Different Types Of Heels: Ultimate Women Fashion Guide Decoded!

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Bright colored women's shoes on a solid background.

Whether you are going to work on a Monday morning or it is a night out on a Saturday evening, heels can go with just about everything.

No wonder when women talk about fashion, footwear is an obvious topic of discussion, and the shear amount of range is mind boggling. We have all also heard about how uncomfortable and painful heels are, but you must know that not all heels provide the same level of comfort.

You walk in to a shoe shop and look for the exact kind of heels you had seen a lady wearing earlier. Generally, there are a total of three heel types: high, mid, and low.

All kinds of heels fall under these three categories.

Pumps, platforms, slingbacks, mules, stilettos, block and kitten heels are some heels that are in right now. Over the years, heels have greatly influenced the fashion industry.

High heels are no longer restricted to casual dressing but can also be worn at formal occasions with the proper dress. Interestingly, people often think heels to be tall shoes which is actually a misconception as heels can be small too.

Oxford shoes and loafer heels are great examples of low heeled shoes which are usually paired with trousers either in a formal setting or as casuals depending upon the setting. The fashion of heels has been constantly evolving for the past years with new kinds of heels being made, the existing ones being paired up with different outfits.

The current trend of the fashion industry is block heels, they are in trend and match a lot of outfits.

The fashion industry has always seen styles which take over people's wardrobe for sometime but then fade away, and this is not the case with some kinds of heels. There are a handful of high heels which have always been the go-to option for all fashionistas.

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What are the different types of women's heels?

You might have worn a number of heels throughout your life and chances are high that you still haven't had your hands on half of them, owing to their huge variety.

While some of them make you look tall and some of them are easier to walk in, all of them are sure to make you feel confident about yourself. A good pair of heels along with a matching outfit is the perfect combination for sky rocketing a person's confidence levels and their style quotient.

Let us now delve deeper into all the different kinds of women's heels.

Let us begin with kitten heels, after all, they have been in the market for a long period of time and can quite possibly be found in every other wardrobe. Usually, they fall under the category of low heels but they look quite good when paired with the correct outfit like sundresses and jeans.

On average, kitten heels are usually below 3 in (7.6 cm).

Block heels aren't as thin as some of the other heels, and distribute your body weight in a better way. A block heel paired with a mid-length dress is a wise choice.

Cuban heels make their way into the chart for comfort. Cuban heels are usually found on ankle boots and aren't very tall in height. Cuban heels are solid just like block heels and can be worn for formal events.

Comma heels, on the other hand, are more appealing with their shape and are extremely catchy. They aren't the tallest of heels but their crescent shape is unique.

Next we have a classic heel, spool heels. Unlike many other types, spool heels are wide at the top and bottom but narrow in the middle; this design gives spool heels a different look.

The heel type originated from Europe, and interestingly, the French heel takes inspiration from spool heels. When differentiating between the two types, French heels are simpler than spool heels as the latter has a curvy look.

Ankle strap heels is a kind of heeled shoe but with a strap around the ankle. Some ankle strap heels also have a slingback strap for extra protection.

A timeless heel you must have is cone heels as they have been in fashion for long and are versatile in nature. Cone heels are easy to walk in owing to a thick and sturdy base.

As the name suggests, these peep toe heels are shoes which have a small hole in the front for the peep toe. Peep toe heels add a vintage look to any outfit as they have been in fashion for quite some time.

Let us now take a look at the two kinds of heeled boots. Heeled boots have been in fashion for ages, flare heeled boots are types of heeled boots which are shorter than high heeled boots.

This type of heel is often known as chunky heels owing to the look they give along with the outfit. They are also covered heels.

High heeled boots can be of both suede, as well as, leather. People are often seen wearing high heeled boots with denim shorts to get a dramatic feel and look. Talking about heels often worn by people, platform heels are one of the most common heels owing to their comfort factor.

They are a bit chunky but very comfy. The added material under the sole of this heel makes platform heels this comfortable.

Slingback heels often sport peep toes look or platform heels owing to the comfort factor. Wedge heels are arguably the only high heels that compete with platform high heels in terms of comfort.

The soles of wedge heels are great in weight distribution which make them very comfortable to wear. Wedge sandals or peep toe wedges are some of the most common shoe types which have wedge heels and are the easiest heels to walk in.

Additionally, espadrille shoes also have wedge heel at times to provide comfort to women. Wedges are rated as the most comfortable heels, even above the cone heel and ankle boots.

These days, wedges are extensively worn during casual outings. You can also spot people wearing wedges with formal outfits during the day.

If you are looking for a high heel with a bold statement, corset heels are your go to option with their tightly tied laces. This type of heel is often worn by beginners for their ease but are still quite glamorous.

Cut out heels is another type of high heel which is glamorous and bold at the same time. Cut out heels are usually 3-4 in (7.6-10 cm) long.

Knee length dresses are often a good choice for this type of heel.

Foot wear like mule heels and the stiletto heel are exactly contrary to each other. Mules are extremely comfortable as they do not have a back and can be worn easily, whereas, stilettos are only for experts.

Stilettos are the tallest of all heel types and this high heel can be high as 8 in (20 cm). Stilettos can be found in the wardrobe of every fashionista who is capable of wearing these high heels with proper style and etiquette.

What are the most common heels?

There are a number of heel types which have been in market for a long amount of time and have been the go to option in their owner's wardrobe. The most common types of heels which exist are either bought on the basis of their comfort level or how beautiful they look wearing.

When it comes to heels, beauty often beats comfort.

Among all the types of heels in the world, stilettos are undoubtedly the most common heel type just because of how beautiful and elegant they look.

These high heels are also one of the most difficult ones to wear due to their thin heels but you can still find at least a pair of stilettos in the majority of women's wardrobe because these shoes have not gone out of style.

Stilettos are quite tall and can go as high as 8 in (20 cm).

Stilettos are available in different styles such as pumps and open toe sandals. Stilettos are also known as pointy heels, owing to their look.

The next most common heel type offers exactly opposite to what stilettos offer. The kitten heel offers a lot more comfort than the stiletto heel because of its low heel.

Some time back, these heels were considered not that fashionable but they have come back in fashion due to the comfort of their low heel and the fact that they are now available in more styles such as sandals, flip flops, and various other shoe types.

How high are women's heels?

High heels never go out of fashion for their stunning looks and their eye catching style. However, nowadays, you can also find a pair of low heeled shoes on the wish list of every shopaholic. The shear comfort and the ability to wear this shoe for the entire day often outweighs the extra style factor of high heeled shoes.

The average height of a women's heel is around 2-3 in (5-7.6 cm), this height is neither too low nor too high. Even a beginner can get a heel of this height and wear comfortably for some time.

Heels go as high as 8 in (20 cm), and you can usually find this kind of high heel in stilettos. The height gives the shoe an added style factor and also makes the person wearing it look taller.

Various experts often say to prefer comfort over style when looking for a heel that you would need to wear for long durations at a stretch. The perfect heel height is between 1-3 in (2.5-7.6 cm).

What are the different types of pumps heels?

Pumps can be considered as the allrounder heel. Over the years, a pair of pump heels have been a must in the cabinet of every women.

You can wear pumps to your corporate meetings and then wear a different pair of them for socializing whether at a restaurant with a dress or at the club with a pair of jeans.

The pump heel is neither very tall nor very short and is just the perfect size. They are usually as high as 2-3 in (5-7.6 cm). A square heel or a high heel with a pump shoe have always been a good option.

At the same time, people often go for chunky pumps with a relevant outfit. A slingback shoe is also often made along with pump heels. Some of the other types of pump heels include mid pumps and d'orsay pumps.

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