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Read our Kunming wolfdog facts to learn about the popular Chinese wolfdog

Kunming Wolfdogs, also known as Chinese wolfdogs, are mild-mannered, easy-going dogs. They are ideal for families that have a home with a yard since the animal is active and requires regular exercise and physical activities too.

If your child loves dogs, getting a Kunming Wolfdog as a puppy would be a great idea for them to bond and for the dog to have any early exposure to humans. As a wolf breed, they are pack lovers, and they can be trained to be a leader of their pack.

They are curious animals with a lot of energy. This makes them fun companions for growing children and active adults too.

These dogs are loving and loyal and enjoy attention. This dog breed was bred by the Chinese to help in police and military works of search and rescue.

This makes the Chinese wolfdog an excellent guard dog breed. The playful nature of this dog breed has brought a lot of interest in the markets outside of China for acquiring it as a pet.

Read on to find out all about the Kunming Wolfdog. You may also look at Beaglier and Australian Retriever if you are hoping to get a pet.

Kunming Wolfdog Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Kunming Wolfdog?

Kunming Wolfdogs are similar to German Shephard, but they are taller than them in the back and have shorter coats. Also known as the Chinese wolfdog, it is a dog breed that was bred by the Chinese for military usage and in 1988 the Kunming Wolfdog was recognized as a breed in China.

It is a medium-sized wolf-dog hybrid that can be trained for a variety of tasks.

The Kunming Wolfdog bears a close resemblance to a German Shepherd but is a little taller in appearance and with a shorter coat.

Presently, they are used as military dogs as well as for search and rescue missions. But as it is still a rare breed, the Kunming dog has not yet been recognized by the Dog Registry of America.

What class of animal does a Kunming Wolfdog belong to?

A Kunming Wolfdog is a domestic mammal. This breed was created in the 1950s for the police force to detect mines and assist in search and rescue missions.

How many Kunming Wolfdogs are there in the world?

Exact numbers are hard to find, as this breed is more popular for military and police requirements in China during search and rescue missions. As such their total count and other details are kept classified and are not available in the public domain.

Where does a Kunming Wolfdog live?

The Kunming Wolfdog can live in a house or an apartment building. A house with a large yard would be ideal as they require regular exercise.

With proper social training from an early age, they can be taught to co-exist with kids easily. The Kunming Wolfdog is widely used by the military and police departments in China, so they are known to live in dedicated training facilities as well.

What is a Kunming Wolfdog's habitat?

The Chinese Wolfdogs i.e. Kunming Wolfdogs are ideal house pets for families with children, hence, can live in a city environment too.

As they are a high-energy breed, they would ideally require regular exercise. It is advisable to rear a Kunming Wolfdog in a location with ample space for exercise and training if they are to be raised as a guard dog.

Who do Kunming Wolfdogs live with?

Kunming Wolfdogs are a cross-breed of wolf and German Shepherd. Hence they are pack animals. When reared in a domesticated setting, they consider humans with whom they co-exist as a part of their pack too. They are extremely possessive about their humans and if they sense any danger from a stranger, they can be very protective as well.

How long does a Kunming Wolfdog live?

The Kunming Wolfdog is one of the longest-living dog breeds. As a medium-sized dog, the dog has a lifespan of 12-14 years which is a normal life cycle for all dogs. If proper healthcare is provided and regular exercise is ensured, then the Kunming Wolfdog can live for an even longer period.

How do they reproduce?

Initially, the Chinese army cross-bred some local dogs and a wolf to create the new breed. But now there is an ample number of Chinese Wolfdogs present for breeding to take place normally. The Chinese Wolfdogs i.e.

Kunming Wolfdogs reproduce like all domestic mammals. For the reproduction process to take place, both the male and female dogs should be of age and adequate size.

The female must be going through her heat cycle. The pregnancy will last for between 52-68 days after which the female will give birth to the puppies. The litter size can vary between four to eight puppies.

What is their conservation status?

The Chinese Wolfdog is a domestic animal and it is a crossbreed between a German Shepherd and a wolf and doesn’t come under any conservation status. While their exact number is not known, it is believed that there is a sufficient number of offspring being born every year to cater to the demand of the military and police departments.

It is, therefore, not one of the dog breeds that might be under the threat of extinction.

Kunming Wolfdog Fun Facts

What do Kunming Wolfdogs look like?

The Kunming Wolfdogs look a lot like the German Shepherd dogs but are cuter and more lovable than them. They have a well-developed muscular body, with attentive triangular ears and a fluffy head. They have very beautiful round black round eyes much like a wolf’s.

Their ears are long, triangular, and pointed and their muzzle is black. Their tails are long and bushy which turns upward when they are excited.

Their length usually ranges between height 25-27in while for weight, 66-84 lb is the normal range. The color of the coat can vary, ranging from light straw to deep rust for the Chinese Wolfdog. Though, you might sometimes also spot a black Kunming Wolfdog.

Kunming Wolfdog

How cute are they?

The Kunming Wolfdogs are very loving and playful like a German Shepherd. They look similar to other wolfdogs yet have distinct personality.

They are active and attentive and, therefore, make a great companion for kids. If trained well, the Chinese wolfdog can realize and embrace their wolf pack mentality and be loyal to humans. Socializing from an early age can make them a pleasure to have as a companion.

How do they communicate?

The Chinese Wolfdog communicates with an occasional bark or with the expression of the eyes. Kunming dogs may show their displeasure with a grunt or a howl. However, they are pretty peaceful for a guard dog. Much like a German Shepherd, a Kunming Wolfdog loves to be outdoors and enjoy activities with their humans.  

How big is a Kunming Wolfdog?

The Kunming dogs are taller than German Shepherds but size-wise they are a bit smaller. Kunming dogs come in the medium to large category of wolfdogs. Due to their impressive size, they serve well as guard dogs as well as shepherd dogs.

How fast can a Kunming Wolfdog run?

Being bred from German Shepherds and wolves, the Kunming dogs are perfect partners for jogging and other activities which involve running and jumping as they have high energy levels. They don’t tire easily and will train hard with the masters.

Even when you train on your bicycle, they will run beside you as your training buddy and exhibit an extremely friendly temperament.

How much does a Kunming Wolfdog weigh?

The Kunming Wolfdog is one of the most training-friendly breeds. The wolfdog weighs around 66-84 lb (30-38 kg). Because of their active nature, they maintain a good muscular structure and weight.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Both the male and female species are called Kunming Wolfdogs or Chinese Wolfdogs. Like all other dog breeds, the male pooch is known as the dog while the female pooch is known as a bitch.

What would you call a baby Kunming Wolfdog?

The baby Kunming Wolfdogs are called puppies like any other dog’s baby.

What do they eat?

Since the Kunming Dog is one of the hybrid breeds, the Kunming Wolfdog can eat whatever the masters give them. You can give them packaged kibble or chicken, beef, turkey, mutton, or any such non-vegetarian items.

Regular feeding with a protein-rich diet also gives a shine and luster to the coat. As per experts, four cups of dog food must be fed to them twice a day to be free from health problems, maintain an optimal energy level, and enjoy a longer life expectancy.

Are they slobbery?

The Kunming Wolfdogs are not known to be slobberers like the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. They are known as average droolers but if you try and eat any type of meat in front of them, they can be quite slobbery as well.

Would they make a good pet?

With the right amount of training and practice, the Kunming Wolfdogs would be an ideal pet for an active family. They prefer being in packs like wolves and they consider their human master as a part of that pack.

Did you know...

The Kunming Wolfdog breed was created in the 1950s by crossbreeding ten Beijing military wolf dogs with local German Shepherd dogs in the Yunnan province of China.

In Beijing in 1953, the Chinese government approved an additional 90 dogs for training and chose the top 20 performers with an initial ten wolfdogs and a chosen few German Shepherds from East Germany to create the Kunming wolf dogs or the Chinese wolfdogs.

The Chinese Public Security Bureau recognized this dog as a breed in 1988.

In 2006, China sent two Kunming Wolfdogs to the UN peacekeeping force where they located and detected landmines in Lebanon. China’s Guangzhou Municipality also requested their help during the 2010 16th Asian Games.


They are ideal companions for children if they are introduced to them as pups. They are active and energetic breeds that require a lot of playtime and running. We could also call them hyperactive and curious. They are treated as guard dogs as well since they are a protective dog breed.


The Chinese Wolfdog is considered to be a very healthy breed with an average life expectancy of between 12-14 years. They don’t have many common health issues as such. However, they may suffer from the following issues: bloating, eye ailments, blood problems, Diabetes, skin issues, and heart conditions among others.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! Learn more about some other mammals including golden dox, or Canis panther.

You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Kunming Wolfdog coloring pages.

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