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Fun German Spitz Pomeranian Mix Facts For Kids

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The German spitz pomeranian mix is a hybrid dog that is achieved by breeding the larger german spitz with the smaller pomeranian dog breed. Both parent breeds are popular and are common pets in many households in the world.

Owing to the mixed breeding, these hybrids can take on the form factor of either parent and can be medium or small in size. They are attentive, playful, intelligent, and energetic like their parents and can be great additions to any individual who lives alone or has a small family. With proper socialization and with the utmost care, these hybrids can become the perfect pet for you and will become a great companion for you and your family. As demand for these dogs grows, the more they are bred and thanks to that demand, these dogs will stay relevant for a long period and provide companionship to humans all across the world.

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Fun German Spitz Pomeranian Mix Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?


What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?


How long are they?


How tall are they?


What do they look like?

Brindle, cream, black, brown, black and tan

Skin Type


What were their main threats?

Health Issues

What is their conservation status?

Not Listed

Where you'll find them?

Animal Shelters, Pet Stores And Breeders











German Spitz Pomeranian Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a German spitz pomeranian mix?

A German spitz and pomeranian mix is a small dog that is the result of breeding the smaller pomeranian with the larger german spitz dogs. The resulting pomeranian German spitz mix is a medium dog breed like the pomsky.

What class of animal does a German spitz pomeranian mix belong to?

The German spitz pomeranian belongs to the mammal class of animals.

How many German spitz pomeranian mixes are there in the world?

The exact population count of this small dog breed is tough to state as they are a result of mixed breeding between the German spitz breed and the pomeranian breed. Mixed dog breeds like this are famous worldwide. Due to a vast demand for these small-medium-sized dogs as pets worldwide, breeders have kept breeding them to fulfill the demand thanks to which the population of this breed is at a stable number. As long as spitz dogs and Pomeranians continue to exist, the population of the mixed breed will continue to exist.

Where does a German spitz pomeranian mix live?

The german spitz pomeranian mix is a domestic pet and spends most of its time indoors in the presence of its owners.

German spitz dogs were first documented in Pomerania, in the 15th century. German Spitz was used as watchdogs by the poorer part of the society. The popularity of the German spitz grew only after the 18th century when royals started fancying this dog breed. The German wife of George I, King of England was a big fan of the breed, and thanks to her, more and more nobles starting getting this breed. The popularity of the German spitz decline after the First World War, but was slowly restored in neighboring European countries.

Pomeranians, on the other hand, too, saw a rise in popularity in the last 18th century with the royalty playing a big part in more and more adoptions and purchase of the breed. It is stated that Queen Victoria I took an interest in the previously larger pomeranians and invested her time into refining the size of the dog to create small pomeranians that were full of energy, responded well to training, and had little to no health problems.

What is a German spitz pomeranian mix's habitat?

The German spitz pomeranian mix dog is both an indoor and outdoor animal and is a great match for households with children, given they are properly supervised. They love to play and, due to their size, this breed is perfect for a small household.

Who do German spitz pomeranian mixes live with?

Much like their parent breeds, the German spitz pomeranian mix is people-friendly and tends to live with people. These hybrids do not like to be left alone or they may suffer from separation anxiety. These small dogs like to follow their owners around and let out high-pitched bark in order to protect their owners from intruders or strangers that they do not trust. These hybrids are great companions for individuals and families.

How long does a German spitz pomeranian mix live?

Due to a lack of data, the exact lifespan of this dog breed is tough to state. However, since these dogs are a mix of the German spitz and the pomeranian, they will take after either of the lifespans of the parent breeds. The German spitz has a lifespan between 13 - 15 years and the pomeranian has a lifespan between 12 - 16 years, so keeping in mind the lifespan of the parent breeds, the German spitz pomeranian mix may have a lifespan of 12-16 years. This lifespan can also be extended through proper health care, training, health grooming, and daily exercise.

How do they reproduce?

Due to the fact that these dogs are a result of mixed breeding, they do not reproduce naturally. Reproduction between these dogs is induced in a controlled environment by breeders. These dogs do reach sexual maturity at the age of ten months old and the female german spitz pomeranian has a gestation period of 63 days in accordance with other dog breeds.

What is their conservation status?

The breeding of these mixed dogs is parallel to the demand. So, as long as german spitz breeds like the Toy spitz or the Mittel spitz and pomeranians continue to exist, the population of the mixed dog breed will continue to exist.

Thanks to this situation, the German spitz pomeranian mix dogs are not listed on the IUCN Red List as their population is at a stable number.

German Spitz Pomeranian Mix Fun Facts

What do German spitz pomeranian mixes look like?

Due to the fact that these dogs are a hybrid, it is tough to state which parent breed they take after. They can either take the properties of the German spitz parent or the pomeranian parent.

The German spitz has a soft and fluffy undercoat with a coarser outer coat that is straight. On the other hand, the pomeranian has a short and much denser undercoat and a longer and finer undercoat, giving the dog a fluffy ball-like appearance. Both the parent breed of german spitz and pomeranians have a double coat that helps them in staying warm during colder weather.

German spitz's tails are curled on one side whereas the pomeranian has a heavily plumed tail that is flat in nature. The muzzle of the German spitz is longer compared to the much-shorted muzzle of the pomeranians. The ears of the German spitz are erect and visible compared to the pomeranian's ears that often disappear in the fluffy mane.

German Spitz Pomeranian


How cute are they?

German spitz pomeranian mixes are cute to the core! These dogs can either be small like the pomeranian or medium-sized like the German spitz/toy spitz. The cute and fluffy outer coat along with the full of energy demeanor of these dogs makes them absolutely adorable and their friendly nature just adds more depth to the cuteness of these dogs.

How do they communicate?

Dogs communicate through visual and vocal methods that include barking, sighing, growling, licking, sniffing, and facial expressions.

How big is a German spitz pomeranian mix?

Not much is known about the size of the hybrid dog. However, since they can take after the size of either parent, they can range from 7-15 in (17.7-38.1 cm) in size. However, they are not really large dogs and are significantly smaller than Great Danes.

How fast can a German spitz pomeranian mix run?

Due to a lack of data deficiency, not much can be stated about the speed at which these canines run.

How much does a German spitz pomeranian mix weigh?

These hybrid canines can weigh from anywhere between 3-26 lb (1.3-11.7 kg) given which parent gene is the dominant one. This makes them smaller than corgis.

What are the male and female names of the species?

This dog breed follows the same naming pattern that is common for all dog breeds. The male is called a dog and the female is called a bitch.

What would you call a baby German spitz pomeranian mix?

A baby german spitz pomeranian mix is called a puppy. Due to the vast colors, palettes of both parents the litter will take several color coats and will need regular grooming and daily brushing to keep their coat intact and free-flowing.

What do they eat?

A high-quality diet of dog food along with a diet consisting of healthy vegetables and meat should be provided to these canines for them to develop properly with low health complications.

Are they slobbery?

Since both the parent breeds of German spitz and Pomeranians fall on the low drooling spectrum, the resulting hybrid puppies too are low droolers. If you are someone who does not like drool or sweaty paw prints on your furniture or clothes, then the German spitz Pomeranian mix dog is perfect for you as they leave minimal drool.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes! This hybrid dog can be a great addition to a small or even large household thanks to its small-medium size. These dogs are attention seekers and will want to be praised and played with all the time as they hate being left alone. Like the parent breeds, the hybrid mixes are easy to train as well and will respond positively to training, and will act better with positive reinforcements. They are quite smart pets!

These hybrids are heavy shedders like the parents and require grooming on a daily basis to keep the thick coat intact. Baths too are necessary to keep the beautiful coat intact.

Since these hybrids are energetic, extremely long walks are required to keep their excess energy in check. So, if you are someone who stalls on their daily exercise, then taking your dog on walks is the perfect excuse for you!

If you are a beginner and do not have much knowledge of dogs, then training these hybrids can be challenging for you as they need someone with a firm resolve to train them as they might act stubbornly in some situations. The more exercise you provide to them, the healthier they become, so remember to keep them active and fresh with daily exercise habits.

Did you know...

Pomeranians are classified as a toy breed due to their small size.

Pomeranians rank in between the top 20 dogs found in the United States as they are quite popular in the country.

The German spitz comes in five different sizes, toy (pomeranian), wolfspitz, giant, klein (small), and mittel (medium)

The german spitz has no prey drive and is a very docile and introverted breed, however, the dog does bark a lot!

Pomeranians have a long lifespan but their litters are low count ranging between two to three puppies.

History of the German spitz pomeranian mix

There is not much history to the German spitz pomeranian mix due to the fact that these dogs are a hybrid and hybrids have not been around enough for intensive studies. So, not much can be said about the hybrid. They are, however, excellent pets just like their much intelligent German spitz parent.

The Pomeranian was achieved by breeding several dogs with the German spitz until a proper result was achieved.

Comparisons with their parent breeds

German spitz pomeranian hybrids share many common qualities with the parent breeds, for example, they take on the thick fur coat that is present in both the parents. They are highly energetic and playful like both parents and also have a low drooling potential making them a great addition to the family of people who do not like pets who drool.

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*Please note that the main image is of a German spitz, the parent breed and not the hybrid German spitz pomeranian mix. If you have an image of a German spitz pomeranian mix, please let us know at [email protected]

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