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One of the best Pokémon Go facts is that Nintendo's market value increased after the launch of  Pokémon Go.
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Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that was developed and released in 2016 by Niantic by collaborating with the Pokémon Franchise and Nintendo.

It was designed for iOS and Android devices which were available in the Google play store and Apple app store and received massive popularity amongst fans of all ages. Fans, as well as non-fans of Pokemon, went bonkers with it so much so that it even garnered multiple awards and award nominations.

The game was intended to be played on mobile devices that had GPS and the main motive of the game was to find, capture, train, and fight virtual beings known as Pokémon or Pocket Monsters.

This free game was designed to make the said wild Pokemon appear on screen as if they exist in the real-world location of the player.

It primarily earned revenue through local advertising and in-app purchases and the number of new Pokemon species and Pokémon characters leaped from 150 to around 700 by 2021.

In 2016, it became one of the most profitable and most used mobile apps, having been downloaded around 500 million times all around the world including the US, South Korea, UK, Australia, and many other countries by 2017.

Amongst all Pokémon games, this one was highly praised but criticized at the same time due to various technical problems android users and IOS users faced after the game launched.

It helped people play in popular locations thereby popularizing them because of their location-based AR technology aided by Google maps, promoted physical activity, and additionally helped sponsored locations grow popular due to players gathering near them after they started playing.

But, it attracted criticism because of accidents caused because Pokémon Go players didn't play safely.

Some of the most noteworthy Pokemon Go facts are; 5% of Android users in the US got the Pokémon Go app within two days of its release. By July 20, 2017, the number of players of Pokémon Go reached 30 million. Pokémon Go increased Nintendo's market value to $7.5 billion in the first week.

Pokémon Go brought old Pokémon games back to life in the market and due to the nature of the game had a positive impact on people by urging them outside to move around, something no other game had previously done and helped to cure inactiveness.

Pokemon Go players also learned about the metric system because they needed to convert miles to kilometers to play the main feature game called eggs.

One hilarious instance of Pokemon obsession was when one Pokémon Go player spotted a Pokémon on his spouse's hospital bed while she was giving birth. Pokémon Go has also helped bring people together while playing, with new friendships forming. Many players also mentioned the game promoted mental health.

One person literally minted money out of the game by selling his Pokémon Go account online for over £7,000. In New York, there is a bus that charges players to drop them at Pokestops, gyms, and also egg-hatching. Pokémon Go live events also helped generate considerable tourism revenue.

In 2020, Pokemon Go was still going despite the impact of Covid-19.

Despite the fact many players could not venture outside their homes, the monthly active users of Pokémon Go grew up to 15% in the first five months, and spending money spiked 49% because of the changes made.

2020 was the game's most profitable year because of certain changes in the game like doubling the players' radius, increasing spawn points and permitting them to take steps indoors.

This game is still popular in 2021 and is played by multiple players worldwide.

If you're looking for some of the best Pokémon Go facts about this iconic video game including the mystery box, team mystic, other new Pokémon, and the like, in this article, you will find some interesting Pokémon Go facts that will blow you away!

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How do you play Pokémon Go?

To play Pokémon Go the first thing to do is to download the Pokémon Go app on the player's mobile device, available on iOS or Android devices, create an account, and log in.

There are three different pokemon characters to choose from initially. The next steps, Pokemon Go offers are basically tips and small walkthroughs about how to play the game.

These three basic steps the Pokémon Go players need to follow are: catch pokémon characters, visit the pokéstops, and battle in the gyms. To catch a pokémon, Pokemon Go players need to walk around with the app open.

The phone will buzz whenever there are pokémon characters are nearby. Tap on the pokémon that appears on the map, and catch the Pokémon.

The Combat Power of a pokémon can be increased with stardust, a generic item, and a rare pokémon specific candy which are also used to evolve Pokémon. Pokéstops are notable landmarks on the map where Pokemon Go players can get items.

One famous Pokestop is the Bloomington Visitor Center at Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

You can bring pokemon, catch and fight Pokemon and this can help to gain more experience which helps to level up your character. It's an intense game that develops knowledge of navigation and metric systems.

In-game locations like gyms are mainly tied to important real-world areas where Pokémon Go players can battle other trainers. It can additionally help your pokémon gain prestige points that are associated with the gym which additionally grants daily rewards of pokécoins and stardust.

Pokemon from your collection can be added to the gym where the pokemon can help to uphold the gym's safety.

Pokemon battles in Pokémon Go are akin to the Game Boy game that people play where the Pokémon are made to face off one-on-one. The battle continues until one of the pokémon faints.

Pokémon can be healed or restored by using potions and revives that any pokemon Go player can buy after visiting pokéstops. Two types of attacks are used, one is continuous tapping that delivers minor damages to the opponent and the other attack is unleashed by tap and holding that can release a special attack.

Is Pokémon Go safe?

Pokémon Go is a fairly safe game to play if the player plays the game safely and keeps their eyes and ears open to the environment around them.

However, despite being issued warnings prior to playing, there still have been casualties and accidents linked to Pokémon Go.

Two men had fallen off a cliff in San Diego while they were busy playing Pokémon Go but were not watching where they were going. Another similar incident occurred when one teenager got hit by a moving car while crossing the road as she was playing Pokémon Go and not watching the road.

Therefore, while welcoming Pokémon Go players to play, Nintendo has also sent messages warning drivers to drive safely. This seemingly addictive game can even lead young and naive players into dangerous or uncomfortable situations, like walking into abandoned buildings or even sacred temple grounds.

As part of the game, players are asked to provide personal data. Due to it's popularity, people are generally happy to share their information willingly without thinking through any possible data issues. Nintendo also asks players to allow the app certain permissions, which means they obtain access to data to know even more about the Pokémon Go player.

This smartphone game created by Niantic basically works by turning the real world into a playing board as it needs camera access to recreate the environment, location of Pokémon Go players, personal name and email id. for registration and other permissions as well.

It can track where a player is in most cases because the app requires to switch on the GPS and location so as to locate Pokemon around them. Signing up with a Google account also gives access to all personal data including Google photos and Drive files as well.

Therefore, signing up with a Pokemon account is recommended for security.

It keeps the player protected from the perspective of anybody having access to personal information. The app can collect sensitive information, such as location, inbound\outbound emails, contacts, SMS as well as IM activity, and so on.

Lastly, one of the major problems one can encounter while using Pokémon Go is that there is also a high risk of encountering a vicious software bug called malware which makes it easier for hackers to access personal information linked to that account.

Due to its popularity, many people are willing to download and play a game by any means necessary, even if that includes getting it from untrustworthy sources.

It is highly advised not to download this game from an untrusted source because Pokémon Go players have a high risk of being susceptible to exploitation kits, trojans, worms, C&C kits, ransomware, and others which can put people in great danger.

Ever since the game's launch, Pokemon Go became highly successful for Niantic, Nintendo, and the Pokemon franchise!

Tips And Tricks To Play Pokémon Go

There are quite a few tricks that Pokémon Go players can have up their sleeve while playing this highly intriguing and engaging game which keeps users occupied for hours at a time and gives them well-needed exercise as well.

The first tip any Pokémon Go enthusiast should follow is to buy an external battery because this game is notorious for draining the phone batteries of most users because this app runs constantly.

One of the major things to remember, especially for older fans of Pokémon who have played Nintendo Gameboy versions of the game, is that there are no pokémon centers in the game, Pokémon Go. To revive a fainted Pokémon, players will have to rely on revives and potions which are the only way to recover fainted or injured pokémon.

Do not evolve your Pokemon unless you are a level 10 because the CP boost received from evolution increases the character level. Riders and teenagers can keep in mind that bicycle rides are faster ways to hatch Pokémon eggs promptly and also to stay hydrated when catching Pokémon or biking outside to hatch said eggs.

Additionally, the augmented reality interface does not give you the real-life Pokemon catching experience. You can consider switching it off to see pokémon in the real world. However, this trick makes the camera consume more battery life.

The most important trick of all to play Pokémon Go is to stay alert and keep one's eyes open to the surroundings, as well as to people and vehicles nearby. Make sure your common sense is functioning while playing this game because no software will tell you about the dangers a certain location or area can pose to you.

Don't venture into dangerous locations just to catch a rare Pokemon and risk your safety. And most importantly, don't play Pokémon Go while driving.

Since Pokémon Go relies on the data provided by Google Maps you can download the map from Google straight away to help lessen the battery drainage caused by the app and the data consumption as well.

In order to avoid privacy-related issues, always create a Pokemon account over an automatic and easier Google sign-in. You can also de-escalate the permission of the app by making an account with Pokémon Go which is quite easy to do and is not very time-consuming.

Privacy is also a major factor when it comes to Pokémon Go. It's always good to keep yourself one step ahead so you don't lose any sensitive information to hackers looking to gain access to your personal information.

Consider what ways you can add extra protection to your phone to keep you protected. In order to feel protected and stay protected, most importantly, try adding more protection to your device by installing or buying licensed antivirus/antimalware solutions to prevent malware attacks.

An additional layer of protection is not going to do your phone any harm and will additionally detect threats. It is always wise to read the privacy policy of the app to discover what data can be accessed and stored, and how it will be used by manufacturers such as Nintendo.

Most readers do not bother to read or follow this information and just blindly consent to the app's terms and conditions. This game easily shows you how your information is shared if you know where to look.

One such Easter egg in the game is the page that shows 'Is your personal information shared?' if you scroll down to the privacy policy.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Pokémon Go facts that can make you excited to catch!, then why not take a look at Disney world facts, or Walt Disney childhood?

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