the top of some hills and attain an elevation of up to 3,000 ft (914 m).

Anyway, they tend to take a flight from the sea to the trees every single day.

Who do Victoria crowned pigeons live with?

The Victoria crowned pigeon (goura victoria) lives in small flocks and is often seen traveling or searching for food in pairs.

How long does a Victoria crowned pigeon live?

The Victoria crowned pigeon has a larger lifespan when compared to other birds and can live around 20-25 years.

How do they reproduce?

They have their own mating calls. The male, when noticed by a female, starts shaking his head rhythmically up and down and fans its tail.

The female pigeon lays one egg, and both parents raise the chick. It takes around 30 days for the egg to be incubated, and the young stay with its parents for about 13 weeks after hatching. The Victoria crowned pigeons mate for life.

What is their conservation status?

Victoria crowned pigeons have been declining in number steadily and have been listed in the Near Endangered conservation status. Their population needs to be conserved.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon Fun Facts

What do Victoria crowned pigeons look like?

The body of Victoria crowned pigeons is a deep blue-gray color, and it has a small black mask. It has white tips feather crest and red eyes.

It has a deep purple-maroon-colored chest with blue-gray feathers with maroon tips. The colorful crest along with its red eyes makes Victoria crowned pigeons an extremely beautiful species. They are known for their eye-catching crest.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

How cute are they?

Victoria crowned pigeons can be considered rather cute due to their soft feathers and beautiful crest. They look exceedingly innocent and are kind of reluctant to venture near human beings.

How do they communicate?

Victoria crowned pigeons communicate through various sounds, differing based on the situations. They make a deep 'hoota-hoota' sound while performing their mating calls, whereas they make a 'whup-up whup-up' sound when they are defending their territories.

How big is a Victoria crowned pigeon?

The Victoria crowned pigeon size is around 29-30 in (73.6-76.2 cm) which is comparable to the size of a normal-sized golden eagle.

How fast can a Victoria crowned pigeon fly?

The flight speed Victoria crowned pigeons is comparatively less than other birds, which makes them an ideal game bird for humans.

How much does a Victoria crowned pigeon weigh?

A Victoria crowned pigeon usually weighs roughly 7.7 lb (3.5 kg), which is quite a good weight for a pigeon.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no special names given to the male and female Victoria crowned pigeons, and all birds of these species have a common scientific name Goura victoria. In common parlance, they are referred to as male Victoria crowned pigeons and female Victoria crowned pigeons.

What would you call a baby Victoria crowned pigeon?

A Victoria crowned pigeon baby is called a chick just like any normal baby bird is called.

What do they eat?

For their diet, Victoria crowned pigeons usually eat seeds, leaves, and flowers, but they sometimes prey on invertebrates such as insects. Victoria crowned pigeons, surprisingly, have no natural predators, but as they are considered ideal game birds and their feathers and meat are very costly in the market.

They are continuously hunted by human beings, which has resulted in a steady decline in their population.

Are they dangerous?

This species of Victorian crowned pigeons are not dangerous, but due to excessive hunting by humans, they prefer to stay and live as far as possible from human beings.

Would they make a good pet?

No, Victoria crowned pigeons are not suitable as pets, as they are wild animals.

Did you know...

It is also known by its scientific name Goura victoria and are mostly found in New Guinea. Its New Guinea habitat is hard to replicate at home. The Victoria crowned pigeon is the common name of the bird.

They are known to mate for life.  

It has a beautiful colorful crest and it can be hard to spot from the forest floor.

How does the Victoria crowned pigeon stay clean?

This species of crowned pigeons rarely makes contact with other birds, even of their own species, although they crave a partner. They use their feathers to clean the surroundings up and also prefer not to fly much. As a pet, they require extra care with respect to cleanliness, as their own fecal waste can cause them infections.

The Victoria crowned pigeon's eggs

This species of crowned pigeons usually lays one egg at a time during the breeding season, and it takes around 30 days to incubate it.

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