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Oct 25, 2023 By Joan Agie
Originally Published on Nov 19, 2021
Mickey Mouse is one of the famous Disney personas but he is not among the blue Disney characters.
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Animated characters and Disney princesses filled everyone's childhood with colors, Disney come up with a new movie every year, introducing some of the best characters to the world.

Although all the animated movies are loved by children worldwide, here are a few of those movies that stay in our memory for life. The Disney blue characters are those fun characters who go on a lot of many adventures building the story beautifully, these characters are almost the main lead in many movies.

Disney cast a lot of animated characters in their movie, all of which are carefully made to fit right for children. There is something new with every avatar that's introduced, however, the most common thing about them is they wear blue.

Disney believed that wearing blue gives their character a special form and makes them look more sharp and powerful.

The same can be seen in the movies which the production house released during special seasons such as Christmas. Sleeping Beauty can be seen wearing blue as a primary color in her outfits.

Although, this doesn't mean that the character doesn't wear other colors such as pink and purple.

The obsession which Disney has with the color blue can be seen even in the case of famous princesses such as Cinderella and Snow White. Every princess is different in her own ways, the young women that are represented as princesses often wear strong colors, which makes them look powerful and soft at the same time.

Thus, that's the reason why blue and green are such normal colors. Talking about the princess characters, Elsa is the only Disney princess who is shown to have magical powers, no other princess has that, not even Belle.

There are several touch-ups that are given to the girls and boys who are cast in the movie.

However, small touch-ups such as their costume colors or their pet, such as a frog or a deer, are essential. These things say a lot about the character, they represent the kindness and the elegant nature of the Disney characters.

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What is a blue character in Disney?

There is no such thing as a blue character, however, Disney producers talked about their inclination towards providing blue hues and blue outfits to characters.

'Aladdin' is one of the most famous Disney movies, and in it, the Genie is entirely blue and one can see Jasmine wearing a blue dress. The same can be said about the franchise avatar and beast.

When making animated movies, a lot about the characters is revealed through their clothes and the color in which they are painted.

Disney always chooses to paint their characters in strong colors, this represents a lot many meanings. However, it's rare to see princesses in pastel colors, colors such as purple, green and pink are more famous.

Disney also loves that not every princess needs to be pink, think of Jasmine and Alice. The motive behind giving the color blue to Disney princesses is also attached to breaking stereotypes.

Its often assumed that boys wear blue and girls wear pink.

Disney wishes to think differently and convey new meanings, for the same reasons a lot of Disney princesses can be seen wearing the color blue. Setting aside the 'only boys wear blue' stereotype and instilling new values in the children through their movies.

Why do Disney characters have blue eyes?

Earlier Disney characters mainly portrayed white characters, due to which characters such as Cinderella and Belle had blue eyes, because of their ethnicity and to make the movie more relevant to its audience, but that's not the case with every character.

There are many characters who today represent women and people of all cultures. Disney also has Asians and characters of color as well.

However, although the princess of the old Disney movies often had blue eyes, the same cannot be said about the Disney characters at present. A lot of characters have brown and green eyes, and a famous Disney princess, that is Jasmine, had brown eyes.

A few characters from the movie 'X-Men' too had brown eyes. Although earlier Disney princesses such as Alice had blue eyes, Snow White and Tiana had black eyes.

The Disney world is a famous amusement park that is themed with all the Disney movies with Disney characters roaming around to give a good experience to the visitors.

Which Disney characters are blue?

A lot of Disney princesses and some other characters are purely linked with the color blue. Cinderella and Ariel are known for their signature blue looks.

Some Disney films have characters who are blue-skinned. There are a lot of reasons behind that color choice, mainly they are blue-skinned to give the characters a little more depth. Famous characters such as the Genie and Raven are blue, even Stitch from 'Lilo and Stitch' and who can be seen in some movies of this franchise is blue.

Which Disney characters have blue hair?

Blue skin and blue eyes are common in old Disney characters. However, the new characters are more vivid in color and not all of them are blue as the classic earlier Disney characters.

Blue-skinned characters in Disney are no surprise to kids. Nonetheless, there is only one famous Disney character that has blue hair, all the others have blue skin or blue gowns or classic blue eyes. Hades from 'Descendants' has blue hair and black eyes.

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