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Corgi golden retriever mix facts about this adorable dog will make you fall in love with the mix breed

Corgi golden retriever mix, also known as the golden corgi, is a relatively new breed, which was developed as a designer breed. This designer breed is a cross between everyone’s favorite the golden retriever Labrador and the Welsh corgi.

The Welsh corgi also has a subtype which are the Cardigan Welsh corgi and Pembroke Welsh corgi. In a hybrid species, it is difficult to determine what exactly the newborn puppy would look like or which of its parents it would act like.

It could have traits of both or one of them. Golden retriever corgi mix is a cute mix of both its parents. It is a good-looking dog with a kind, intelligent personality.

It is also known to be social and affectionate. This dog is child-friendly and can adjust well to an apartment setting too.

Whether you are looking for a new pet or are a dog-lover and just want to find out more, read on to learn all about this adorable doggy. For more dog facts, check out our articles on the Kunming wolfdog and Australian retriever.

Corgi Golden Retriever Mix Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a corgi golden retriever mix?

Golden retriever corgi mix is a hybrid dog and was created by cross-breeding the Welsh Corgi dog and the golden retriever dogs. Both the parents are known as working dogs, but the corgi golden retriever was bred not as a hunter or a herder.

It was bred as a pure, loving companion dog. The pups are known to behave like cuddly lap dogs and will melt your heart in a moment. They are considered to be high maintenance dogs.

What class of animal does a corgi golden retriever mix belong to?

Golden retriever corgi mix is a mammal as it gives birth to a younger one. The Golden retriever corgi mix is considered a designer breed as it was bred for the purpose of the company of the owners only. As it is a relatively new breed, very little is known about its origins and history.  

How many corgi golden retrievers are there in the world?

Since this is a fairly new hybrid variety, not many corgi golden retriever mixes are present in the world. As the popularity of the breed increases and professional breeders are able to help in the proper breeding of the dogs, the numbers may increase.

Finding the right breeder or doctor to help find the golden retriever corgi mix might be difficult too.

Where does a corgi golden retriever mix live?

Corgi golden retriever mix breed was bred as house pets. They are comfortable in apartments, or houses with a yard too.

They can be found in cold climates in the plains or mountains. As the parents are known to be hunters and herders, and more comfortable in the colder climate regions, the same could be true for the mix too. They are not comfortable in warm weather.

What is a corgi golden retriever mix's habitat?

A natural habitat with lots of space for exercise would be ideal for the golden retriever corgi mix as the Welsh corgi dog comes from the Welsh region of the United Kingdom and their background is steep in folklore and fairy tale.

The golden retriever has its origins from the Russian sheepdogs from where they were crossbred in the Scottish Highlands.

They traveled the world from there, becoming one of America's most loved breeds of dogs.

Who do corgi golden retriever mix live with?

We can find Golden retriever corgi mix as house pets in many households. There is a lot of interest in this breed right now.

These sweet dogs are always smiling and enjoy playing and exercising. They are known to please their owners with their smiling faces and bright eyes. Training them well when they are puppies will help them adjust better socially.

How long does a corgi golden retriever mix live?

Golden retriever corgi mix may live for up to 12–13 years. They live better and longer when they are exposed to a quality diet and regular exercise.

They need social interaction too as they are known to be friendly dogs. Living on a large farm or a house with a yard could be an ideal setup for the dog to lead a long and fulfilling life.

How do they reproduce?

Golden retriever corgi mix is a result of the cross-breeding between the golden retriever and the Welsh corgi. They may be reproduced in the same way or now, in the natural way.

When the male and female dog are of age, the male dog should be of ideal height to be able to mount the female dog.

Additionally, the female dog should be in her heat cycle. The pregnancy period for the female golden corgis would be for 58-68 days and she will give birth to a litter of between four to eight golden corgi puppies.

What is their conservation status?

Corgi golden retriever mix doesn’t have any serious conservation issues. It is a fairly new breed and therefore not a lot of conservation efforts are required.

In fact, the professional breeders would make sure that the supply of Pembroke welsh corgi and golden retriever mix breed grows steadily to keep up with the demand for the corgi golden retriever mix.

Corgi Golden Retriever Mix Fun Facts

What do corgi golden retriever mix look like?

Golden retriever corgi mix can take after both parents as it is a mixed breed of parent breeds corgi and golden retriever.

As both corgi and golden retrievers are very pretty looking species, you can rest assured that the mix will look beautiful with a well-defined face and distinct ears, eyes, and nose just like its parent breeds.

They could have a short body and elongated back like the Corgis, or big floppy ears and a big black nose like a golden retriever.

Alternatively, the mix could have the golden retriever's built and corgi’s pointed ears and broad muzzle.

How cute are they?

Corgi golden retriever mix are really cute-looking dogs. They have a gentle affectionate face. They are active dogs and child-friendly too. Some golden corgi dogs could have a cute, slightly stupid look too, but don’t get fooled by it. The golden corgis are highly intelligent creatures and excellent guard dogs.

How do they communicate?

Golden retriever corgi mix are great at communicating with their bark and eyes. Their large expressive eyes can melt anyone. They are affectionate and love being pampered and showering love on their owners too.

How big is a corgi golden retriever mix?

Corgi golden retriever mix is a small to medium dog. It could be smaller than its retriever parent too in some cases.

They could be a size of 10-18in. Since both the parent breeds are so different in height and size, the golden retriever corgi mix could have a varying combination of height and length depending on which parent dog breeds the puppy took after.

How fast can a corgi golden retriever mix run?

They are an active breed. But due to the corgi’s short legs, the golden retriever corgi mix may not be able to run very fast. But if they have the good muscular legs of their golden retriever parent they could be trained to be excellent runners.

How much does a corgi golden retriever mix weigh?

Golden retriever corgi mix may weigh anywhere between 30-38 lb. It could also vary depending on the parent dog breeds the puppy takes after, as the corgi is a mid to small size dog and the retriever is a mid to large size dog.

What are their male and female names of the species?

The corgi mix golden retriever male is called a dog and the corgi golden retriever female is called a bitch.

What would you call a baby corgi golden retriever mix?

Golden retriever corgi mix is a mixed breed of corgi and golden retriever breeds. As they are dogs at the end of the day, all babies of the golden retriever corgi mix are called puppies.

What do they eat?

Corgi golden retriever mix can eat kibble and also regular dog food. Be sure not to overfeed them, though, as the corgis are known to have health issues relating to bone structure later on.

Instead of keeping a large bowl of dry kibble food ready all the time for them, it is advisable to feed them twice a day with medium-filled bowls to keep them away from health problems.

Overfeeding must be avoided especially with the puppies to stave off possible health problems. The puppies of this dog breed may be fed a low-calorie diet initially to maintain their high energy levels.

Are they slobbery?

Both the parents i.e. golden retriever and corgi, are not known to drool or slobber a lot.

Avoid eating meat in front of them though as they would drool a lot in this case! Golden retrievers are sometimes known to drool a lot, and therefore it might be an idea to take some precautions. Their cuteness and double coat fur may help you to neglect the drooling to some extent.

Would they make a good pet?

Corgi mixes are an ideal pet for a family with children. Since corgi golden retriever mix are known to be active dogs with a friendly attitude towards humans, they are ideal companions for children.

They will keep their owners on their toes. They are an intelligent species too.

It is a good idea to introduce them to new sounds, smells, and sights at their early age as they could otherwise be a little aggressive towards strangers. However, if trained well they are pretty accommodating and can develop a friendly attitude early on.

Did you know...

Corgi golden retriever mix is a rare dog as it was cross-bred only recently. They are social dogs who enjoy attention and playtime. They love to swim.

Queen Elizabeth II is known to have Pembroke Welsh corgis as pets for many years now. Queen Elizabeth II bonded well with corgis and had over 30 dogs.

They could be stubborn with novice owners and should be trained well to realize who their master is. However, due to their intelligence, they take to training well. They are also used as emotional support animals or therapy dogs, due to their affectionate nature.

Having your own corgi golden retriever mix

You can find the designer dog from local pet shops, adoption agencies, or breeders. It is always advisable to adopt rather than buy.

To buy this dog breed would be difficult and expensive too (upwards of the $1000 mark). In case you suffer from allergies, getting a Welsh corgi golden retriever mix would not be a good idea as they have a long double coat of fur.

The coat color of this designer dog can be fawn, tan, golden, white, black, or brown colors.

They could have solid or even multiple coat colors. Golden retriever corgi mix personality is very friendly and will be a great family dog.

Characteristics and health

The corgi retriever mix puppy loves the outdoors and enjoys playing fetch, swimming, and running around in circles. The golden retriever corgi mix puppies have a pleasant temperament.

The temperament further improves after obedience training. Being a herding dog like the purebred golden or corgi parent, they have great herding instincts and temperament and love to gather the kids or other livestock into a herd.

They are also known as people-pleasers and enjoy human company, making them ideal to be a family dog. In case of boredom or lack of company, this family dog may turn mildly stubborn or aggressive.

Corgi golden retriever mix is easy to train and is an active dog. They are well-built, with a healthy thick double coat, ranging from medium to large, if you take care of their hygiene and grooming needs regularly.

They are prone to elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, or intervertebral disc disease, which can cause severe back issues.

Mix corgi golden retrievers are known to suffer from Von Willebrand’s Disease, a severe blood disorder. They also have Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism due to which this dog has a short and stocky body but can cause significant pain in later years.

The golden retriever is known to suffer from heatstroke as it can’t tolerate extreme heat due to its long coat. The golden retriever is known to suffer from cancer, seizures, hip dysplasia, mast cell tumors in later life. You must be cautious about this for this golden corgi mix.

Grooming this popular dog will involve brushing their coats twice a week, clipping their nails, overall dental hygiene, and quality calorie-controlled meals. Regular check-ups with a veterinarian will be great for your popular dog.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our corgi golden retriever coloring pages.

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