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Brazilian Terrier facts about how Brazilian Terriers are easy to train and make excellent pets for children.

The Brazilian Terrier is a small dog breed that originated in Brazil. They are believed to be a crossbreed between European breeds such as Jack Russell, Fox Terrier, and Miniature Pinscher that were brought to Brazil at some point in history.

Some people believe Brazilian Terriers have a Spanish ancestry and have originated from breeds such as the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz and the Ratonero Valenciano. A Brazilian Terrier is sometimes also known as Fox Paulistinha / Terrier Brasileiro.

These dogs are small in size, and their average height is about 15in. They are highly alert dogs which makes them good at hunting.

Farmers often use these dogs to protect their farms against small animals or pests.

This small dog generally has good health, does not require much grooming, and has a good temperament, making it an exceptional choice as a pet. Its life expectancy is about 12-14 years.

So, whether you are searching for your next pet or just want to learn about this fantastic animal, read our article to find out more about the Brazilian Terrier. If you are a dog lover, don't forget to check out our other exciting articles on Utonagan and Australian retriever facts.

Brazilian Terrier Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Brazilian Terrier?

A Brazilian Terrier belongs to a breed that is known as man's best friend. Yes, you guessed it right, Brazilian Terrier is a type of dog breed. It is a small dog and is often confused with the Jack Russell breed. The Brazilian Terrier breed is from Brazil and is a rare breed outside its home country.

What class of animal does a Brazilian Terrier belong to?

A Brazilian Terrier is a mammal. Like any other mammal, the female Brazilian Terrier also gives birth to young ones. The young puppies feed on their mother's milk before they can start eating dog food.

How many Brazilian Terriers are there in the world?

The Brazilian Terrier is one of the breeds that are native to Brazil. It is a rare breed outside Brazil. There is no data available to show exactly how many Brazilian Terriers are there in the world. Nowadays, because of its friendly nature and ability to learn tricks quickly, many people worldwide prefer it as a pet.

Where does a Brazilian Terrier live?

A Brazilian Terrier can either live in a large house or an apartment. These dogs are often seen on farmlands as rural farmers in Brazil use them to catch small animals that destroy their crops. A Brazilian Terrier has strong hunting skills and sharp ears that keep it alert and active all the time.

What is a Brazilian Terrier's habitat?

A Brazilian Terrier is a domestic pet, and hence its habitat is a house or an apartment. Since this breed is highly active, living in a large house with an open yard might be more suitable for it than a small apartment.

Who do Brazilian Terriers live with?

Brazilian Terriers make excellent pets, and so they are often seen living with people. People prefer these dogs because of their temperament.

Their active, alert, and hunting nature makes them very useful to farmers for vermin hunting. They are also high-energy, apartment-living, short, strong, and intelligent dogs, as well as being incredibly faithful towards their owners.

This makes them suitable for living with humans and as they are intelligent dogs, they can learn tricks quickly with little training and hence are favorite pets for children too.

How long does a Brazilian Terrier live?

The life expectancy of a Brazilian Terrier is 12-14 years. This dog breed is strong and generally keeps good health. It usually does not have any major health problems except for infection of ears, eyes, and teeth, and so can live a good, healthy life.

How do they reproduce?

The female Brazilian Terrier becomes pregnant after mating with the male Brazilian Terrier. A female's vulva becomes enlarged and soft when it is ready for mating. After mating, the vulva returns to its standard size. The gestation period is about 60-64 days long.

The average litter size is about four to seven puppies. Ideally, Brazilian Terriers should give birth once a year. If they are forced into breeding more, then it can lead to many health problems.

What is their conservation status?

Brazilian Terriers are small dogs and are native to Brazil. They are often raised as household pets and do not have any main threats to their life. Hence these small dogs are not endangered and fall under the Least Concern category of conservation status.

Brazilian Terrier Fun Facts

What do Brazilian Terriers look like?

The Brazilian Terrier looks adorable with its narrow chest, flat triangular head, and docked tail. They are small in size, with a height of about 14-16in. It has, on average, a height of 15in and is a rare breed that is often mistaken for the Jack Russell breed.

They come in tri-color, tan with black and blue-white colors. Their coat is short, fine, and sleek and their ears are half-pricked and folded. You will fall in love with it in the first look itself.

Brazilian Terriers look attractive in their folded ears with the tips pointing down.

How cute are they?

With its active brown eyes, folded ears, sleeky coat, and unusual skin color, a Brazilian Terrier looks highly attractive. If we measure its cuteness on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being ugly and 10 being super cute, this dog definitely gets a 10.

How do they communicate?

Brazilian Terriers are excellent communicators. Like any other dog, they, too, communicate through barking. They bark differently depending on their emotions and what they want to convey.

For example, a bark when the dog is sad could be different from a bark when it is happy. The barking can be for protection, for raising an alarm, out of fear or boredom, for attention-seeking, a greeting, separation anxiety, and more. If you notice carefully, you will be able to decipher its barks easily.

How big is a Brazilian Terrier?

It is often compared with the Jack Russell dog breed, which is much smaller than the Brazilian Terrier. Male Brazilian Terrier dogs have a height of about 16in and weigh about 8 kg on average, whereas a Jack Russel weighs 6.5 kg and its average height is approximately 11.5in.

The Jack Russell breed has a rough coat, whereas the Brazilian Terrier has a smooth coat.

How fast can a Brazilian Terrier run?

Even though small in size, a Brazilian Terrier can run very fast. Exact figures are not available, but it is believed that it can run about 25-3o mph.

Its ability to run long distances without getting tired makes it an excellent option for hunting rodents and other small pests on farms. It is an energetic dog that requires a lot of exercise. Long walks and playing activities are good ways to burn their energy.

These dogs become quite restless if they don't get enough exercise. Due to their high exercise or activity requirement, apartments and homes with limited space are not considered suitable for a Brazilian Terrier's temperament.

How much does a Brazilian Terrier weigh?

A Brazilian Terrier's weight varies between 15-22 lb. They are very active dogs and need to be fed high-calorie dog food. The owners should make sure these dogs get enough exercise, or else they might be prone to obesity due to their high-fat diet. Obesity can cause many health problems in these dogs.

What are their male and female names of the species?

A Brazilian Terrier is a dog, and its scientific name is Canis Lupus. It does not have any specific names for its male and female species.

If you are looking to name your Brazilian Terrier, the popular names listed by us here will make the job easier for you. For males, the top 10 names are Vas, Telt, Oscar, Bailey, Jasper, Toby, Jake, Rocky, Brody, and Ollie. Gill, Filly, Drolly, Bert, Peri, Molly, Bella, Sadie, Lilly, and Dixie are the top 10 names for females.

What would you call a baby Brazilian Terrier?

The baby of a Brazilian Terrier is known as a puppy. A Brazilian Terrier puppy reaches its adult size in 12 months.

Though little in size, these puppies are highly active and alert and require high-calorie dog food for optimal health. The puppies grow and develop quickly, so it is essential to start training and socializing them as early as possible.

What do they eat?

A Brazilian Terrier is an omnivore. It needs high-calorie, energy-rich dry dog food and access to fresh drinking water every day.

It usually needs one to two cups of food and water each day, depending on its size and weight. This high-fat food keeps it active and strong. Food items like raisins or grapes, onions, garlic, salty foods, poultry bones, tomato leaves, and yeast dough should never be fed to the Brazilian Terrier.

Are they slobbery?

One good thing about Brazilian Terriers is that they are not slobbery. Children like this good quality in animals. If you like a dog with a low drooling tendency, then a Brazilian Terrier is a good choice for you.

Would they make a good pet?

If you are not already convinced that a Brazilian Terrier is the right option for you, keep on reading! Brazilian Terriers are intelligent dogs and do very well with training.

Their temperament, playfulness, ability to live in an apartment, low shedding capacity, sensitivity, high affection levels towards their owners, and low barking and biting potential, makes them excellent pets. Moreover, they are child-friendly and senior citizen-friendly. A Brazilian Terrier puppy costs around $800 in a good pet shop selling high-quality dogs.

Did you know...

Despite having a low shedding rate, Brazilian Terriers are not hypoallergenic. So, people prone to allergies should think twice before adopting them as pets.  

More interesting facts about the Brazilian Terrier are that they are used for herding in Brazil as they have good herding abilities, and they are sometimes called Nanny dogs because of their love and affection towards children. Due to a Brazilian terrier's good health and hunting capabilities, peasants prefer them, in Brazil, for vermin hunting.

Brazilian Terriers are cat-friendly and get along well with other dog breeds. If you own cats and dogs at home and want one more pet, then a Brazilian Terrier should be your choice.

Though small in size (14-16in), a Brazilian Terrier has a high metabolic rate and hence requires a high-calorie diet. It is important to see that this native breed of Brazil gets enough exercise to live long without any health problems.

This breed generally has a life expectancy of 12-14 years, but with a proper diet and care, some may live up to 15 years without any problems.


Brazilian Terriers are highly intelligent and active dogs. They bark occasionally, and the main reason for barking is often to alert their owners against intruders. Hence, they are often used as watchdogs in Brazil. They are very gentle, friendly, and are active indoors as well. They can be trained quickly and are loved by all children.

How to care for your Brazilian Terrier?

A Brazilian Terrier requires minimal grooming by its owners because of its short coat. Since it is a small dog and is highly active, it has a high rate of metabolism.

It needs high-energy, fatty, dry dog food twice a day. In contrast, a Brazilian Terrier puppy needs a high-calorie and high nutrient diet. It should always have access to fresh drinking water.

Little Brazilian Terrier puppies that are eight to twelve weeks old require four meals a day. Three to six-month-old puppies require three meals a day, whereas six months and above typically require two meals a day.

High physical activity is a must for these dogs. It helps them maintain good health and keeps them recharged and active. They require a bath only a few times a year.

Regular brushing will keep them clean. Frequent health check-ups and giving all the required vaccinations will help keep it in good health.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Brazilian Terrier coloring pages.

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