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Find out lots of vine snake facts, including all about Asian vine snake care here.

Vine snakes are often also known as Asian vine snakes. This name is due to the fact that the Asian vine snake is one of the most common snakes found in Asia.

Some countries where the Asian vine snake is found include India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia and other names for these Asian snakes include the Sri Lankan green vine snake and the long-nosed whip snake.

Read on to learn more about the characteristics and the behavior of this Asian vine snake, or read our guides to rattlesnakes and the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake to learn more about different types of snakes.

Vine Snake Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a vine snake?

Asian vine snakes are snakes whose population is commonly found in Asia, so they are also known as Asian vine snakes. Asian vine snakes are often bright green in color!

What class of animal does a vine snake belong to?

Green vine snakes come under the classification of reptile and belong to the Ahaetulla genus.

How many vine snakes are there in the world?

There is no data currently provided that tells us exactly how many vine snakes are currently alive in the world.

Where does a vine snake live?

The green vine snake commonly lives in different Asian countries (that is why they are called Asian vine snakes). For example, they can be found in Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, and Cambodia. On the other hand, the African vine snake is found in a variety of different countries in Africa.

What is a vine snake's habitat?

The habitat of the green vine snake species involves low bushes and shrubs as well as trees in forests and lowland terrains. They are most often found near streams.

Who do vine snakes live with?

They are solitary snakes who like to live alone.

How long does a vine snake live?

The lifespan of this small snake species is dependent on the natural environment they are living in. In the case of both the green vine snake and the brown vine snake, they can live up to 15 or more years.

How do they reproduce?

They are viviparous in nature which means that they birth to their young who grow within the body of the mother.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the green vine snake is not determined anywhere in the world at present.

Vine Snake Fun Facts

What do vine snakes look like?

These green vine snakes have pointed a snout or head and an extremely slender body. They are bright green in color which helps the population to create a good camouflage within trees in their natural surroundings. Some also have a yellow line running down their body, on each side of the lower surface.

Learn all about vine snakes here.

How cute are they?

They aren't often described as cute but the species are pretty small in size which can make them look less scary than other snakes.

How do they communicate?

The communication skills and behavior of this species aren't quite known.

How big is a vine snake?

When comparing these green vine snakes with other species of snakes in terms of their size and distribution, these vine snakes are likely going to lose! They are pretty small in size somewhat around 75 in (190 cm) in length.

How fast can a vine snake move?

As a green vine snake usually lives on trees, the species is able to glide on trees pretty fast in order to catch their prey.

How much does a vine snake weigh?

They are very small and extremely light at around 0.03 oz (1.1 g).

What are their male and female names of the species?

There are no specific names for male and female green vine snakes but there are plenty of other names by which these snakes are known, including the Asian vine snake, the Sri Lankan green vine snake, and the long-nosed whip snake.

What would you call a baby vine snake?

In a vine snake population there is no specific name for baby snakes.

What do they eat?

Asian vine snakes are carnivorous in nature. They are also quite aggressive in nature and adaptive when it comes to catching their prey. They can catch birds such as hummingbirds, as well as frogs, lizards, rodents, and other small snakes.

Are they aggressive?

Asian vine snakes are sometimes quite aggressive, but their aggression mostly depends on the situation. They are most aggressive when they are facing any kind of threat or if there is prey to catch.

Would they make a good pet?

No, vine snakes (Oxybelis fulgidus) would not make a good pet. They are mildly venomous and their behavior does not thrive in captivity.

Did you know...

Green vine snakes are mildly venomous. Green vine snake venom is not released instantly by the snake when catching and killing their prey, instead, they are first required to use their head to catch and chew the prey, and then they put their venom inside the prey's body.

They are only active during the daytime making them diurnal animals.

How does a vine snake protect itself?

The Asian vine snake is a rear-fanged snake (its fangs are found inside its head) that uses its bite to protect itself from predators.

What type of venom does a vine snake have?

After an Asian vine snake bite, the venom of this rear-fanged Asian snake is moderately or mildly painful and can cause swelling, pain, bruising, numbness, among other symptoms. Usually, the effects go after two or three days. Interestingly, they often try to bite near their prey's eyes.

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