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The yellow breasted chat (Icteria virens) is a bird species of North America. It is the largest member of the warbler family.

The bird seems like a hybrid of warbler and a mockingbird. Its distribution ranges from the south of Canada to Florida and Mexico.

This bird prefers to make its nest in thickets which are placed not more than 8 ft (2.4 m) above the ground. The nest is usually constructed by the female chat and not the male.

The outer side of the nest is made of weeds, straw, and dead leaves, whereas the inner side of the nest is lined with bark, grass, and fine stems. They make a great flight with strong wings that can take them to certain distances.

The breeding season is from April to May. Males usually sing songs to attract females during a flight. The yellow breasted chat song is a mixture of whistles, hoots, and clucks.

Although, females sometimes show aggressive behavior during the breeding season. Both sexes are usually the same in appearance, except males have black lores, whereas females have gray lores. The diet of these birds mainly consists of insects and berries.

The yellow breasted bird is also known as an American warbler. Since they can be found in the wild in large numbers, their conservation status has been listed as Least Concern. These birds have a restless behavior which is rather cute and amusing to watch.

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Yellow Breasted Chat Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a yellow breasted chat?

The yellow breasted chat, Icteria virens is one of the North American birds that is the only member of the family Icteriidae.

What class of animal does a yellow breasted chat belong to?

The yellow breasted chat is a songbird species of North America that belongs to class Aves in phylum Chordata.

How many yellow breasted chats are there in the world?

Yellow breasted chats have a wide range of distribution. Their population size is unknown. Although, the population trend is currently stable.

Where does a yellow breasted chat live?

The yellow breasted chat is endemic to North America. Its distribution ranges from southern Canada to central Mexico and south to northern Florida. The range extends to the Gulf Coast and California. The bird is a neotropical breeding migrant that overwinters in Central America and Mexico. It migrates there through the Yucatan to western Panama.

What is a yellow breasted chat's habitat?

The yellow breasted chat's habitat includes dense thickets, brushy tangles, clear cuts, powerline corridors, and briars often on the corners of swamps or ponds. It is also found in dry pastures and upland tickets in the woods. It prefers abandoned agricultural lands and other rural regions with long vegetation proliferate.

Who do yellow breasted chats live with?

They prefer to live and forage alone rather than living in flocks.

How long does a yellow breasted chat live?

The life span of a yellow breasted chat bird ranges from five to eight years.

How do they reproduce?

Yellow-breasted chats are a secretive songbird species. They are often heard singing their song. The breeding season of this species is from April to May.

Various breeding habitats include dense thickets, brushy regions, and hedgerows. They build their nests in thick shrubs or other dense vegetation nearly 8.2 ft (2.5 m) from the ground. Occasionally, nests are built in loose colonies.

The nests are usually composed of leaves, grasses, stems of weeds, strips of bark, roots, hair, wiry, plant stems, finer grasses, and pine needles. Females lay creamy white eggs that have red-brown spots on them. The clutch size is three to five eggs.

In a pair, only females incubate the eggs for 11 and 12 days. After hatching, both parents feed the young. They fledge from their nests between 8-11 days.

The species raise two broods per year. Chats guard their nests against brown headed cowbirds that act as parasites. But these parasites do not disturb other cup nest builders.

Yellow breasted birds are not as monogamous as other warblers. In courtship displays, the males usually point bill up to a female and sway around her. Also, during flight, there is a song display in which males fly up, sing songs, float, and drop steadily over their back.

What is their conservation status?

According to the IUCN, the conservation status of these chats is the Least Concern. The population of the yellow breasted chats is dropping in eastern North America because of habitat loss by human development activities.

Though, this species is less exposed than other cup nest warblers. Sometimes, brown headed cowbirds parasitized the broods of yellow breasted birds. They take advantage of the segmentation of eastern forests to extend their range.

Yellow Breasted Chat Fun Facts

What do yellow breasted chats look like?

They belong to the warbler family. They have a wingspan of 9.1-10.6 in (23-27 cm), whereas the measurement of the bill is 0.51-0.63 in (1.3-1.6 cm).

These birds have olive dorsal parts with a white belly and bright yellow throat and breast. Other characteristics include black legs, white whisker stripes, and white eye rings. This species can be confused with other bird species.

Although, it has a short body and longer tail than other warblers. The bill is stout and solid black. The area between the bill and the eye known as lores are also black but only in the male.

In the female, the lores are gray, especially in the breeding season. The name of these birds stands for the fact that they inhibit yellow coloration over their chest.

The yellow breasted chat has a yellow chest which makes it easy to recognize them.

How cute are they?

The yellow breasted chats are new world species that look adorable and are fun to watch.

How do they communicate?

These birds are north American birds that communicate through call or song. The song of these birds is a combination of whistles, cackles, hoots, and clucks. They have a loud chak call.

Unlike other warblers, they can mimic the song or call of other birds. This is why birdwatchers often get confused chats songs with other birds, such as brown thrashers, and catbirds which show the same preferences for habitats and habits. In the breeding season, chats generally sing from open locations while roosting or flying in the sky.

How big is a yellow breasted chat?

The size of a yellow breasted chat is 6.7-7.5 in (17-19 cm), which is five times larger than an Eurasian tree sparrow.

How fast can a yellow breasted chat fly?

The flying speed of yellow breasted chat is unknown. Although, it can be seen flying with flabby wingbeats and dangling legs, above the dense thickets.

How much does a yellow breasted chat weigh?

The weight range of yellow breasted chat is 0.71-1.19 0z (20.1 to 33.7 g)

What are the male and female names of the species?

The male and female yellow breasted chats do not have specific names, separately.

What would you call a baby yellow breasted chat?

The young of the yellow breasted chat is generally known as a chick.

What do they eat?

The diet of these North American birds includes insects and berries of trees, along with nuts.

Are they dangerous?

No, they are non dangerous animals. In fact, they are shy and adorable birds.

Would they make a good pet?

They are not appropriate as pets as they are wild animals.

Did you know...

Warblers have many group names, such as fall, bouquet, wrench, and confusion.

When do yellow breasted chats migrate?

This bird species is a resident of North America but migrates to Central America and Mexico, mostly during winter.

What birds are similar to a yellow breasted chat?

Some similar species of yellow breasted chat include Kentucky warbler, yellow throated vireo, and common yellow throat.

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