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Utonagan facts about the mixed breed wolf-dog.

Dogs are known to be the best companions for humans. The utonagan dog breed was created by Edwina Harrison in 1987, who wanted the appearance of a wolf-dog, but characteristics of a family pet dog.

The utonagan, literally meaning 'Spirit of the Wolf' was believed to be a great companion to the Chinook Indian people in America.

Often mistakenly referred to as the northern Inuit dog, utonagan is a mixed breed of five rescue dogs, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and German Shepherd, thereby giving it a wolf-like appearance.

Despite having perfect domestic pet-like qualities, the utonagan is yet to be recognized by the American Kennel Club or the Kennel Club in England as a pedigree dog breed.

They love running around and need daily exercise.

This friendly dog breed is highly intelligent and active, and loves people! You can have them as a fun-loving and affectionate pet, rather than a ferocious watchdog who would shoo people away.

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Utonagan Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a utonagan?

Utonagan is a mixed dog breed originated by breeding Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and five other rescue dog breeds. A utonagan is bred to look like a wolf hybrid but it certainly isn't one.

With the looks of the wild wolf and the heart of a loving member of your home, this even-tempered dog breed is ideal for dog owners who love outdoor activities.

What class of animal does a utonagan belong to?

Utonagans are mammals belonging to the Canidae family, with the scientific name Canis lupus, meaning a 'domestic wolf dog'.

How many utonagans are there in the world?

The utonagan is a rare dog breed mixed that is nearly extinct. Although a newly created breed, the utonagans are not being bred anymore due to their general health issues.

Where does a utonagan live?

Utonagans are bred as domestic pets and live amongst humans. They are usually found in houses located in the northern regions. The dog breed is known to be bred in America and developed in the United Kingdom. However, now utonagans are found all across the world.

What is a utonagan's habitat?

Since utonagans are wolf hybrids, it is ideal for them to live in regions with colder climates. They can handle cold weather excellently due to the double coat which keeps them warm and is moderately tolerant towards hot weather when they can shed the topcoat. Overheated climatic conditions could be a problem and cause irritability in utonagans.

Who do utonagans live with?

Utonagans can live in the house with a family and other pets. They are powerhouses of energy and are super fun-loving. However, this characteristic makes them bad guard dogs since they can easily make friends with strangers. They are perfect as pets and love chasing smaller creatures that are strange or unknown to them.

How long does a utonagan live?

Like other dog breeds, the average life expectancy of a Utonagan dog is 12-15 years. Some utonagans, however, sadly passed away at a young age due to health problems or diseases.

How do they reproduce?

Utonagans follow the general process of canine reproduction. Utonagan puppies reach the age of maturity between 6-12 months (sometimes two years) after which the reproduction process can begin through intercourse between the male and female pups.

What is their conservation status?

Conservation of utonagan is of the 'Least Concern' by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This is a mixed breed of dog which has not been recognized by known kennel clubs due to its unknown origins.

Since utonagan was a recently developed dog breed, its general health conditions have not been explored fully. Utonagans face a lot of health problems, and most breeders have stopped breeding them. The number of utonagans has rapidly decreased, and it may not be easy to find a genuine utonagan easily.

Utonagan Fun Facts

What do utonagans look like?

Utonagan is a slender dog with powerful athletic legs, and large triangular ears standing erect on its head. A black nose and sharp eyes make it look like a wolf.

They have a furry tail and a usually thick coat, making them best suited for northern climates. They can be naturally colored in combinations of black, white, silver, brown, copper, red, or apricot.

Utonagan dog fun facts are interesting.

How cute are they?

As babies, utonagan puppies are overly cute with their furry look. However, due to its ancestry coming from wild-looking dog breeds, utonagans can turn out to look untamed and ferocious after growing up but are still adorable since their temperament overpowers the look.

How do they communicate?

Utonagans, like other dog breeds, primarily communicate through body language, vocalization, and scents. They bark, howl, whimper, pant, and sigh for vocal communication, mixed with body movements and postures like alerting the ears, stiffening or wagging the tail, moving their legs and body.

While training, they understand words and meanings taught by human-dog trainers and are very responsive and smart.

How big is a utonagan?

With wolf-like features of Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Alaskan Malamute, a utonagan can be medium to large in size. The usual height of the utonagan dog is 23-30 in (58-72 cm).

How fast can a utonagan run?

The naturally athletic utonagans are agile and fast runners, making perfect use of their large bodies and powerful legs, it almost seems like they can stride through effortlessly like wind blowing in your hair.

How much does a utonagan weigh?

Utoganans are heavy dogs weight between 55-11o lb (25-50 kg) between males and females. A utonagan puppy can weigh up to 55 lb (25 kg), but since they are fast-growing dogs, there is a rapid increase in size and weight.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Utonagan is a dog breed and follows the same male and female names as other dogs. Hence, a male utonagan is called a utonagan dog and a female utonagan is called a utonagan bitch.

Breeders and dog fans refer to the utonagan dog as a stud when the dog has not fathered and sire when the dog has fathered a puppy. The female counterpart to sire is called 'dam' or 'dame'. However, these terms are used by breeders and not in casual conversations.

What would you call a baby utonagan?

Looking like an adorable little fluffy, furry ball of wolfy cuteness (did we get carried away?), a baby utonagan can be called utonagan puppy, that is, before you give it a name!

What do they eat?

Utonagans are heavy eaters and feed on protein-rich foods like meat, plant fiber, and healthy fats. Feeding raw meat or cooking meals for them is ideal.

Since they are a working dog breed, high-quality dry feed or working dog feed must be given. It is best to consult a veterinarian to formulate apt meals for utonagans and to meet their dietary needs. This is also necessary since utonagan puppies have a fast growth rate and adult dogs may have different food requirements.

Overfeeding can be a major problem in the case of utonagans. In order to avoid health problems like obesity, a healthy diet suggested by a veterinarian clubbed with a good amount of exercise is a must.

Do they shed?

As descendants of the mixed parental breeds, utonagans have a lot of hair and look bulky. They are a heavy shedder, especially in summers. Even so, the case is different in winters when their double coat works as a warm layer and requires extra grooming and combing during this time.

Would they make a good pet?

Do not go by the wild appearances of a utonagan. Like most dog breeds, it is an excellent pet to have as a family dog. Utonagans go by the 'AAA' rule- Affection, Attention, and Activity.

With a gentle nature, this even-tempered breed is highly affectionate towards the family and dog owner. They are easy to train and seek a loyal companion. With regular physical and mental stimulation, utonagans can be rather therapeutic dogs with a fun-loving attitude.

This dog is a friendly pet to have around children and grow with them. Due to its playful nature, the Utonagan may not willfully harm children but can accidentally knock them down. Children must be taught to pet the dog and take proper care.

Having a commanding alpha sort of attitude is best to train the dog. It must be kept in mind that utonagans tend to chase smaller animals due to their high prey drive. However, they are harmless and wonderful pets.

Did you know...

You-Ton-Ah-Gon is a perfect way to pronounce 'utonagan'. Utonagan is also called 'ute' or 'twatha' in different regions. The Northern Inuit dog is bred differently from the utonagan dog, but they are often mistaken to be the same.

Utonagans can jump between a massive 4-6 ft (1.2-1.8 m).

With their wolf-like appearance and even-tempered nature, utonagans are used in most movies and television series in place of dire wolves. The famous 'Game of Thrones' series by HBO is one such show.

One of the surprising facts about utonagan dogs is that they love the sound of their own voices and often talk to themselves- cute, right? But it sure can get noisy since they talk out loud, unlike humans who have the ability to think-talk!

Having your own utonagan

Utonagan dogs are a rare mixed breed and are difficult to find. You may purchase a utonagan online, but it is not easy to determine the authenticity of the breed since the Northern Inuit and a few other dogs are similar looking.

A utonagan puppy averagely costs between $600-$1000. It is important to find genuine breeders for this particular breed. In case of adoption, proper research must be done to know about the history and former owners of the dog, and why it is being given for adoption.

Once the dog is bought, getting a general health check-up may cost between $100 to $200 to have it bathed, groomed, and vaccinated. Other items like a leash, food bowl, and bedding cost about $250.

They are big eaters and need six to seven generous servings of food every day, but one must take care of overfeeding. Food may cost about $50 per month.

Including food, regular health checkups, and other expenses, yearly maintenance of the utonagan dog can cost between $1200-$1500.

Characteristics and health

The utonagan dog breed with a perfect Chinook Indian name, gentle nature, and loving attitude is an ideal dog to have as a pet. As a dog owner, you must be aware of the training, exercising needs, and health problems a Utonagan can possibly have.

Being a mix of three energetic breeds, the utonagan dog is dynamic in terms of physical energy. Regular walks and at least one or two hours of off-leash time are a must to train the dog and let them move around freely.

They are fast runners and are not meant to live in apartments. Open yard space with strong fencing is needed for the utonagans.

A utonagan puppy needs extra attention and care. They can have uncontrollably exciting behavior. From a young age, they must be trained to stay calm in the house and play outside it. The dog owner has to take care to avoid overeating which can otherwise lead to early obesity since utonagans grow very fast.

Utonagans can be trained to socialize with other animals and pets in the house and develop their personalities by being around people. An alpha dog owner with good leadership qualities is perfect to train a utonagan.

Training must be consistent even after the utonagan grows up to keep it from straying off.

Utonagans need mental exertion to prevent weariness which can lead to behavioral problems, if not taken care of. Apart from training and exercise, general things like brushing teeth, cleaning ears, and cutting nails should be done to keep the dog well-groomed and to avoid infections.

Utonagans can have health problems numerous health issues since they are a newly-developed breed, most of which are undiscovered and not curable. Since they are a mixed breed, utonagans tend to be detected with genetic diseases.

Like German Shepherds, it is common for a utonagan to have hip dysplasia, which is a condition of dislocation of the dog's hip joint.

This can be extremely painful to the dog. Utonagans are also prone to Addison's disease, a condition in which the adrenal gland stops producing certain hormones which play an important role in the function of various body parts.

The collapse of these body parts can affect the utonagan dog in grave ways. Another problem could be Von Willebrand's disease, a bleeding disorder caused due to formation of excessive blood clots in the body.

Utonagan is also prone to eye diseases and malfunctioning like cataracts, obesity due to overeating or drinking too much water and, separation anxiety.

Due to their attention-seeking nature, utonagans can have major anxiety and depression issues if they are not given love and affection by the dog owner. Separation anxiety and lack of attention can make utonagans furious and cause problematic behavior

The utonagan is a great dog breed, with the looks of a wolf rather than the 'Spirit of the Wolf'. Sadly, the breed seems to be fading as there are very few breeders left trying hard to keep the breed going.

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