Why Are There So Many Spiders In My House? Should I Let Them Stay?

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Originally Published on Oct 12, 2021
Sun light shining on brown orb spider on wide cobweb indoor.
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Spiders prefer dark and moist places near windows in human homes.

A failure in maintaining the perimeter of your home enhances the risk of infestation by spiders. Spiders are regarded as pests that are known to lay their eggs in various spaces inside your home.

Looking to understand the reasons how so many spiders got inside you house? Generally, the name itself, spider, will give people heebie-jeebies and no doubt will certainly terrify you. So, experiencing a spider infestation in your living area on everything you touch is a big problem.

Wondering why are there so many spiders in my house? There can be a number of reasons why spiders like to hide in your house and why you have a spider problem. Some can be fixed easily, while others can’t.

After reading about these pests, you might also want to know do spiders hibernate and are spiders nocturnal.

Should I let spiders live in my house?

Yes, well of course but rarely. A spider might enter your home without you knowing and make a web someplace under your chair or table.

There is no reason to throw them out because these spiders cannot really expand or grow. So, you can let these spiders live in your house. However, it is important to know what spider species are poisonous and could hurt you, your family, and any pets.

Beware of the brown recluse as this pest can turn problematic, in such cases you should avoid these spiders living with you in your home.

The main reason for spiders entering your home is the endless possibilities of the types of insects dwelling in your house which you are still not aware of, but spiders are.

Since spiders grow by feeding on these insects, do you need to be alert when spiders simultaneously start increasing in your house? It means it’s high time to put in place some measures such as calling pest control, otherwise, you could end up experiencing a spider infestation.

Alternatively, just pick up your vacuum cleaner and get rid of this pest and every last egg in your house.

Why are there so many spiders in my house in the summer?

There can be a number of reasons for a house spider to get inside your home. For example, a house spider can crawl into your house through gaps which are easily accessible.

Spiders crawl into gaps that are not easily accessible to us such as inside overhead storage or boxes. Spiders like a steady food supply and a controlled climate and these factors can increase the spider population in your home if you do not maintain proper pest control.

Moreover, spiders lay egg sacs and spiders prefer to grow in warmer places than in cold places.

Spiders cannot flourish in cold climates or cold places. So if it’s summer or your house is a bit warmer, there are chances that spiders will prefer your house and you will soon notice many spiders in your house.

It is very unlikely that a common house spider will bite a human, however a spider bite can be very dangerous. It is necessary to eliminate all spiders from your home.

Spiders are experts in crawling inside your house through cracks and crevices. As the weather gets colder outside, spiders search for warm places to dwell in. They crawl into your house through cracks or crevices.

Spiders find dark, dusty, and warm places where they hide and grow. If you keep your house dark, dirty with all the dust, and warm then you will have lots of house spiders. In simple terms, maintaining uncleanliness leads to a greater risk of having a large spider population in your house.

If you are fond of gardening, but have not maintained your plants so that they touch the walls of your house, then you are unknowingly inviting spiders into your house. These spiders will use the plants as a bridge to your home.

When you tend to control your room temperature for your own comfort, you are inviting more spiders into your house. Spiders do not prefer staying in outdoor areas.

Spiders make their way indoors during weather changes, particularly when it becomes colder outside. Spiders look for warm places when it’s cold and they search for cold places as well when it’s too hot. If you prefer to have a warmer house all year around, then you will a greater risk of a spider infestation.

Who on this earth doesn’t need food to survive? Even the smallest creature on this earth needs food to survive.

If you keep a steady food supply in your house for spiders, then the spider population will certainly increase in your house. Spiders grow by feeding themselves on insects.

An insect feeds on leftover food in your kitchen, in the drainage, or in the dustbin. It is important to remove this food source as quickly as possible to reduce the number of insects, and hopefully the number of spiders inside will decline too.

How do I stop spiders coming into the house?

Follow these steps and you can stop lots of spiders from getting into your house. The steps are as follows:

Spiders crawl into holes or cracks to create spider webs on these holes for dwelling purposes. Always look to avoid any such holes or cracks in your home.

Spiders get into your house through windows or a spider gets into your house through doors, through attached cables, wires, gutter, or drains.

It is important to try to keep your windows shut, try to seal up such openings or holes through which spiders crawl into your house, and use caulk to seal any openings to the outside to get rid of spiders and spider webs. Spiders don’t live on the floor, but they spin their webs from the ceiling.

Dust, the dark, and warmer conditions allow spiders to grow. To get rid of spiders you need to maintain proper cleanliness in your house.

If you don’t mind sweating or freezing, you can get rid of spiders and spider webs by altering the climatic conditions in your house!

Dusting the corners of the walls, under the furniture, and vacuuming the corner areas of your house and furniture will also keep away spiders. Spiders won't be attracted to the dust and you will also remove any webs so that spiders are unable to live on these webs.

To get rid of spiders and spider webs you need to break the food supply chain that is present in your house. Spiders feed on insects and insects feed on the leftover food in your house, found in the dustbin, in the gutter, in the drainage, or in the pipelines.

This leftover food can increase the number of insects in your house and in turn invite a lot of spiders to crawl into your house. So how to get rid of these pests and spiders? By using pest control.

Pest control will not only help you in getting rid of these insects and bacteria but pest control will also help in preventing spiders from entering your house. Pest control methods do not allow spiders to hide under cardboard boxes or in between the bundles of newspapers.

By following such simple easy to do steps, you will not only prevent spiders hiding in cracks or holes but you will be able to rid of spider webs and a possibility of a spider infestation.

Poisonous spider on the sink in a house washroom.

Are spiders a sign of a clean house?

The answer is, no! Spiders in fact prefer dirty and messy rooms.

When you clean or vacuum your house, the webs of house spiders get destroyed. There will be no flies or moth either. To avoid any kind of infestation, keep your house clean.

Some spiders like moisture, and that is why you may find them in damp areas, the basement, bathrooms, and other dark spaces. Even though your house is clean, sometimes due to reasons you cannot avoid, you cannot avoid house spiders from crawling the walls of your house.

Even if you maintain a clean home you can still attract spiders. There are even spiders who prefer a dry environment to survive in, like the air vents in your house, high upper corners of your rooms, or attics.

House spiders need to survive and lay eggs and these eggs result in more spiders.

No doubt even if your house is clean, these house spiders can feed themselves on pests that are unknowingly present in your house. If your house is clean and you still are facing the problem of house spiders, then it is more likely that your house has other pests-related issues.

How to get rid of spiders in the basement?

Spiders in the basement are a problem because spiders thrive in basement areas. To get rid of many spiders, you can use these methods.

Diatomaceous earth is effective in repelling insects. The powder of diatomaceous earth works well for basement spiders as well. Sprinkling this powder on the surface of windows, doorways, or in the basement area helps in preventing spiders from congregating. It kills the house spider.

An easy way to get rid of house spiders is white vinegar spray. Vinegar is acidic and spraying white vinegar near basement areas can actually kill many spiders, and you can actually get rid of these house spiders.

Although it takes time to clean the basement, it's not that bad of an idea. You can keep your basement clean and dry by dusting, sweeping, and wiping down the walls with cleaning products.

It’s an easy way to get rid of spiders at no extra cost. Cleaning your home will be the best way to get away with insects and spiders. It is important to remove leftover food.

Even though spiders do not feed on this food, ants and insects will feed on this leftover food in the basement. Spiders hunt for insects so it is important to keep your basement clean.

Peppermint essential oils work well as good spider deterrents. You can use some essential oil diffusers and keep them near your basement area to make the spider flee because spiders cannot stand the smell of peppermint essential oils.

House spiders are not directly harmful to humans, however they are unpleasant. They try not to come too close to a human. Using spider-killing sprays can actually kill many spiders in one go. Use these sprays for effective results.

Vacuuming the basement area on a regular basis eliminates spider webs and does not allow any spider to dwell in your basement or in your house. Keep vacuuming the corner of your house and places where spiders are more likely to dwell.

How to get rid of spider infestation naturally?

Spiders are natural and their existence in your life is also a natural phenomenon. However, spiders are not dangerous to humans but spiders and spider webs are not pleasant to see.

There is no long-term remedy to completely get rid of spiders but implementing useful and natural remedies from time to time will definitely reduce the number of spiders crawling into your house. Try using natural ways to get away with these not-so-dangerous spiders.

Spiders do not like citrus or vinegar. Keeping citrus fruits in a bowl on the counter in the kitchen is a good way to keep spiders out.

You can also use these citrus fruits and rub the juice on window sills or doorways. The pungent smell, produced after rubbing the citrus fruit, can actually help in getting rid of a spider. It can also be used to clean your home and you can spray the juice of lemons in areas spraying where bugs accumulate more.

Mint is a natural pest repellent.

Many bugs, like spiders, hate mint and can actually go away with the smell of mint. You can either plant mint leaves in your garden or you can even crush mint leaves and add them to a bottle of peppermint essential oil and spray this liquid on areas that are common for bugs and spiders to crawl.

It is one of the natural ways to get rid of different types of bugs and spiders and does not allow spiders to stay indoors or outdoors in your house.

Frequently dusting crawl spaces and corners with cobwebs where spiders are most likely to web their webs. Cleanliness does not invite bugs and spiders into your house.

If you sprinkle cedar blocks inside your house there will be fewer chances for spiders and bugs to keep crawling indoors. You can implement these methods frequently to get rid of spiders and other insect infestations.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for why are there so many spiders in my house then why not take a look at are wolf spiders poisonous, or recluse spider facts?

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