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51 Architecture Facts: Learn About The Art Of Designing Buildings

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Building a house takes more than just the constituent materials.

Architecture is one of the oldest and most prestigious professions in the world. Architecture is an art form through which people create the design of buildings.

There are many famous architects who have left their mark on history, including Frank Lloyd Wright, I.M. Pei, and Michelangelo. Architecture is an art form that has been used to shape and define civilizations throughout history. The kind of architecture that was prevalent at a certain age tells us a lot about the people and their scientific development. Hence, studying architecture over the centuries has been an important part of archaeology. For example, we know a lot about the Harappan civilization based on their architecture and the way in which they organized their towns. Keep reading to learn more about architecture, its history, as well as famous buildings and architects from over the centuries!

The History Of Architecture

Like all other creative disciplines, architecture has an elaborate history.

Imhotep is considered to have been the first architect of the world.

Vitruvius Pollio is considered one of the best-recognized early architects.

It might be a little tough to imagine but the art of building cities was once an Olympic sport.

The Uses Of Architecture

Architecture is a broad term that comprises a number of factors and people, including builders and designers, among many others.

The usage of architecture is not limited just to the building of a bridge or laying the foundation of a house.

The term is also used by designers in the software and network business in order to create a better vision for their product and ensure smooth flow.

Musicians and writers can also be inspired by architects, and architects in turn are inspired by famous pieces of music and literature.

Architecture can be a way of expressing someone's cultural identity.

Creative architecture that has been emerging recently is very mindful of the modern city.

Some new concepts emphasize the reduced space in cities and the need for architects to be able to shape the existing buildings in such a way that more and more people can be accommodated.

The use of practical designs and sustainable materials to bridge the developmental gaps is also included in architecture.

The famous Empire State Building is located on 34th Street, Fifth Avenue, in New York.

Top Architecture Of The World

There are many buildings around the world that can inspire us. The architecture from centuries ago tell us a lot about the people who built them and their ways of living or congregating.

One of the most famous and visited buildings of the world is the Colosseum, a Roman amphitheater that was built between 70 C.E. - 80 C.E. It is made out of limestone and concrete, and can hold up to 50,000 people. The Colosseum was originally used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles. Today, the Colosseum is one of Rome's most popular tourist attractions, attracting more than six million visitors every year.

Notre Dame Cathedral was built between 1163 C.E. - 1250 C.E. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Paris, France. The cathedral has been damaged by fire several times, most recently in 2019.

The Cathedral of Brasília was designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. The cathedral is made up of 16 concrete columns that support a free-standing roof.

Westminster Abbey, London, is another famous example of magnificent architectural design. It is a Gothic church that was built between 1245 C.E. - 1517 C.E. It is located on the grounds of Westminster Palace, which is one of the homes of the British Royal Family. The abbey has been the site of many royal weddings and coronations over the years. It attracts around one million visitors every year.

The Lotus Temple was completed in 1986. It is made out of concrete and marble and looks like a giant lotus flower. This Bahá’í house of worship, located in New Delhi, India, is open to all religions.

Cologne Cathedral was started in 1248 and wasn't completed until 1880. It is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe. Cologne Cathedral has been damaged by fire and bombing several times, most recently in the Second World War.

The present St. Paul's Cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and took 35 years to build. It is the second-largest cathedral in London. The original St. Paul's Cathedral was initially destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666, while the second building has also been damaged by fire, and by bombs, most recently in the Second World War.

The Empire State Building was completed in 1931. It is the fourth-tallest building in New York City.

The Empire State Building, in New York City, was designed by William F. Lamb and is one of the best examples of Modernist Art Deco architecture. This building creates a lot of revenue, most of which comes from its viewing decks.

The John Hancock Tower, in Boston, is sometimes known for all the wrong reasons. This tower is presumably haunted, however, that does not detract from its architectural beauty.

Big Ben was completed in 1859 and is the largest clocktower in London. Its name actually refers to the large bell inside the clocktower itself, with the clocktower being named the Elizabeth Tower. It is part of the Palace of Westminster, known as the Houses of Parliament, which is the governmental seat of Britain. The tower was designed by famous architect Augustus Pugin and completed in 1859.

The Taj Mahal was completed in 1653 and is a beautiful monument to love comprising pure white marble, in Agra, India. The Taj Mahal was designed by architect Ustad Ahmad Lahauri and built in the 17th Century. The mausoleum was built for the wife of Moghal emperor Shah Jahan, Mumtaz Mahal.

A building can be more than just a compilation of its constituent materials.

Architecture not only provides character to buildings but also gives people a fair idea of the cultural identity of the people who utilize them.

Over the centuries, architectural styles have changed to accommodate the needs of the people, and also to reflect fashion. However, what has remained constant is that every building being created or renovated has a touch of cultural and the generational identity of its residents.


Who was the first architect?

Imhotep is regarded as the first recorded architect of the world. It is said that he constructed the Pyramid of Djoser and was also probably behind many other architectural marvels of ancient Egypt.

How long is an architecture degree?

The amount of time required to complete architectural degrees is usually variable. While in some places the entire education can take as many as five years, still other places may require less of a time commitment. At the same time, it is also important that architects gather practical working experience before they can be certified fit for building huge structures.

What is N-tier architecture?

Architecture is not a term that can be confined to just the construction of buildings. This term is also used in the building of software. The same is the case with the term N-tier architecture, a system by which people develop multi-functioning software programs.

What is business architecture?

Business architecture refers to the internal architecture of a business and how it functions. Business architecture reveals a lot about the elements of an organization and how they function together.

What is Modernism in architecture?

Modernism in architecture refers to the use of concrete and reinforced steel. The designs are very minimal and focus on the utilitarian aspect. The aesthetic features are nearly always at right angles, and the colors are usually muted.

What is experimental Romanesque architecture?

Experimental Romanesque architecture consists of ribbed vaults and domes.

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