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White cloud mountain minnow facts about small and colorful fish species.

The white cloud mountain minnows are popularly known as 'the working man's neon'. They are also known by their scientific name Tanichthys albonubes. They were first discovered in the white mountains of China and now are seen sold in aquarium trades.

Efforts to introduce the species back into the wild have been initiated. Since then various changes took place which led to the white cloud mountain minnows habitat being impacted negatively. White cloud minnows are peaceful, sociable beings and are community fish.

If you are considering keeping them as a pet it's better to keep them in a larger school or even in a community tank. In this article, we will take a look at some fun and interesting facts about this unique and beautiful long-finned species of fish for you to gain a better understanding of them.

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White Cloud Mountain Minnow Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a White Cloud Mountain minnow?

The white cloud minnow is a fish animal and is known by its scientific name Tanichthys albonubes.

What class of animal does a White Cloud Mountain minnow belong to?

The white cloud mountain minnow is a type of fish species and belongs to the class Actinopterygii and family Cyprinidae.

How many White Cloud Mountain minnows are there in the world?

The exact number of white cloud mountain minnows is unknown however, as per records there are a total of 50 species of minnows. The largest families of minnows exist in North America where 2100 species are found.

Where does a White Cloud Mountain minnow live?

The white cloud mountain is a small fish and resides in water bodies like an aquarium however you are unlikely to spot them in an ocean. They can be seen in ponds, and rivers as well as lakes. They thrive where there are proper vegetation cover and shelter facilities for them to grow and survive.

What is a White Cloud Mountain minnow's habitat?

They are accommodative species of fish and ideally survive in mountain streams. When kept in a tank you should ensure the tank has adequate space for them to seek shelter as well as a rocky gravel substrate, large cobbles and the whole tank setup should be covered with a hood to stop them from jumping out.

These small fishes do not survive long if there is a presence of chemicals in the water body.

Who do White Cloud Mountain minnows live with?

Long-finned white cloud mountain minnows live with other species of their own kind in ponds, rivers, lakes, and streams and with people if they are pets in aquariums where water conditions need to maintained at 64-77 F and there is an adequate amount of plants and rocky cover.

They are community fishes and survive with other tank mates of fish like the goldfish as well.

The minimum tank size should is one of 10 gallons.

How long does a White Cloud Mountain minnow live?

The long fin white cloud mountain minnow average lifespan is three to five years in age. The maximum age minnows species can live up to is recorded at 20 years.

Their age is affected by various factors some including their environment and diet. Their lifespan in a tank is reduced as compared to when they live in their natural habitats.

How do they reproduce?

The simplest way to know if a white cloud mountain minnows i.e. Tanichthys albonubes is pregnant or not is to look at their belly which is called the gravid. If the gravid is dark in color then the white cloud is pregnant and if it's not, it's possible that they just gained some weight.

A white cloud mountain minnow grows to its full size when it's three to five years old. The white cloud mountain minnows lay rows of eggs in a scattered manner which happens post-mating in the breeding season and then a period of four weeks more when the female white cloud is pregnant.

The female lays the eggs that are released and then fertilized by the male outside of the body. Spawning activity could include flaring of the fins on males and a gravid spot on the females.

The eggs look like any other fish egg but are extremely small in size. They release eggs throughout the year and not at any one specific time.

The eggs, once released, should be kept in a separate tank preferably since, although they don't cannibalize their own as much as other species of fish, they do have tendencies to do this and this can be dangerous for the fry. After 38-48 hours the eggs begin to hatch out.

One can move them to a new tank at this stage.

What is their conservation status?

The species is considered the Not Evaluated species by the International Union For Conservation Of Nature (IUCN).

White Cloud Mountain Minnow Fun Facts

What do White Cloud Mountain minnows look like?

White cloud mountains have a silvery belly and red patches on their fins. The species can also be found in golden color or other variations. These fishes have a tendency to interbreed as well.

Their fins display their most vibrant colors. Their dorsal and ventral fins are almost triangular and point toward the back.

In some instances male even has a huge chunk bitten out of his fins. This might happen due to some fights that take place in the water body. They are about 1-1.5 in long and their eyes are green to olive-brown in color.

The dorsal fin is situated past the mid-line of the body.

How cute are they?

The white cloud mountain minnow, Tanichthys albonubes, are small and extremely cute and colorful fishes. The cloud mountain minnow tank is a perfect addition if you have existing fishes in an aquarium or are considering getting fish as pets for the first time.

Ensure that there is enough space for all fishes since they don't react well in contained spaces.

How do they communicate?

Most communication occurs through the use of signals. This happens mostly during the breeding season. They also employ vibrations to communicate with each other. Fishes talk to each other by making use of grunts, pops, and chirps as well.

How big is a White Cloud Mountain minnow?

The white cloud mountain minnow is 4 cm i.e. about 1-1.5 in long which is ten times bigger than the world's tiniest and smallest fish in the world called Paedocypris which is 10.3 mm in size.  

How fast can a White Cloud Mountain minnow swim?

They swim at a relatively good speed for a pet fish. They are peaceful fishes and are middle-level to top-level fishes, they will rarely be seen at the bottom.

If they show any signs of difficulty in movement it means that they are in bad shape. These fish have a tendency to gain weight rapidly and need to be supervised from time to time.

How much does a White Cloud Mountain minnow weigh?

The weight of the fish is small and light in weight. The exact numerical figures are not calculated.

They easily fit into a ten-gallon aquarium and in tanks with little algae, alginate tablets, and other essentials to keep them healthy and active. The white cloud mountain minnow size can grow to some extent since they have a tendency to gain weight and this usually shows in their belly.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Males and females are not addressed differently in the white clouds fish breed. They have physical differences i.e. males are more brightly colored and slender as compared to their female counterparts. Males also tend to be brightly colored as compared to females and in many instances, people adopt the brighter one.

What would you call a baby White Cloud Mountain minnow?

A baby white cloud mountain minnow eggs is referred to as an egg when it's small and as a fry once it hatches from the egg. Parents don't care for their young and may eat them even when they are fry hence it's essential to keep them in a separate fish tank.

However, if your fish tank is large then there are chances for the fry to develop into adult size.

What do they eat?

The white cloud mountain fish eats most types of food and specifically enjoys live frozen flake food. When in their natural habitat, the fish white cloud mountain eats insects including mosquito larvae, shrimp, and other species of insects.

Are they eaten by humans?

Longfin white cloud mountain minnow is largely a small pet fish and is eaten in certain parts of the world including native America where certain species of minnows have been used as food for decades. If minnows are small in size they are eaten whole. Humans also use them as bait to catch bigger fishes in larger water bodies.

Would they make a good pet?

These fish are good for beginners since white cloud mountain minnow care is easy, and they are easy to breed. They require minimum space as compared to larger species of fish pets.

The white cloud mountain minnow tank size should be a 10 gallon one.

The white cloud mountain minnow temperature should be 60 F (15 C) and in a ph 6-8. Apart from this, an adequate amount of rocky structures and other fittings need to be present in the aquarium.

The white cloud minnow is adaptable but should not be kept with larger tank mates since there is a possibility for them to eat these small fishes. White cloud mountain minnow tank mates should be friendly towards them.

They can be kept with goldfishes in a tank.

They are easy to breed as long as all their needs are taken care of and the water is filtered from time to time.

White cloud mountain minnow care includes feeding them two to three times a day especially when the white cloud mountain minnow breeding time comes, the young ones consume more food as they grow and their diet consists primarily of shrimps.

Did you know...

All fish can hear but not all can make sounds. The ones who do usually do so by vibrating their swim bladder which is a muscle they can contract.

They hear human voices as well and are able to recognize their owners as well over a period of time. They also express other emotions like happiness through their body language.

Shrimp is the fish that is eaten most in and around the world. This is followed by canned tuna, salmon, tilapia, and the Alaska Pollock as per latest records.

There is a variety called Meteor Minnow fish species who are a variant of the white cloud mountain minnows and is a relatively new variety like the golden white cloud mountain minnow. These variants are known to jump on rare occasions.

If you wish to keep these unique species of pets then ensure to keep the meteor minnow away from barbs are they are unlikely friends.

Other species include the albino white cloud mountain minnow. The gold white cloud mountain minnow is a freshwater fish too. The white cloud mountain minnow goldfish originates in China.

What is the nickname for White Cloud Mountain minnows?

The white cloud mountain minnows are known as 'the working man's neon' and also have other pet names like white clouds, canton danio, white cloud mountain, and Chinese danio. The white cloud is a freshwater cyprinid fish and a popular choice for beginners. As a pet, you could address them with pet names of your choice.

When was the White Cloud Mountain minnow discovered?

The white cloud mountain minnow was first discovered in China in 1932. Some native populations have survived in regions far away from their native areas in freshwater regions. They largely exist in a school and are rarely seen alone.

As a pet, you should consider getting five or more species to avoid any confusion. Ensure their diet consists of all essential nutrients.

Young fry should be transferred into other tanks as soon as possible. This is an excellent choice for you if you are considering fish adoption for the first time.

Ensure to adopt and not always buy the fish species and keep them in an environment similar to their habitat. White cloud minnows are peaceful, sociable beings and are a community fish and a perfect addition to your aquarium.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our white cloud mountain minnow coloring pages.

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