85 Black German Shepherd Names For Your Pawfect Pup

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Originally Published on Apr 22, 2022
Fluffy German Shepherd puppy on veterinarian's hands

German shepherd dogs are extremely popular across the world; they are one of the most popular pet breeds.

People love their German shepherd pets and are always looking for some amazing names for them. If you are also looking for names for your pets, some of the popular names for German shepherd dogs at present are Kaiser, Jet, Rocky, Duke, Max, Rocky, Hope, Daisy, Bella, Ava, and more.

You can also select some uncommon dog names for your German shepherd, such as Zelda, Shadow, Thor, Bear, Apollo, Captain, Thunder, Dak, Missy, Elsa, Stein, and Lily.

Black And Tan German Shepherd Names

Black and tan German shepherds (GSD) are very common. Some of the popular names for them are Rex, Kai, Axel, Otto, August, Athena, Milo, Coco, Star, and Boots. Read on for more.

Alex, which has a beautiful meaning, 'protector of mankind,' is a good name for a German shepherd.

Archie, meaning 'bold' and 'brave,' is another quite noble name for GSDs and reminds us about that one famous 'Riverdale' character or the comics.

Aster typically means 'having purple or pink rayed flowers' is a very pretty name. It's a popular German shepherd name.

Bambi, meaning a 'child,' suits your baby pup perfectly. This can be used for the name of a girl or a boy dog.

Caesar, in Latin origin, means 'long beard,' was the name of one of the incredible rulers of all times, Julius Caesar. It's one of the common German shepherd names.

Casper leads to the meaning of a 'treasurer.' This name is perfect if you trust your German shepherd dog with their full heart.

Dasher, which means a 'person who dresses flamboyantly' or 'someone charming,' is again one of the cool names of the German shepherds.

Duke, meaning 'the leader,' gives a royal title to your loyal companion.

George comes from the Greek word 'Georgios,' which actually means 'farmer.' It is one of the popular German shepherd names for German shepherd puppies.

Ink is pretty self-explanatory; if you think it metaphorically, ink leaves a mark just like your pet will—one of the most popular German shepherd names.

Iris comes from the name of the Greek goddess 'Iris,' who was the goddess of the rainbow. Iris is said to be an incredibly unique name among puppies.

Jade is a green gemstone; the name is derived from Spanish. It's one of the suitable names for a black and tan GSD.

Linc is an English heritage name that basically means 'lake colony.' Linc can also be combined with the name Lincoln.

Max is probably one of the most common names for a GSD. One of the positive sides of this name is Max can be the short form of any name, namely Maxwell or Maximal. It's a great name for a male German shepherd dog.

Mowgli comes from a well-known series called 'The Jungle Book,' and in the story, it is said to mean 'frog.' It can be utilized as a dog name; it is one of the lesser-known German shepherd names.

Murphy means the 'sea warrior' among the biblical terms. It can be used as a name for your little warrior.

Ned, which basically means a 'guardian,' suits the naughty but fierce little one perfectly.

Rex, which means 'the reigning king,' is another perfect name suitable for a GSD.

Sadie, which means 'princess,' is one of the beautiful names for a little female dog.

Sugar is a name that is as sweet as the breed—a great name for male and female german shepherd dogs.

Brown And Black Male German Shepherd Names

Brown and black dogs are among the most underrated categories of GSDs. Some of the names that you could choose for them are Bailey, Nova, Amber, Sasha, Rusty, Venus, Boomer, Dakota, Ace, Jack, Lucy, and Roxy. Here are some more popular names for you to choose from.

Barett is an old name that means 'bear-like strength.' As name selections go, Barett is a pretty cool name.

Berlin is the capital of Germany. This name is also famous because of the series 'Money Heist.' 

Blade, which usually means 'knife' or 'sword,' is a cool name for a GSD.

Bolt, short for a 'lightning bolt,' can be the perfect name for your speedy friend.

Buddy inherits the meaning of a friend. It is a friendly name for your dog.

Coco, short for 'cocoa' that is used to make chocolate, is a perfect name for your sweet little black and brown puppy.

Damon, meaning 'to conquer,' is a masculine name for a GSD.

Dave, meaning 'beloved,' is a great fit for a pet's name.

Diego comes from Spanish and means 'supplanter,' which signifies a great deal of energy and restlessness.

Ethan derives from the Hebrew origin and means 'strong,' 'safe,' 'solid,' and 'firm.' Just like your trusty GSD.

Gunther, which means a 'brave fighter,' is a perfect name for your dog.

Havoc generally means 'destruction,' 'chaotic devastation' rather. This name can be used for that one chaotic little companion.

Hunter is of English origin and signifies 'one who chases.' The name is great for a GSD.

King, is derived from the word of old English meaning 'tribal leader,' this epithet was ordinarily presented to a man who held himself like eminence.

Razor is the last name for an 'individual of grand bearing' or an 'individual who played a ruler in a neighborhood celebration.' 

Rebel, derived from a variation of Old French 'rebelle,' is an epithet for somebody with little regard for authority.

Rio is the name that means 'river' in Spanish and Portuguese. Rio sounds like an adorable name for a GSD.

Rud, meaning 'red-haired,' is suitable for a GSD dog, especially one that is more reddish-brown in color than anything else.

Strider is a 'fighter' and a masculine nickname for an aggressive person.

Terminator means 'ender' or 'eliminator.' It could be a fitting name for a particularly territorial and ferocious pet.

Tom is derived from modern Hebrew to mean 'innocence' or 'simplicity.' And who has a purer heart than a dog?

Zarr means the German and Swiss German epithet for a 'dictatorial individual,' or 'tsar.' It's a great name for a domineering personality.

Three working line German shepherd puppies carrying one stick

Black German Shepherd Puppies Name

Some of the popular German shepherd names for puppies are Kaiser, Jet, Rocky, Hope, Daisy, Bella, Ava, Zelda, Shadow, Thor, Apollo, Rex, Kai, Axel, Otto, August, Athena, Milo, Coco, Star, and Boots. Find more below!

Aura, which means 'glowing light,' is perfect for a baby little girl puppy.

Bear is derived from the German word which means 'strong and brave.'

Button is derived from the Old French word 'boton,' which is just a cute little dot just like your puppy.

Ella, which means 'goddess,' can also be a cute little name for your cute little puppy.

Felix is meant to be 'joyful' and 'lucky,' which perfectly represents your little black German shepherd puppy.

Fido, which means 'to trust,' meets the general description of a dog; it is as cute a name as your little pup.

Freya means a 'noble woman.' It is derived from the Norse Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Ida means 'hard-working' and fits perfectly for your perfect little one.

Jaws is pretty self-explanatory. If you are seeing your puppy's teething stage, you must use this name.

Light is also a name that perfectly suits your little ray of joy.

Lola, which means 'lady of worries,' is a perfectly sweet and humorous name for your little puppy.

Milkshake is one of the most uncommon names for a pet.

Millie, which means 'gentle strength,' is perfect for your gentle but strong puppy.

Pax is the Latin origin of the word name 'peace,' which is as well suitable for dogs such as German shepherds.

Schwartz, meaning 'dark skin tone' or 'black hair,' is a one-of-a-kind name for your one-of-a-kind puppy.

Scout means 'the first explorer,' which is perfect for the puppy who is eager to explore the world.

Singer, meaning 'one who sings,' is a perfect name for a puppy with its soft, whiny voice.

Teddy is principally a male name of English beginning that implies 'divine gift.'

Trudy, which means 'strength,' is a perfect name for your little energetic puppy.

Ulf is the literal translation of the word 'wolf' since we all know dogs are from the wolf family.

Wanda, which means 'traveler' or 'shepherd,' is suitable for your German shepherd.

Black German Shepherd Unique Names

Some of the popular names for Black German shepherd dogs are Bailey, Nova, Amber, Sasha, Rusty, Elsa, Venus, Boomer, Dakota, Ace, Jack, Lucy, Princess, Roxy. Here are some unique black German shepherd names for you!

Ace, meaning 'one,' is the perfect name for your number one companion.

Diesel has come to represent speed and virility. It is an apt name for a GSD.

Echo is a 'reflected sound.' It makes for a great name that is fun to say.

Ferris, which means 'rock,' is quite a unique name for a reliable German shepherd. 

Knight, meaning 'young soldier,' is perfect for your little protector.

Leo, which means 'lion,' is indeed a good name for a German shepherd boy. It is one of the noble puppy names.

Liberty, meaning 'freedom,' is a pretty, gender-neutral name.

Loki is the name of a divine being in Norse folklore.

Marble is a type of very sturdy stone; it sounds pretty unique for a dog name.

Mischa, which means 'bee,' or 'honey' suits perfectly with your GSD. A suitable name for a female German shepherd dog.

Mortal, which means 'like a human,' is a pretty cool name.

Octavious simply means 'eighth,' and sounds very cool as a name.

Onyx is a black gemstone, making it a perfect name for a black dog.

Paris is of Greek origin and refers to the city in France; it is an unbiased name.

Phoenix is of Greek origin and means 'dark red.' It is a gender unbiased name. 

Rover as well means 'traveler and wanderer,' which a perfect meaning to give to your pet.

Savannah means 'huge, lush plain,' and would perfectly suit your GSD's free spirit.

Titan means 'defender,' and is a name suitable for a GSD because they are always ready to defend their family.

Velvet means 'soft fabric,' similar to your GSD's soft fur.

Whiskey is derived from the meaning 'water of life,' which can be a pretty unique name for a dog.

Willow signifies 'willow tree' and 'opportunity.' It was obtained from the Old English word 'welig,' signifying 'willow.' 

Zeke means 'God strengthens,' and is one of the beautiful name ideas for a dog.

Zeus, in Greek mythology, is the god of the gods, considered the most powerful Greek god. 

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