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Black German shepherd facts are interesting.

Are you interested in knowing about a rare breed of dog in detail? Black German shepherd, which is also called Black shepherd or Black GSD, is the same breed as standard German shepherd.

The only difference between a standard German Shepherd and a black one is the solid color and size. Although, black GSDS is rarer than the other German shepherds.

The long-haired black German shepherd is covered with a thick black coat and is blessed with other interesting features. This German shepherd breed makes an amazing companion.

They are smart, funny, friendly, and highly trainable. Black German shepherds can suffer from certain health issues like hip dysplasia but can be kept under control with proper exercise and diet.

There is a certain myth about this breed that a lot of people believe in but it holds no truth. If you want to learn and know more about this amazing companion, then read on.

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Black German Shepherd Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a black German shepherd?

The black German shepherd is a dog and a recognized variation of the breed German shepherd. The black German shepherd is treated differently from its black and tan relatives because of its solid black color and rareness.

What class of animal does a black German shepherd belong to?

Black German Shepherd is no different from any other dog in the world and belongs to the class of Mammalia and the family of Canidae.

How many black German Shepherds are there in the world?

The exact number of black German shepherds living in the world is not known. Generally, all German shepherds are born either white, grey, or black, but only a few hold onto their color.

It is not possible to determine their actual coat color till they are at least eight weeks old. Only about 6.8% of the entire population of German shepherds are black German shepherds. Like its stable cousin, black German shepherds are found in the home of dog lovers all over the world.

Where does a black German shepherd live?

Black German shepherds, like most domestic dogs, are not found in the wild. It lives in a home with its owner or breeder.

What is a black German shepherd's habitat?

The black German shepherd being a domestic animal, does not have a natural habitat. It mostly lives in residential places all over the world.

Who do black German shepherds live with?

According to American Kennel Club (AKC), the German shepherd breed was the second most popular dog in 2018. They are one of the most famous dogs that people want to pet.

Being a variation of the German shepherd, the black German shepherd is also a very popular pet. As a puppy, it lives with breeders until it is sold off or given away to its owner.

Then the home of the owner becomes its own home. Black German shepherds are loyal to their owners, and if trained properly, they will protect their owners with their lives.

This breed of canine gets along with babies quite well and even keeps a watch on them when no one is around.

Black German shepherds do not show any sign of natural aggression and get along with other dogs just fine. In fact, they love spending time with other dogs and playing with them.

They are energetic and quick learners and are always interested in training and spending more time with humans and other dogs. Even though they are quite friendly, they are not always excited to meet strangers.

Some Black German Shepherds are trained to become guard dogs. Black German Shepherds are very fond of their owners and suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for a long time.

How long does a black German shepherd live?

A black German shepherd can live a healthy life up to 10 to 13 years with proper care and a lot of attention. This is quite a lifespan for a relatively bigger breed.

Like most shepherd dogs, the black German shepherd is known to suffer from certain health problems. One serious and common health problem among black German shepherds is hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

The breed suffers from elbow and hip dysplasia when the ball and socket joint is malformed.

The condition is quite serious because it can cause arthritis and sometimes even lameness. Although black German shepherds have a relatively straighter back, the chances of this condition are less than the other breeds, but it is still susceptible.

The way to lower the risk of dysplasia is to keep the dog under regular check-ups and make sure they exercise properly. Exercising properly does not necessarily mean over-exercising because that might cause damage to the joints.

Black German shepherds also suffer from degenerative myelopathy and osteoarthritis.

These conditions are mostly observed in older dogs, so it is important to take extra care of old black German shepherds. The signs of these conditions can be stiffness and discomfort.

Other potential health problems like spinal disease, heart disease, allergies, digestive problems, eye diseases, and even cancer are a real threat to the breed. Many people believe in myths such as black German shepherds suffer from numerous health issues due to their color coat, but it is based on nothing real and is absolutely not true.

How do they reproduce?

The mating process of the Black German Shepherd is similar to that of every other dog in the world. A dog reaches its sexual maturity during adolescence, that is, between the age of eight - 12 months.

A black German shepherd female has a reproductive cycle of four phases. They have an estrus or heat period twice per year, and each lasts for about two to three weeks.

Male dogs, on the other hand, do not have any specific cycle and can respond to a female dog any time of the year. The male and females are mated during the heat period.

Four- nine puppies are born after a 63 day gestation period. Puppies are weaned at their third or fourth week.

All breeds of German shepherds can give birth to a black German shepherd, but both the mating dogs should have recessive genes. All German shepherds are either grey, white, or black at birth.

It is not possible to distinguish them before eight weeks. A German shepherd puppy with solid black color can be alternatively reproduced if two solid blacks mate.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the black german Shepherd is not listed. Though it is a rare breed of dog as only 6.8% of the German shepards are completely black, there is no immediate danger to its conservation status.

Black German Shepherd Fun facts

What do Black German Shepherds look like?

Black German shepherd facts are fun to read.

There are 11 different color variations among German shepherd but what makes the black German shepherd stand out is its one solid color. Like other German shepherd dogs, it has a medium to long and straight double coat.

The black coat is comparatively shorter on the head and legs and longer on the body. The black German shepherd has a straighter back than the other shepherd dogs. Black German shepherd puppies within the age of 16 - 20 weeks might have floppy ears, but that changes to semi-pointed erect ears once they grow.

It has a black almond-shaped nose and dark black nose. It has a muscular body and sturdy thick legs.

How cute are they?

A black German shepherd puppy will surely melt everyone's heart. Even the old black German shepherd dog is extremely cute. Their solid color helps them stand out. The beautiful dark eyes compliment the dark nose perfectly. However, some people are scared of fully grown black German shepherds because they might resemble a wild wolf.

How do they communicate?

Like every other dog breed, black German shepherds communicate through vocalization or auditory communication. They bark, howl, growl, whine, scream, sigh, and pant to convey their feelings.

It also uses various gestures to communicate with each other and humans. It wags its bushy tail to show happiness or excitement and licks to show affection. It may show teeth when angry or playfully to other dogs.

How big is a black German shepherd?

It is a large-sized dog and is generally bigger than the other variations of shepherd dogs. It takes a black German shepherd puppy about 18 months to two years to fully grow up.

A male black German shepherd dog can grow up to 24 in - 26 in (61 cm - 66 cm), and the length of the female is somewhere between 22 in - 24 in (56 cm - 61 cm), which is almost eight times bigger than an average chihuahua.

How fast can a black German shepherd run?

Black German Shepherds are active dogs with a bolt of energy and can run at a speed of 30 mph or 48 kph. It can also jump up to a height of 5 ft or 1.5 m.

How much does a Black German Shepherd weigh?

An average male black German shepherd weighs somewhere between 65 lb - 90 lb (29 kg - 41 kg). An average female of the breed weighs less than the male that is somewhere between 50 lb - 75 lb (23 kg - 34 kg).

What are their male and female names of the species?

A male dog is referred to as a dog, and a female dog is referred to as a bitch. Male and female black German shepherds follow the same naming tradition.

What would you call a baby Black German Shepherd?

A baby black German shepherd is called a pup or puppy.

What do they eat?

Their diet changes through age. A puppy needs three to four small meals throughout the day. Missing out on these meals can cause bloating in its stomach.

A growing pup generally has a higher calorie intake compared to a grown one. A nine-month-old German shepherd dog needs no more than two solid meals throughout the day. Black German shepherds can be fed adult food only after they are at least one year old.

The right diet is important for the well-being of the dog. Mostly, it eats a mixture of dry and wet food and needs a lot of protein. 25% of their diet is made up of protein.

Are they dangerous?

Black German shepherds are neither dangerous nor aggressive. In fact, these dogs are quite friendly and loyal companions.

They might be reluctant to meet a number of strangers together, but once they get along, they love the person forever like every other dog in this world. Some people are scared off by their black color and big size, but they mean no harm to anybody.

Would they make a good pet?

Dogs are one of the best and most popular pets all over the world. Black German shepherds are no exception.

These dogs are smart, loyal, funny, and friendly. This breed of dog has the capability to befriend both children and adults and can fit into almost any kind of household. So to get a black German shepherd as a pet would be a great addition to the family.

Did you know...

Some people believe that a black German shepherd's temperament is different from the traditional black and tan German shepherd because of their black color, but this is not true at all. The black ones have the same temperament as the black and tan ones.

Is a black German shepherd rare?

A solid black German shepherd is born when two pure black German shepherds mate. Alternatively, two black German shepherds with the recessive gene can also give birth to a puppy black shepherd but it will take about eight weeks to know for sure.

It is not a pure black shepherd if it has white or silver fur anywhere in its body. Only 6.8% of the total population of German shepherds are black shepherds. So, black German shepherds are considered a rare breed of dogs.

Having your own Black German Shepherd

To get a black shepherd as a pet is a good idea. However, there are certain risks that should be noted before adopting an all-black German shepherd.

Dogs of this breed are extremely rare and cannot be properly identified before eight weeks. Black German shepherd breeders often lie about the dog, so it is important to buy a dog of this breed from a reputable breeder.

The price of the black German shepherd price is higher than that of black and tan or black and silver German shepherd. Puppies of black shepherds are sold at around $700 to $2000 in America.

The black German shepherds need a lot of attention, training, and time. Without proper diet and exercise, they can suffer from various health problems.

Black German shepherds cannot be left alone for a long period of time because they might suffer from separation anxiety. You should consider all these before getting a black German shepherd.

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