What Is A Group Of Rabbits Called? How Did They Get That Name?

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Adorable baby rabbits on green grass

Whenever we see someone eating carrots, the first name that comes to mind is rabbit.

Rabbits love to stay underground, and young kids love to play with them all the time. Did you know wild rabbits have bodies designed in egg shape, and their life span is less than one year?

Rabbit is a popular domestic pet with fluffy skin, short tails, long ears, and whiskers. There are 50 different species of rabbits. Rabbits live in considerable numbers in every place. A group of rabbits lives in a warren which is like a connected tunnel that protects rabbits, whereas, some rabbits like cottontail rabbits nest in a hollow.

Rabbits are lagomorphs, which include hares and pikas. There is a lot of difference between hares and rabbits. Hares are larger and have long back legs and ears than rabbits. Within the family, there are 11 categories, but the actual name 'hare' refers only to the genus Lepus species; all other categories are related to rabbits.

Pygmy rabbits are as small as 8 in (20 cm) and less than a pound. Some rabbits like Britannia petite and Netherland dwarf are under 2.5 lb (1 kg), whereas, the Himalayan rabbit ranges between 2.5-4.5 lb (1-2 kg).

Did you know that some larger rabbits grow up to 20 in (51 cm) in length and more than 10 lb (4.5 kg) in weight?

Continue reading to know what to call a group of rabbits, and for more such facts, please read can rabbits eat spinach and why do rabbits thump on Kidadl.

What is a group of baby rabbits called?

Before we get to know the answer to 'what do you call a group of rabbits? ', let us understand that in rabbits, there are two categories: male rabbit and female rabbit.

The male rabbit's name is a buck, whereas, the female's name is a doe. A group of rabbits that came from a single mating is referred to as a litter. A group of rabbits, in general, is called a nest or colony, or fluffle.

Let's have a small introduction about rabbits and their daily life. As rabbits are prey animals, they adapt and follow different routines that other animals do not commonly use.

Rabbits wake up early in dawn and sleep in the mid-noon. In the meantime, they try to gather their food and everything they need, and they go back to their fluffle, warren or nest before other animals wake up.

Rabbits do breed three to four times a year. Female rabbit has a gestational period of 30-32 days.

Rabbit gives birth to up to 12 small ones, and rarely a litter size of 18. This young group of rabbits is known as kittens or kits, but we call them bunnies or a bunny just to show our affection.

Newborn rabbits are born blind at birth, and they get their sight in a few days. Mother rabbit does not pay much attention to the newborn kittens and is commonly seen nursing them one time a day which may last for only a few minutes.

Why is a group of bunnies (rabbits) called a fluffle?

A rabbit is commonly known as a ground digger and lives in the desert to tropical forests and wetlands. They create their homes by making tunnels in the ground.

These are called as warrens, which include rooms for sleeping, as well as, for nests. Rabbits are an essential factor in the native ecosystems and are used for their fur, used in laboratory research, and many times humans love to raise them as a pet.

A group of wild rabbits is called a fluffle or colony. It's called so because of its sizeable fluffy hair.

Wild rabbits came from southwest France and Spain. In the 12th century AD, wild rabbits were brought to England by the Normans and put up under the custody in warrens and were used as a means of fur and meat.

Later on, a new disease named myxomatosis restrained their numbers in the '50s, and rabbits were almost gone, but later on, steps were taken to increase its population. Now, in the British countryside, it is a common site in farms threatening to damage the crops.

The fox is the main predator of rabbits. Rabbit's ears are designed to hear sounds from very far, which helps them run away from their predators without even seeing them.

A group of wild rabbits sitting outside their warren.

How many bunnies are in a fluffle?

Warren or colony is the place where a group of rabbits lives. A single baby rabbit is called a kit, whereas, a group is referred to as kittens or kits. You might have known that rabbits are herbivorous, which means they eat only a plant-based diet that includes leafy, grassy vegetables and some vegetables like brussels sprouts and broccoli.

As discussed earlier, in some places, a group of rabbits is called fluffle, whereas, in Canada, they call a group of rabbits a herd. The exact number of bunnies in a fluffle is unknown, but it can range anywhere between 10-50.

Are rabbits social?

Rabbits are very slick and quick. According to National Geography, a rabbit runs in a zigzag pattern and can reach up to the speed of 18 mph (28.9 kph).

They can grow their ears up to 4 in (10 cm). As their ears are enormous, they sense danger from their predators very early, and they can also sense natural calamities.

Do you know these bunnies are very social and loving? They feel bored when they sit idle, just like young kids. These fluffy pets love to play with humans. Rabbits show respect to others belonging to the same species.

The group of rabbits has an evident hierarchy within their group. Rabbits with higher rank live deep in the burrow, while those with lower rank live in outer areas. A rabbit would make more than one entrance to its little underground world, which allows it to find a rescue entrance.

Do rabbits live in groups or alone?

Did you know that a rabbit cools its body in hot climates by releasing extra heat through ear blood vessels? Wild rabbits can see either side of their heads without moving as they have 360 degrees of vision. Did you know that rabbit is petrified of open places?

Do rabbits love to stay alone? It's rare, but sometimes rabbits actively prefer to live alone. It is more seen in the case of female rabbits.

The female of this species tends to be more independent. Bunnies love to run around the home freely if it is alone. They are highly active and may feel bored if it is left alone.

So do spend some quality time with your pet bunny when you are at home. In the wild, it is often seen in groups. They are social animals that prefer to live in groups, and keeping them alone can make them lonely and depressed.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for what is a group of rabbits called, then why not take a look at can rabbits to eat kale or rabbit facts?


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