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Here are some worms facts for you to enjoy

Worms are a species that have bodies that are shaped like cylindrical tubes and have no limbs and no eyes. They vary in shape and size. Some worms live on land, whereas some of them are marine or in freshwater environments, they are also found in the underground by burrowing.

Worms are also known as helminths. Worms can be found in moss, decaying materials, damp earth, or in most of the hospitable conditions. The body of worms is usually elongated and divided into segments.

There are many different types of worms that infect the crops and could also damage your house. There are over 2,700 species of worms, and different remedies are available to treat the damage that they can cause. Worms are creatures that refer to an obsolete grouping.

Read this article for more information about this species. After this, you may also look at flatworms facts and centipedes facts. 

Worms Interesting Facts

What type of animal are worms?

Worms are a type of invertebrate animals that do not have wings like a bird and has skin that is scaly like a reptile and has six insects attached to the segments of its body.

What class of animal do worms belong to?

Worms belong to the class of Oligochaeta.

How many worms are there in the world?

There is no specific number so as to how many earthworms there are in the world. It is exciting to know that approximately 2,700 different species of worms are found around the world.

Where do worms live?

Worms can live anywhere there is moist soil and dead plant material. They are also found in most of the rain forest areas that are abundant, as well as inland and in freshwater.

What is a worm's habitat?

Worms habitat consists of moist soil on the surface of the earth and dead plant material. In the rain forests, they like to make burrows and dwell in them along with other worms. It is interesting to know that earthworms are said to improve irrigation in the soil and add nutrients.

Who do worms live with?

Worms do not stay alone in the soil. Earthworms try to decide and travel in the same direction as a part of their single herd.

How long do worms live?

Worms live up to as long as four years depending on different factors which include their surroundings, food, environment, and other factors which are responsible for their lifespan.

How do they reproduce?

Earthworms mate with each other by rubbing their parts against each other, and then the males exchange their sperm which helps the females to produce cocoons. The cocoons hatch after a particular period of three weeks to six months which depends on the conditions.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation and population status of worms is Not Extinct as there are different species of worms, and they give birth to the cocoons, and therefore, the number of worms does not decline.

Worms Fun Facts

What do worms look like?

The worm species are very tiny in size and are as long as a staple. They have bodies that are elongated and shaped like tubes which are rather cylindrical, flattened or leaflike in shape. They are either colorless or sometimes have a color like pink, red, or evergreen.

How cute are they?

Worms are very gross in appearance, and one will not at all like to look at a worm as they are not at all cute.

How do they communicate?

Worms communicate with each other with the help of taste or touch, and they can also feel vibrations. They avoid their predators most of the time as they can sense their footsteps.

How big are worms?

Worms are not very big in size. They are medium-sized, and their size varies according to the species. Their length can extend up to 0.39 in (0.99 cm) and their height can extend up to 0.31 in (0.78 cm).

How fast can worms move?

There is no accurate data for how fast a worm can move. They usually move at a very slow speed because they have no legs and must crawl their way to the destination.

How much do worms weigh?

Worms weigh around 0.55 lb (0.24 kg) and are medium in size, but their weight is less as they have very thin bodies.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There is no accurate name for the male and the female of the species.

What would you call a baby worm?

A baby worm is called a cocoon.

What do they eat?

Worms eat nematodes, protozoans, and rotifers. They also eat decomposing roots and leaves and soil as well. They also eat the decayed remains of the other animals.

Are they harmful?

There are different worms that can be harmful to human beings, such as intestinal worms that increase the chances of health issues. There are also computer worms that cause malware issues. They don’t bite you but can trouble you at times.

Would they make a good pet?

You can compost worms as pets for your farm or garden as there is no harm in it. Also, there are not many problems when you have worms as pets on your farm or garden.

Did you know...

Worms live in areas where there is food for them and also a temperature that is favorable. There can be millions of worms in one acre of land.

The largest worm that was ever found was in South Africa that measured 264 in (22 ft) from its nose to the tip of its tail. Worms are known to be cold-blooded animals. The worm’s skin is very sensitive, and if it gets dry, then there are chances that the worm may die.

Unique features of worms

Worms commonly breathe through their skin when it is moist. It is covered in mucus which helps worms to absorb oxygen, and that is how they breathe. They reproduce by rubbing themselves against each other. Worms do not have faces or eyes.

Costs and benefits of worms

Worms help the soil as it increases the amount of air and water that gets into the soil. The organic matter is then used for leaves and grass, which the plants can use later. Worms leave their casting, which is later used as fertilizer.

The intestinal worms are very harmful and bad for human beings as they can grow and multiply and can harm your liver. This liver infection is known as pin worms. Bag worms are also dangerous if formed because they make pests.

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