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Fun Western Crowned Pigeon Facts For Kids

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The western crowned pigeon, Goura Cristata, belongs to the Columbidae family and is a species of crowned pigeons. It is found in the rainforests or lowland habitat or regions and is endemic to New Guinea and some other species can be found in different parts of islands. It is considered to be a beautiful bird because of its blue-gray color, red eyes outlined with black color, and feathers around its eyes. These feathers are dark blue in color and their highlighting feature, that is, crown-like lacy crest over its head. Western crowned pigeon, Goura Cristata can also be sometimes referred to as blue-crowned pigeon or common crowned pigeon. It is considered a close relative of the Victoria crowned pigeon. Western crowned pigeon, Goura Cristata, is one of the largest members or species of crowned pigeons. These crowned pigeons are known to be hunted for food and plumes. The species is threatened because of habitat loss and overhunting and its conservation status is Vulnerable. The diet of this species is primarily herbivorous and the food or diet includes berries, seeds, and other fallen fruits. The food or diet might sometimes include small invertebrates. One of its close relatives or species, Victoria crowned pigeon is the biggest pigeon in the world.

It is fascinating to know about the beautiful western crowned pigeons, Goura Cristata, as it is scientifically known and if you are interested, read about Nicobar Pigeon facts and Argus Phesant facts too.  

Fun Western Crowned Pigeon Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?

Fruits and seeds

What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

4.6 lb (2.1 kg)

How long are they?

28 in (711.2 in)

How tall are they?


What do they look like?


Skin Type


What were their main threats?

Habitat Loss

What is their conservation status?


Where you'll find them?



Northwestern New Guinea









Western Crowned Pigeon Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a western crowned pigeon?

The western crowned pigeon is a type of bird.

What class of animal does a western crowned pigeon belong to?

The western crowned pigeon be belong to the class of Aves of birds.

How many western crowned pigeon are there in the world?

The estimated population of these pigeons is around 3500-15000.

Where does a western crowned pigeon live?

This crowned pigeon is endemic to northwestern New Guinea.

What is a western crowned pigeon's habitat?

These inhabit lowland rainforests and other species of this pigeon are found in different parts of islands and similar types of habitat or regions.

Who do western crowned pigeon live with?

They can be seen in pairs sometimes.

How long does a western crowned pigeon live?

The exact lifespan of this pigeon is unknown.

How do they reproduce?

Pairs are formed and these pairs breed for many years and produce one or two offspring.  A large white egg is laid and it is incubated for about thirty days after which it hatches. Both the parents take care of the young and it remains in the nest for about thirty more days. These birds sexually mature at the age of two but do not breed for some more time.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of these birds is Vulnerable. These birds' status is Vulnerable because it has been recorded that their population is rapidly declining or threatened due to hunting and habitat loss.

Western Crowned Pigeon Fun Facts

What do western crowned pigeon look like?

The crest and color of this bird are its distinguishing features.

These crowned pigeons are blue-gray in color and have blue lacy delicate-looking type crests over their head and dark blue colored feathers around their eyes and the eyes of this bird are red in color and are framed or outlined by black eyebrows. They have maroon-like color on the back. These birds tend to have white spots on the wings  The males tend to be larger than the females, otherwise, both males and females look like.

How cute are they?

These birds are considered to be beautiful around the world because of their crown-like crest.

How do they communicate?

Not much information is available regarding the communication of these birds but males are known to sing.

How big is a western crowned pigeon ?

These pigeons are known to be the largest ones living and are around 28 in (711.2 in) long and are only slightly smaller than a Victoria Crowned pigeon.

How fast can a western crowned pigeon fly?

The exact speed of this bird is unknown.

How much does a western crowned pigeon weigh?

The average weight of these birds is 4.6 lb (2.1 kg).

What are their male and female names of the species?

There are no specific names for the males and females of the species.

What would you call a baby western crowned pigeon ?

Young ones of pigeons are called as squabs.

What do they eat?

This pigeons' diet is known to be herbivores and food includes berries, seeds, fallen fruits, and tender shoots. Very rarely these are known to capture or prey or hunt on small invertebrates and include them in their diet.

Are they dangerous?

These birds are not considered dangerous.

Would they make a good pet?

Not much information is available about these birds as pets but it is believed that these birds require a good amount of time and space.

Did you know...

The western crowned pigeon, Goura Cristata was first described by Peter Simon Pallas, a German naturalist in 1764.

It was given the name Columba Cristata.

The western crowned pigeon, Goura Cristata is known to be the official provincial or regional bird of West Papua and this bird is on the coats of arms.

This bird is known to be terrestrial but they spend nights in high treetops and are known to not migrate as they are considered to be sedentary.

The smallest breed of pigeon is Valencian Figurita.

The rarest ones are pink pigeons and the white pigeons are also considered to be rare and it is believed that they represent less than two percent of the population.

This species is closely related to other members of the family or species of crowned pigeons like Victoria crowned pigeon, Scheepmaker's crowned pigeon, and Sclater's crowned pigeon.

What's the biggest pigeon in the world?

Crowned pigeons are known to be the largest pigeons and the biggest pigeon in the world is known to be Victoria crowned pigeon which is around 29 in long and weighs around 5.5 lb and these birds could be owned but there are very few breeders for this bird. These birds distribution range includes Nicobar island and New Guinea and it believed that this range tends to overlap with the distribution range of Nicobar pigeon.

How many eggs do western crowned pigeon lay?

This species is known to lay a single white egg.

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