National Color Day

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National Color Day is the day to paint happiness with your favorite color.

Where is National Color Day celebrated?

National Color Day is celebrated in the USA by all the artists, painters, and individuals who are interested in the meaning of colors.

Who celebrates National Color Day?

Everyone who enjoys the uniqueness of the colors around them and who loves and cherishes every beautiful aspect of the world celebrates this day. It is also celebrated by those who are willing to embrace that the beauty of colors lies in how vividly different they are.

When did National Color Day first start?

National Color Day first began in 2009 as an attribute to different colors.

Who started National Color Day?

General Motors started National Color Day as part of promotions for a new Chevrolet in 2009.

History And Timeline

Red ochre is one of the oldest colors globally that is still in use. This color can be found in cave paintings from around 5000 BCE and is still used today. Color has always been an essential part of the Earth, and every color has a theme or idea attached to it.

Cave Paintings

Red ochre is one of the oldest colors still in use. Its first recorded use was in prehistoric cave paintings.

5000 BCE

Colour Wheel

Sir Isaac Newton discovered the visible spectrum of light and studied the different wavelengths and intensities of light.

17th Century

Gothe's Color Theory

Johann Wolfgang von Gothe was an artist who tried to analyze the psychological elements of color, and this laid the foundation for color theory.


Duboscq's Colorimeter

A colorimeter is an instrument that measures the absorbency of light waves. This was invented in 1870 by Jules Duboscq, a French photographer.


The Munsell Color System

The system was an early attempt at forming an accurate method for numerically defining colors. Alfred Munsell, an American painter, invented this.


Traditions And Customs

Various colors have different meanings like some associate purple with power, brown is linked with ruggedness, black is often linked with fear, white is linked with peacefulness, some associate red with strength, yellow is linked with happiness, green is linked with relaxation, blue is linked with freedom and some associate pink with good health.

Many people believe this, and this concept influences many decisions, like the color of someone's clothes, the color they paint their house or the color of the car they buy.

National Color Day encourages people to try new bold, vibrant, and natural colors, something they may not have been fond of earlier.

Bright, contrasty colors that stand out and colors that may not necessarily seem to match are also worn on this day.

Ways To Observe And Celebrate National Color Day

You can celebrate National Color Day by engaging in arts and crafts. Paint without regard for any preconceived notions about color.

Let your imagination run wild and be vibrant with colors while painting. Wearing clothes in your favorite colors and maybe even those that are your least favorite can be a way to appreciate the beauty of different colors. Wear contrasting colors and items that make you stand out if you want to mix and match.

Facts And Stats

  • National Color Day is celebrated to acknowledge the duality of people's relationship with colors.
  • National Color Day is the day to enjoy the excitement of painting something with your favorite color.
  • National Color Day is celebrated on October 22 annually.

What is Monday's color?

The color of Monday is said to be yellow.

Who started National Color Day?

National Color Day was started by General Motors as part of promotions for a new Chevrolet in 2009.

What is the significance of National Color Day?

National Color Day helps us take a moment, pause, and appreciate the beauty of the colors around us.

When is National Color Day?

National Color Day is celebrated every year on October 22.

Why do people celebrate National Color Day?

People celebrate National Color Day to embrace the beauty of the colorful things around them and celebrate the fact that the beauty of these colors lies in their diversity.

When Is This Day Celebrated

  • Thursday, October 22, 2020
  • Friday, October 22, 2021
  • Saturday, October 22, 2022
  • Sunday, October 22, 2023
  • Tuesday, October 22, 2024

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