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Originally Published on Nov 16, 2021
Five American bald eagles perched on tree.

When you think of the word predator, one bird that may come to mind is an eagle.

An eagle can actually leave people in awe. The body characteristics of an eagle and the facts about this great bird will surely leave you astonished.

Eagles are large predatory birds with unique flight styles. Eagles hold the topmost position in the food chain.

It can be quite surprising to note that there are as many as 60 different species of eagles currently known. Eagles are also famous for having great eyesight, which is five times better than humans'.

This great eyesight helps an eagle to see things that are three miles away. Even this great eyesight helps eagles to see UV light.

These great wild birds can fly for an average of thirty miles per hour and can even increase their speed up to a hundred miles per hour. It is also a fascinating fact to know that eagles cannot see more than five colors.

However, an eagle can see with a 20/5 vision. Humans tend to see a variety of colors, but eagles are not able to notice varieties of colors on Earth. Eagles can be the strongest birds and are much stronger than some land animals and even humans.

The intelligence of an eagle is not something to be underestimated. Eagles have a great sense of direction. Ever heard of bald eagles? Well, bald eagles are not actually bald.

The term bald refers to the brightly-colored head parts of these eagles. Eagles, being the largest birds, have the largest nests, mostly known as aerie. Eagles are even found to be living a longer life than many other animals.

Most eagle species can be identified based on their wing types. The eyes of eagles are something worth noticing. Eagles have gotten their own collective name which is unique.

A group of eagles is called 'a convocation of eagles' or called 'a soar of eagles'. There have been many other collective nouns for a group of eagles, like flame, congregation, aerie, jubilee, or tower. It is interesting that these large birds have so many different collective nouns.

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What do eagles prey on?

Eagles are large predatory birds that are scary to many people. Eagles are known to have great predating skills. So, surely, a curious mind may start thinking about the prey creatures of eagles.

What type of animals do eagles prey on? It depends on the eagle's type. There are many species of eagles.

These different types of eagles do have different prey. For example, bald eagles are known to mostly feed on fish. Bald eagles are also known to feed on different other animals, such as squirrels, rabbits, and waterfowl.

A typical eagle diet has small mammals, including birds. Some say that eagles not only kill and eat but also tend to feed on dead creatures too. It is a myth that eagles can hunt cats and dogs too.

In reality, eagles do not hunt cats and dogs. Bald eagles love to hunt prairie dogs which are not actual dogs. Prairie dogs are rodents that are small in size.

How high does an eagle fly?

Eagles are a species of bird that has a unique flight style. Eagles are even known to fly to great heights. A normal eagle can fly up to 12000 ft (3657m) high in the sky.

This fact about eagles reaching such a great height is advantageous to these wild birds. During rainy weather, birds do tend to find shelter to hide. Since eagles can fly so high up in the sky, eagles do not need to find shelter.

Eagles fly above the clouds. Eagles tend to carry prey while flying so high in the sky.

The flapping wings of an eagle help it to increase its altitude during flight. Another great fact about eagles is that the wings of an eagle are known to be much stronger than you could ever imagine. The wings of eagles can be stronger than planes in the sky.

Are eagles migratory birds?

People wonder about eagles being migratory birds. An eagle is not a migratory bird. Eagles only fly far away to search for prey and water.

Hence, the flying nature of eagles might misguide people to think that these are migratory birds who fly great distances. It must also be noted that bald eagles migrate in groups sometimes.

This is because, during winter, bald eagles often go in search of food and water. Hence, bald eagles are known to migrate to the south in the autumn seasons. On the other hand, some immature eagles and hawks search for food and wander widely.

How do eagles fly without flapping their wings much?

Most people know that birds flap their wings to fly. However, there is something different and unique about the flying style of eagles.

Some must have noticed that eagles do not flap their wings too much. So, how do these big birds keep their balance without flapping their wings?

Well, eagles tend to use rising air currents to gain altitude and to have balance up in the air. Eagles travel great distances and this is possible due to the gliding nature of the eagle. It is also a fact that eagles can go for hundreds of miles without flapping their wings once.

Did You Know...

As much as eagles are known to be aggressive birds, it is also said that a pair of eagles together can symbolize rebirth, dawn, spring's direction, and renewed life for some people. The next time you see two eagles together, you may wonder what they represent to you.

You should know the difference between birds (eagles and hawks) first. Hawks are small with a smaller wingspan and eagles are huge.

So, as has been mentioned earlier, a group of eagles is known as convocation. There have been two common collective nouns for a group of eagles: a soar of eagles and a convocation of eagles. The word seems to be a unique collective noun for eagles.

The collective nouns arise from nature or the birds. Eagles as already known are large birds, and 'convocations' represent a large gathering.

North American bald eagles are arguably the most famous type of eagles. It may be quite interesting to note that the general collective terms for eagles, like a soar or convocations, are not used for North American bald eagles.

For groups of bald eagles, the famous collective names include a 'comeback of bald eagles' or ' toupee of bald eagles'.

The other collective names for a group of bald eagles include a congregation of eagles. They live near water. The call of a bald eagle is a popular tone.

Eagles are indeed aggressive and become more territorial during the breeding season. Eagles are considered to be among the largest bird species on Earth.

The conservation status of eagles shows that this bird is of the least concern. Still, species of eagles, like harpy eagles, are endangered birds whose population has been decreasing for years. The least concerning eagle population, which is found extensively anywhere, is the golden eagle and also the white-tailed eagle.

The bald eagle population is growing day by day. Though some species of eagles are not threatened, it is our primary duty and responsibility to take care of each of the living beings on Earth.

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