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Deciding the name of a production company is something that most people find super tough.

There are five major studios in Hollywood with over a thousand different production companies. Out of these, Warner Bros is one of the biggest and most famous production companies in the industry.

Other production company names include 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios and more. For the head of a production company, the Production Supervisor, it is important to find a name that resonates well with the audience and makes them remember your brand always.

Here are more than 150 ideas for good studio names, entertainment company names and film company names. If you’d like, you can also have a look at these cafe names that are funny, cute, or famous and these seafood restaurant names to dive into.

Romance Film Company Names

Looking for production companies names for studios that want to specialise in romance movies? Picking company names ideas for romance movies can be tricky and you need to pick a business name that reflects on your work well. Here is a list of unique ideas for names of entertainment companies that make romantic movies.

1. Aerial Skies Media House

2. Apple Orchards Media Studios

3. April Skies Film Production House

4. Blue Heaven Film Studio

5. Cat Femme Film Production House

6. Femme Solar Film Production House

7. Golden Threads Entertainment Media

8. Halo Hearts Film Studio

9. Lemon Lullaby Media Studios

10. Lemon Shine Film Production House

11. Lonely Hearts Entertainment Media

12. Love Moon Entertainment

13. Neptune House Media Studios

14. Orange Tree Entertainment Media

15. Pink Fuzz Film Company

16. Pink Lemons Film Production House

17. Pumpkin Rain Media Company

18. Sandy Rain Film Company

19. Stardust Entertainment Media

20. Sugar Beets Film Company

21. Summer Sands Film Studio

22. Summer Skies Film Studio

23. Sunday Rain Film Company

24. Sweet Air Entertainment Media

25. Sweet Blueberries Entertainment

26. Tangy Mangos Film Production House

27. Water Love Production House

28. White Dove Film Studio

29. White Sunday Film Company

30. Yellow Strings Film Production House

Comedy Film Company Names

Numerous production companies produce comedy films and some of them have the most hilarious names you will ever come across.

A comedy production business is an excellent venture to start and company names play a huge role in its success. If you love making comedy movies and wish to make a name for yourself in the same way, here are funny production company names and cool film company names that will suit your comedy production company.

You can pick a production company name as it is or add your own touch to it with minor tweaks.

31. Apple Plums Production Company

32. Artichoke Media Entertainment Company

33. Birdie Smiles Media House

34. Big Monkeys Film Studios

35. Brain Stew Production Company

36. Brown Dog Production Business

37. Chatty Cats Production Company

38. Chatty Cavemen Film Studios

39. Cheeky Kitties Media Entertainment

40. Funny Daisies Production Company

41. Fuzzy Clowns Film Entertainment Company

42. Giggle Puppets Media Films

43. Giggly Monkeys Film Studios

44. Happy Maddy Entertainment Company

45. Hot Sauce Media Studios

46. Jelly Bros Production Company

47. Jiggly Toes Media Entertainment

48. Jolly Tumblers Media Film Studios

49. Looney Balloons Production Company

50. Looney Lilies Film Studios

51. Naughty Cows Media Entertainment

52. Panic And Plum Production Company

53. Rocking Horse Productions

54. Rocky Rains Production Company

55. Silver Clown Production Company

56. Smiling Lilies Media Films

57. Spinning Rivers Production Company

58. Still Jolly Film Studio

59. Tweaky Lines Entertainment Media

60. Wonder World Production Company

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Horror Film Company Names

Naming a production company can be tough. Are you looking for a name for a production company or a name for a media company?

Your search for names for studios is finally over. A horror production company name should be able to instill fear in the hearts of the audience to give your business a steely edge over other competitors in the market.

Here is a list of names for entertainment companies dealing in the horror genre. Pick a unique name from this list and transform your production business into the best production company.

61.Acid Rain Media Company

62. Astral Black Horror Films

63. Bad Robot Entertainment Media

64. Black Bird Horror Productions

65. Black Peas Horror Films

66. Black Stew Entertainment Media

67. Blade Horror Film Studios

68. Blazing Slades Horror Studio

69. Chasing Humans Film Studios

70. Funky Monkey Media Entertainment

71. Freaky Cow Horror Studios

72. Freaky Hats Film Studios

73. Giggly Babies Horror Films

74. Half Moon Horror Productions

75. Killing Tulips Media Company

76. Leopard On The Wall Studios

77. Midnight Dance Horrors

78. Moroccan Horror Studios

79. Scary Bros Studios

80. Screaming Sheep Media Company

81. Silver Eyes Media Company

82. Studio Crazy Cathy

83. Studio Evil Eye

84. Studio Fisheye Stew

85. Studio Ninety Nine Knives

86. Studio Shrieking Monkeys

87. Studio Toxic Sauce

88. Toxic Daisies Film Media

89. Urban Toxicity Horror Studios

90. Wolf Moon Media Company

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Indie Film Company Names

Picking Indie film production company names can be difficult. You never know which business name would suit your essence and it is very important to pick film production company names that people will love.

If you love making indie movies and are looking for film production company names, company name ideas or studio names, here is a list of the best company names, production company names and studios names. You can use these names ideas as they are or add a nice twist of your own.

91. Black Fish Indie House

92. Cactus Flower Media Films

93. Chatty Crabs Indie House

94. Cold Fire Media Company

95. Cold Rain Film Studios

96. Dahlia Dreams Media Films

97. Desert Champion Media Company

98. Desert Rain Indie Films

99. Dream Rain Studios

100. Firefly Lane Media Entertainment

101. Flaming Hearts Indie House

102. Folk Magic Studios

103. Folk Rave Indie Studios

104. Igniting Minds Indie House

105. Indieomatic Studios

106. Indie Scribe Studios

107. Limitless Rains Entertainment Media

108. Local Monkeys Indie House

109. Moira Rose Indie House

110. Oaky Roses Media House

111. Project Rose Indie

112. Project Silly Smiles

113. Red Hot Lilies Indie House

114. Rosewood Peaks Media Films

115. Scaly Fishes Indie House

116. Spotlight Cactus Indie House

117. Studio Indie Limes

118. Studio Peppermint Indie

119. Studio Yellow Dandelions

120. Sunny Lemonades Indie House

Documentary Movie Company Names

Deciding on a business name for a documentary film studio is tough. If you are looking for a production company name and wish to decide on a business name quickly, you must look at these amazing name ideas for your company.

Here is a list of names ideas for a documentary company. Pick any of these names ideas and give a superb business name to your media film company, soon to be the best production company around!

121. 99 Yellow Eggs Studios

122. Argo Film Studios

123. Black Horse Entertainment Media

124. Blue Skies Film Studios

125. Cherry Tree Media Films

126. Curiosity Documentary Media Films

127. Dawn Light Film Studios

128. Grey Skies Documentary Films

129. Judgement Day Studios

130. Infinite Colors Media Films

131. Iron Hands Entertainment Media

132. Lemon Heritage Films

133. Magic Snakes Media Films

134. Minty Lemonades Film Studios

135. Miss Sunshine Documentary Films

136. Pacific Lights Media Films

137. Polar Bear Documentary Media

138. Project Brilliance

139. Project Cactus Flowers

140. Project Scrappers

141. Project Sunshine

142. Rebel Sunshine Studios

143. Red Dawn Entertainment Media

144. Seven Seas Film Studios

145. Soft Focus Documentary Studios

146. Studio Solar Eyes

147. Studio Tandem Lights

148. Sundial Entertainment Media

149. Triple Sunshine Documentary Media

150. Velvet Legend Media Films

151. Yellow Thunder Film Studios

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions naming your production company, then why not take a look at these bed and breakfast names or something different like these unique beach house names?

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