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Pitsky facts about one of the most popular mix dog breeds

The Pitsky dog breed was the result of the breeding between an American Pitbull terrier and Siberian husky or an Alaskan husky in the late '90s. This is why these adorable dogs called Pitsky are considered mixed breed dogs.

The American Pitbull Terrier and Siberian husky, known as the parent breeds of a Pitsky, were mixed due to the prevalent health issues among the pure breeds.

The Pitsky breed has inherited the best traits from bot the parent breeds and therefor make for adorable pets. Though, it is important to provide the Pitsky with obedience training through positive reinforcement and regular medical check-ups to minimize the chances of serious health conditions.

The Pitsky dog breed is quite affectionate, loving, and playful. This mixed breed loves to spend time outside and play with their companions.

A Pitsky is active, has high energy, and is quite athletic. It loves taking long walks. Keep in mind that the Pitsky dogs shouldn’t be left alone for a long time as they may get aggressive and face separation anxiety.

Although the Pitsky dog is a loveable pet and good to have for families with children, it should be supervised and trained. Proper behavior training from an early age can ensure calm and composed temperament. It is rather easy to train them for appropriate social behavior through positive reinforcement.

Let’s take a look at this friendly Pitsky mixed breed and get to know about its nature and why it makes a perfect pet. You may also look at northern Inuit dog and Australian Retriever as well.

Pitsky Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Pitsky?

A Pitsky is a mix breed dog that came into existence back in the '90s when the designer breeders planned to breed an American Pitbull Terrier and a Siberian husky. Due to Pitsky’s different parent dog breeds, a Pitsky dog may vary in size and characteristics.

It is also referred to as a pitbull husky mix, because it is a mix of a pitbull and the husky. The Pitsky dog usually has a short coat and it doesn’t shed excessively.

This husky mix loves to be sociable and playful and is extremely loyal to its owners.

The husky mix should be given regular training and enough exercise to keep its high energy intact. Don’t leave this Siberian husky alone for a prolonged time, otherwise, it may exhibit strange behavior and become aggressive.

What class of animal does a Pitsky belong to?

A Pitsky dog is a mix of an American pitbull terrier and a Siberian husky. This is why, sometimes, they are referred to as a Pitbull and the husky. A Pitsky appears to be a large dog due to its size and inheritance. The Pitsky’s ancestors were known to be warrior dogs and they have migrated quite a lot.

How many Pitskys are there in the world?

The Pitskys have been around for decades. The population of Pitsky dogs is on the rise and is currently estimated to be around thousands. The Pitsky is commonly found in the United States and England as is considered a family dog.

Where does a Pitsky live?

A Pitsky is commonly found among households or farms where they are given obedience training and live in a moderate climate. They are high energy breed dogs and therefore require regular exercise for their mental stimulation and overall health. It is recommended that a pet Pitsky must be taken for long walks twice a day.

What is a Pitsky's habitat?

A Pitsky requires a considerate amount of training and exercise to avoid any possibility of major health problems. That’s why this adorable Siberian husky dog should live in a place where proper nutrition and care are provided.

Who do Pitskys live with?

A Pitsky is a husky breed known for its loyalty and friendly nature. Owing to such behavior, they are usually found living amongst humans. Pitskies are usually considered friendly dogs and make for good human companions.

How long does a Pitsky live?

A Pitsky puppy usually has a long life expectancy between 12-15 years. It really depends on the kind of training and care that is provided to these Pitskies though that matters. With timely health check-ups, proper grooming, and adequate exercise, their lifespan can be considerably improved.

How do they reproduce?

A Pitsky would require significant time and care for it to reach a level of breeding. It should be kept with a female to develop connections. Their mating process usually lasts for 20-25 minutes.

What is their conservation status?

Their conservation status is currently unknown as they are steadily rising over the years. They can be mostly found in the United States.

Pitsky Fun facts

What do Pitskys look like?

A Pitsky looks like a pit bull mix and a Siberian husky mix as it is a result of the breeding between these parent breeds. A Pitsky breed looks adorable with its short coat and different layers of coloring on the coat. This pit bull mix needs constant care and should be provided with regular training.

Pitsky Dog looking sideways

How cute are they?

They are very cute and fun-loving dogs with adorable blue eyes who are extremely loyal around their keepers. They love to play around and spend time outside.

A Pitsky breed doesn’t like to be left alone as is a working dog. Make sure it is always under the right company to enhance its mental stimulation. Their coat is extremely soft and smooth.

How do they communicate?

They usually make questionable signs when they feel hungry or tired. Their signals should be understood and given care. A husky mix will communicate by barking loudly if they feel they are under threat.

How big is a Pitsky?

The full-grown Pitsky breed usually weighs around 70 lb. A Pitsky puppy usually weighs around 30 lb. A Pitsky is a strong and medium-sized dog who is comparatively stronger than other breeds as they come from mighty descendants. The average height of a Pitsky dog is 16-24 in tall while the average life expectancy age is 12-15 years.

How fast can a Pitsky run?

The Pitskies are known to have incredible speed owing to their descendants who used to be warriors and involved in various types of sports. As they have quite a speed, they should be given regular training and exercise.

How much does a Pitsky weigh?

A full-grown Pitsky weighs around 70 lb and a Pitsky puppy weighs around 30 lb.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Like all other dogs, a male Pitsky will be called a dog while a female will be called a bitch.

What would you call a baby Pitsky?

Like other dogs, Pitsky babies are known as puppies.

What do they eat?

They usually eat food containing a high level of proteins and nutrients due to their body mass and strength. A Pitsky breed diet should consist of chicken, beef, lamb, and bison to maintain the shine of the coat. Don’t let it eat excessively as this may lead to obesity and disease.

Are they dangerous?

Not at all. A Pitsky breed is considered to be a really friendly and loyal dog. They gel well with family members and are extremely loyal. With proper attention and training, they would do just fine.

Would they make a good pet?

Sure. They would make adorable pets, especially a Pitsky puppy with its cute little Pitsky puppy blue eyes. As they grow up, they would look different since they are the descendants of a pit bull and a husky mix.

They can be of any color. A black Pitsky may be common in some places. Constant care and diet should be given to such dogs as they hate being in isolation.

Did you know...

As with any other dogs, Pitskies are also prone to various types of diseases although they are quite strong. Hip dysplasia is common among such dogs and other cancerous diseases are also inevitable.

Hip dysplasia is a disease where the dog’s thighbone isn’t in terms of its hip joint. They will start showing symptoms of lameness and their legs will stop functioning. They may also develop coat allergies if they are not properly bathed or provided with sunscreen.

Hyperthyroidism is also common in such breeds of dogs where they may show symptoms of shortness of breath. It’s essential to take proper care of the Pitskies by regularly monitoring their health.

Make appointments with the vet as they can easily identify if a dog is facing any kind of hardship. This will lead to longevity in the Pitskies’ lives.

Make sure they are not left alone as they might feel insecure and become aggressive. Obedience training and exercise should be scheduled for such dogs to keep their mental health intact.

Having your own Pitsky

The Pitsky price starts around $500 and goes up to $2000. It usually depends on the size, coat quality, and weight of such dogs.

How to take care of a Pitsky

The Pitskies are considered house dogs and need proper care and guidance. Avoid exposing the Pitsky to constant sunlight whenever possible.

A Pitsky needs an experienced owner, someone who has owned a pit bull or a Siberian husky in the past. If wrongful training and improper means of care are given, then it will be unmanageable and stubborn leading to aggressive behavior.

This is why they should be under the care of an experienced person who knows the hard task of caring for them.

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