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Yorkipoo facts about the popular designer dog.

Yorkipoo or Yorkie poo is a mixed breed, hybrid dog. This dog is a mix of Yorkshire terrier and toy poodle (or miniature poodle).

The Yorkipoo is a small-sized dog that is endowed with high quality coat. Yorkipoos have great energy and need a lot of exercise to maintain their energy levels.

Yorkipoos make an excellent family pet as this is a low maintenance dog breed group. They are very playful and kid-friendly and adapt well to an apartment building.

Yorkie poo are easy to train and intelligent but they can suffer from health conditions because of bad grooming. As Yorkie poos do not shed a lot like purebred small dogs, the problem of dog hair is taken care of.

Since, the Yorkipoo hybrid is a mix of Yorkshire terrier and toy or miniature poodle, it is found in a variety of colors like golden, silver, cream black, tan and red. The color of the Yorkie poo depends on the color of the two breeds that are going to be cross bred.

There are also prominent markings on the fur coat of the Yorkiepoo dog which are another interesting trait which adds to its personality.

Due to crossbreeding, Yorkiepoo dogs can be found in many different colors. Yorkipoos being designer dogs can be given cool Yorkipoo haircuts as per the liking of the owner.

Yorkipoo Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Yorkipoo?

Yorkie poo is a mixed breed of a dog generated by crossbreeding Yorkshire terrier and the toy poodle and is regarded as a designer dog. These dogs are small in size and are available in a variety of colors.

The Yorkie poo maintains an amicable relationship with its owners and could easily adjust to an apartment set-up. The Yorkshire terrier and poodle mix is undemanding and requires minimal maintenance.

What class of animal does a Yorkipoo belong to?

Yorkipoo is a mixed dog breed, and all dogs belong to the category of mammals. Unlike other designer dogs, the Yorkshire terrier and toy poodle mix require basic care like regular grooming and hair-brushing.

Dogs like the retriever shed profusely in phases or even normally. Still, the shedding in the Yorkipoo is negligible, which is an added benefit for owners who do not like pets who shed or are allergic to canine hair.

How many Yorkipoos are there in the world?

The conservation status of a Yorkipoo is a least concern which suggests that there is a sufficient number of Yorkipoos in its origin country, the United States of America, as well as in various other locations where crossbreeding is a thriving business avenue.

Where does a Yorkipoo live?

Yorkie poo dogs can be found in dog dens, adoption units, or rescue houses. From these facilities, a Yorkshire can either be adopted or bought.

The Yorkipoo can sustain itself in a house which is minimalistic and doesn't necessarily need a yard or a garden for the Yorkie poo puppy to play. Yorkie poo dogs essentially only need to be provided with their fundamental necessities of a nutritious diet, regular grooming, and love.

Yorkipoo can be found in breeding centers, adoption centers or in a pet shop. The hybrids of Yorkshire terriers and toy poodles, are designer dogs and are rare to find as compared to other breeds like a Beagle or Golden Retriever.

Sometimes, breeders specially cross breed Yorkshire terriers and poodles according to the demand of the customers. Dog breeding is a thriving industry and new breeds are constantly added to the long list of dogs breeds.

What is a Yorkipoo's habitat?

A Yorkipoo cannot endure extremely cold or hot climates. They could thrive in regular climatic conditions.

This crossbreed of a Yorkshire terrier and a toy poodle is highly sensitive and could survive at a temperature which is moderate. A house is a perfect habitat for the Yorkipoo as it fits into the frame of an accurate house dog because of its over-all friendly behavior and least requirements.

Who do Yorkipoos live with?

Yorkipoos can live with other breed dogs as well as with people. They altogether have a good-natured and playful personality, and they are very social.

Yorkipoos have a loud bark which can also assist in the safety of the house to warn its owners about possible danger. Yorkipoos does bark at strangers but once friendly enough, and they return to their usual Yorkipoo temperament. This quality of the Yorkipoos labels them as great watchdogs.

How long does a Yorkipoo live?

The Yorkipoo has a life span of 10-15 years. There is an evident correlation between the health and the diet of any canine.

Dogs need a well-balanced diet full of proteins and nutrients, which further depends upon the breed of the dog and its overall inclination towards being active that arises from high energy levels.

The Yorkipoo is a hybrid breed of dog which is very active and playful and hence, the diet of this mixed breed should also be filled with the essential vitamins and proteins that are required for its development.

The diet of the Yorkipoo should also be confirmed by the veterinarian as the build of the dog also plays a major role in deciding the perfect diet. Owners also indulge in feeding the dog excessively, which results in health conditions like obesity.

The diet of the Yorkipoo must be regulated, and the portions should be limited, according to the vet’s suggestion. All kinds of meat could be fed to the Yorkipoo like fish, chicken, beef, or pork.

High-quality dog food, that is dry in texture, can also provide the required nutrition to your mix breed dog.

The diet of this Yorkie poodle designer breed should be well-balanced consisting of proteins and carbohydrates. If the diet is mismatched to the breed of the dog, it can cause major consequences like extreme health conditions.

How do they reproduce?

All dogs reproduce through canine copulation where the male dog penetrates the vagina of the female dog. If a Yorkipoo mates with another of its same breed, purebred Yorkipoo puppies will be born after a gestation period of 63 days.

After the offspring are born, after a duration of one month or more, they are sent to their owners through the breeders. A Yorkipoo is a crossbreed of a Yorkshire terrier and Poodle.

The litter also depends on the health of the Yorkipoo. If the female mixed breed is in good shape and health, the puppies will also be strong and will have the average lifespan of  Yorkipoo.

It is important that Yorkipoo puppies which are pure bred must be groomed after specific intervals and given nutritious meals by the breeder/breeders until they are adopted or sold.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of a Yorkipoo is of Least Concern as more and more breeders are cross breeding a Yorkshire terrier and poodles to give rise to this popular breed of dog, loved by many. As they face fewer health issues as compared to purebred small dogs, Yorkie poos have emerged as a popular option for pet lovers.

Yorkipoo Fun Facts

What do Yorkipoos look like?

After analyzing Yorkipoo pictures, you will be able to see that they have a fur coat which is smooth and silky to touch.

The texture of the hair can rage from straight to curly as it is a crossbreed. The hair of the Yorkipoo should be brushed frequently and they should be bathed to rinse off the dead skin cells beneath the fur and also to get rid of mites and ticks which can cause skin infections or allergies.

Even though Yorkipoos are low maintenance dogs, they need grooming sessions at particular time intervals.

How cute are they?

Yorkipoos are extraordinarily cute and adorable. They are little but are very energetic and playful. They will enjoy playing a basic game of fetch and do not need expensive toys or games to play. Even though they do not have a robust personality, their bark can make anybody frighten.

If provided with proper training, the Yorkipoos will display well-mannered behavior. They are socially comfortable and are very amicable and loving which make them a fantastic house dog. Yorkipoo temperament is very calm and docile, making them suitable as pets.

How do they communicate?

The Yorkipoos, like any other dogs, will try to communicate with their owners in howls or whimpers and even would suggest something through touching or licking. The Yorkipoos are an active dog breed which has an elevated energy level.

So, if the owner finds their Yorkipoo in an inactive or dull demeanor, it could be a sign of any health condition or anxiety, as Yorkipoos suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for a long time.

How big is a Yorkipoo?

The Yorkipoo is only 7-15 in tall and belongs to the category of short dogs. This mixed breed dog could approximately be five times shorter than a Doberman Pinscher.

The Yorkipoo isn't that big but can effortlessly intimidate strangers or intruders with its blaring bark which also makes it a brilliant watchdog. The Yorkipoos are small-sized, designer dogs which are not too long.

The Yorkipoo is a mix of Yorkshire terrier and a miniature or toy poodle. The Yorkipoo is a hybrid dog, with a fun-loving and high energy behavior.

Even though Yorkipoos are low maintenance dogs, they should be given enough training and exercise to keep the health woes away. This Yorkie poodle mix is easy to train and is highly playful.

How fast can a Yorkipoo run?

Yorkipoos can run very fast and also can jump high despite their short height and small build. They are an active and energetic breed of dogs that require daily exercise and play sessions.

The Yorkipoo can have difficulty running or jumping if its health is not maintained or looked after by its owners or when the dog suffers from obesity.

How much does a Yorkipoo weigh?

The mix breed of a Yorkshire terrier and poodle or toy poodle weighs around 3-14 lb and they belong to the category of small to medium dogs. Dog lovers who are fond of small dogs, should definitely consider keeping the adorable and cute Yorkipoo as a pet.

They are great family dogs and are well-behaved around older children and young.

It is possible for a Yorkipoo to gain excess weight due to being fed uncontrolled food portions, food which is rich in carbohydrates and less in proteins, fatty food products like buns and bread, zero exercise or walking, and over-all inattentiveness of the owners towards its pooch.

What are their male and female names of the species?

There are no different names for the male and female species of a Yorkipoo dog. The origin of the Yorkipoo is the United States of America.

But due to an increase in dog breeding activities, Yorkipoo puppies as well as adult dogs can be found in multiple locations, especially in the western countries, where Yorkshire terriers and toy poodles or miniature poodles are found on a large scale.

What would you call a baby Yorkipoo?

A Yorkie poo baby does not have a particular name, like all other dog offspring, it is called a Yorkie poo puppy.

What do they eat?

Yorkie poo adult dog can eat all kinds of meat, dog food which is dry in texture, and kibbles. Food that is oily and fatty should not be fed to the dog as problems like diarrhea may occur.

Their diet must be well-balanced and should be approved by a veterinarian, as they are small-sized dogs and require a minimum portion of food. The Yorkipoo mixed breed usually eats dry food like dog kibble.

There is a wide range of dog kibble available in the market, for all kinds of dogs.

The perfect dog food for your Yorkie poo dog should only be finalized after consultation with your veterinarian. The diet of every dog depends on its body weight, activity level and body structure.

Heavy bodied muscular dogs like pitbulls and dobermans need a good amount of food for their overall development. The quantity of the food served and the number of intervals at which the dog eats also plays an important role in the health of the Yorkie poo dog.

Are they slobbery?

No, the hybrid Yorkie poo dog isn’t slobbery and has a very low drooling potential. A Yorkipoo loves barking and one might even suggest that the favorite pastime of a Yorkie poo dog is barking.

On a scale of one to five, a Yorkipoo ranks fourth for being loud and noisy. Even though Yorkie poo dogs are small-sized, designer dogs, they have enough potential to scare away an intruder and can be excellent watchdogs.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, Yorkipoos make an excellent pet as they love being surrounded by human beings and are extremely loving and gentle. Yorkie poodle mix can make perfect lap dogs because of their small size and soft fur to run your fingers through.

They are agile and have high energy. They are very affectionate towards kids as well as elderly people and could easily scare away intruders with their loud bark.

They are low maintenance but require frequent grooming. Their diet also consists of small quantities of meat and dog food.

Yorkipoos generally have high energy levels and can be aggressive towards strangers by barking or howling at them. They can be great watchdogs, if trained at a very early stage of development.

They have a loud bark, which can easily make the family alarmed of a potential danger. But Yorkipoo’s are gentle towards toddlers as well as adult children and are compassionate towards elders.

Did you know...

The American Kennel Club does not consider the Yorkipoo as a legitimate dog breed as they do not have any foreseeable traits and an unreadable pattern of behavior. To study the behavior in these dogs, more and more Yorkipoos must be generated by crossbreeding the shire and the poodle.

Characteristics and health issues

The Yorkiepoo is typically active and sporty, but it can suffer from health issues like epilepsy, patellar luxation, and hypothyroidism (obesity).

To maintain the health of a Yorkiepoo, it should be given a limited and well-balanced diet that consists of proteins and vitamins needed for the full-fledged growth of the pooch.

Other health conditions like skin infections and allergies due to ticks and mites along with bad breath can also be problematic for the Yorkiepoo and have the potential to further deteriorate its health.

Health conditions are the greatest threat to a Yorkiepoo.

Disorders like Patellar Luxation, and epilepsy, can cause a big blow to the health of your puppy. Mites, ticks and insects can also be a threat to the dog as they can infect the outer skin of the Yorkipoo.

An improper or excessive diet can also be hazardous to a Yorkie poo as canines have a weak digestive system, they cannot withstand the food intake and would probably end up being sick.

Getting your own Yorkipoo

If you are a dog-lover looking for a dog that does not have a heavy build or is low-maintenance, the a new puppy of the Yorkie poo breed is a suitable pet for your household.

These dogs from the designer breeds are perfect family companions and, as they do not shed much, are a great family pet for people who suffer from allergies.

They are low maintenance and only need grooming from time to time.

The Yorkiepoo puppy can cost from $350-$5000 depending upon the credibility of the breeder and the purity of the breed. The Yorkiepoo is a great family companion and is gentle with kids, and compassionate towards older adults.

It is always advised that a Yorkiepoo puppy should be adopted rather than shopped, as the abandoned Yorkiepoo puppy would have a second chance at life and the potential to live its remaining life in happiness.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Yorkipoo coloring pages.

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