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Golden dox facts tell you that it is also known as golden Weiner dog
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Have you ever imagined how a shrunken golden retriever would look like? Then you must see a golden dox which is a crossbreed with animal traits of a golden retriever and a Dachshund.

It is a very sweet, family-friendly, and loyal dog that is loved by all age groups. They are smart, friendly, and energetic when around human beings.

Therefore, you must make sure to not leave them all by themselves as they might become sad and go through depression. Unlike a golden retriever, the golden dox have furry skin flowing down their head with a short and elongated body.

Here are few fun facts about the golden dox which will make you more curious about them - who doesn't want such a pet cute and loyal? If you are interested in browsing through some more dogs, you should also check out Kunming Wolfdog and Australian Retriever.

Golden Dox Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a golden dox?

The golden dox is a dog that is a golden retriever-Dachshund mix. As a result, it exhibits qualities of both breeds.

They bring together the friendly and playful nature of the golden retriever along with the stubborn and feisty nature of the Dachshund. Being a smart and energic breed, golden dox is an extremely social animal and loves to be around his/her 'humans.'

Being of amiable nature, they also welcome strangers. In the absence of mental stimulation and exercise, they can get bored pretty quickly.

With traits of both the golden retriever and the Dachshund, a golden dox should be kept busy as much as possible otherwise the cuteness can quickly turn into naughtiness in the form of chewing and tearing of stuff within reach.

As golden dox possesses the instincts of a terrier, it is advisable to not have any other small pets in the family too.

What class of animal does a golden dox belong to?

The golden dox belong to the Mammalian class by its ability to give birth to its young ones. As the golden dox is a golden retriever-Dachshund mix breed, it is regarded as a designer breed.

The breed came into being in the 1980s when breeders started mating two pure-breds to produce new breeds of healthier dogs. The size and appearance of the golden dox depend on which of the characteristics of the parent breeds assume dominance.

How many golden doxes are there in the world?

If we consider the US, then there are approximately around 500,000-700,000 golden dox in the United States alone. There are no accurate estimates of the total number of golden doxes in the world, but it is estimated that the total number should be upwards of a million.

As they are a golden retriever-Dachshund mix breed, the number is steadily increasing.

Where does a golden dox live?

Since the golden dox are friendly and possess the characteristics and temperament of a golden retriever, they naturally live in a house or any hospitable environment. One can find them in plains and in a moderate to cold climate.

Though the golden dox has been cross-bred from a golden retriever and  Dachshund, the terrier-like traits they possess make them unsuitable for families with small pets.

What is a golden dox's habitat?

The ideal habitat for golden dox puppies would be an environment where they can get regular exercise and workout. Ideally, a golden dox requires an exercise time of around an hour.

Being of an extremely friendly nature, they love to live along with their humans. If they do not get enough exercise or mental stimulation, they tend to get bored.

Who do golden doxes live with?

As golden dox puppies are bred from Dachshund, golden retriever together, they enjoy human contact and prefer an environment where they can exercise daily and live indoors with a family. Though, it is important for them to receive regular exercise as otherwise, they tend to be bored and then they turn naughty.

It is generally advised to not keep them in families where small pets are already present.

How long does a golden dox live?

As a golden dox is a medium-size dog and a golden retriever-Dachshund mix, the average life span will vary between 12-14 years, which can differ slightly with respect to the surroundings and the grooming. They can live a bit longer also if regular exercise and medical care are provided.

How do they reproduce?

In order for the reproduction to start, the female dog should be of age and the 'heat cycle' should have started. On the other side, the male dog should be of age and tall enough to be able to mount the female.

The reproduction process starts between a male and a female dog when the male dog tends to mount the female from the rear side. The pregnancy period can range between 58-68 days and thereafter, the female will give birth to a litter size of between 1-17 puppies.

What is their conservation status?

The total number of domesticated dogs of the golden dox breed across the world is estimated to be upwards of one million. Moreover, they are a golden retriever-Dachshund mix breed and both of them also have a healthy population. Hence, they do not face any extinction threat.  

Golden Dox Fun Facts

What do golden dox look like?

As golden dox dogs are a golden retriever-Dachshund mix breed, they have the skin and texture of a golden retriever but have longer a darker skin shade with long ears and rounder eyes and are smaller in size.

Due to a significant variation between the appearance of parent breeds, a golden dox puppy can have a drastically different appearance from another golden dox puppy.

The breed enjoys a muscular and long build albeit with short legs.

The coat can vary between a short-haired mini golden dox and a large-haired mini golden dox and can either be a smooth or wavy double coat.

Golden dox puppies can be noticed in a wide range of colors like black, red, tan, brown, and red. Though, black golden dox puppies are hard to locate.

* We've been unable to source an image of golden dox and have used an image of a golden retriever, one of the parent breeds, instead. If you can provide us with a royalty-free image of golden dox, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at

Golden Dox

How cute are they?

The golden dox are very cute as they are much alike to golden retrievers in appearance, which are the most preferred breed by dog owners. They are of extremely sociable nature with humans and are known for their cute and innocent appearance.

How do they communicate?

Being a family dog, the golden dox is very good at communicating and understanding human emotions and commands. They use the common auditory methods for communication, like whines, howls, barks, whimpers, and so on. Golden dox also communicate using scents and marking territories.

How big is a golden dox?

Adult golden dox have an average height of 10-23 in and hence is a medium-size dog. Being anywhere between 10-23 in tall, it is much smaller compared to a golden retriever. Even the adult size is not much bigger than a young golden retriever because it combines the traits of both a golden retriever and a Dachshund.  

How fast can a golden dox run?

As golden dox are a golden retriever-Dachshund mix, they are extremely swift while running. An average golden dox can run up to a speed of 35 mph over short distances.

How much does a golden dox weigh?

On an average scale, an adult golden dox variation of weight 30-60 lb (13-27 kg). The weight can vary slightly depending on the exercise routine, eating habits, and the environment of the surroundings.

What are their male and female names of the species?

As golden dox is a dog breed, the species is C.lupus. A male golden dox is called a dog while a female golden dox is called a bitch.

What would you call a baby golden dox?

Golden dox are a mixed breed of a golden retriever and the Dachshund. Hence, the young ones or the babies of golden dox are called puppy.

What do they eat?

Golden dox are of extremely sociable nature and being medium-sized dogs live very easily with families. As such they are omnivores and eat various types of vegetables, bones, meat, fruits, and raw foods.

Are they slobbery?

Due to one of the parent breed being golden retrievers, the golden dox are extremely slobbery and drool a lot, especially when they are looking at their humans eating! But their soft double coat makes them extremely cuddly, so we could excuse a little slobber here and there.

Would they make a good pet?

The golden dox are playful and jovial and a family-friendly dog that gets along well with kids, adults, and other dogs but may not get along well with smaller pets such as cats, rabbits, or guinea pigs. They make for a perfect companion for children and older family members as well.

Though, it is advisable that they are not kept in families where any small pets are already present.

Did you know...

The major health issues and concerns about a golden dox's health are Intervertebral Disc Disease Epilepsy, ear infections, and various other health problems. This health issue is commonly seen in golden dox breeds, where they undergo the degeneration of the vertebral bones, causing back pain, neck pain, and affecting the short legs.

It is very important to have your golden dox dog get tested for Intervertebral Disc Disease. These are a few important tests including, X-rays, physical examination, complete blood count, and neurological testing. It is always better to know than to be in darkness about your dog’s health.

Golden dox allergies are very common. They are also susceptible to back injuries and can suffer from Hip Dysplasia as well. In a much severe case, Hip Dysplasia can cause Arthritis in the dog.

Their coat can be of short, medium, or long length. The daily brushing of the coat is important to keep it healthy and shiny. A regular diet featuring proteins and quality dog food is essential to maintain the appearance of the coat.

How much is a golden dox?

The golden dox is a designer dog i.e. a mix breed, where the golden dox price ranges from $500-$1,000. The prices might vary slightly depending on the region where the breeder is located as well as the health of the parent dogs. Other factors that the price depends on is overall health, agility, quality of coat, and age.

How to house train a golden dox?

While training a golden dox, a lot of patience and positive reinforcement will be needed. They generally have a social nature and are eager to please a good family.

Though they have their gene and character traits from intelligent parent breeds such as a golden retriever and a Dachshund they seem to take over the stubborn characteristics from the Dachshund. Hence, there is a very possessive and stubborn side which makes it hard for them to adapt to changes.

A puppy with a stubborn trait can change into a stubborn dog. Hence, starting the training early will be beneficial. The training can start as early as eight weeks or even earlier.

Training them at that age will make it easier for the owners to respond and handle them properly. It is important to make sure your dog socializes and gets to experience different environments with different people and different dog breeds.

This is a very important aspect of the overall training of the dog. Daily brushing of the coat is also an important requirement during the training period.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our golden dox coloring pages.

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