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Ric Flair nicknames are extremely popular with wrestling fans.

Richard Morgan Fliehr (commonly known simply as Ric Flair) is an American professional wrestler who is considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time by people all over the world.

Many experts contend his birth name to be either Fred Phillips or Fred Demaree Stewart. He has been married several times in his life, and his wives are Leslie Goodman, Elizabeth Flair, Tiffany Vandemark, Jacqueline Jackie Beems, and Wendy Barlow.

Apart from his popular nickname, 'The Nature Boy,' Ric Flair is known by several nicknames. Please continue reading for some of the most popular Ric Flair nicknames, including his famous wrestling moves, such as the leg lock.

Cool Ric Flair Nicknames

Ric Flair started making appearances on television with a Big Gold Belt and called himself 'The Real World Champion' with his NWA World Title.

These cool Ric Flair nicknames listed below would make Ric Flair appear even cooler! So, do have a peek at some of these cool nicknames for Ric Flair:

  • Anti-Villian - is a term that makes for the perfect nickname because he was an Anti-Villian wrestler.
  • Flayer - is an alternate variation of Flair with a side reference to 'The Mind Flayer,' a character from the popular Sci-Fi series 'The Stranger Things.'
  • I Da! Ba-Loot! - A specially-crafted nickname that's a reference to his promo style!
  • Jet Flyin' - This is a nickname derived from one of his most famous quotes.
  • Kiss Stealin' - This is a nickname derived from one of his most famous quotes mentioned in the article above.
  • Limousine Ridin' - is a nickname derived from one of his most famous quotes.
  • Naitch - This is an adopted nickname of Ric after it was known that he had a doppelganger in the WCW called 'Little Naitch.'
  • Naitcha' Boy - A derived variation of the nickname 'Naitch.'
  • Nobleman of Fury - This nickname has a Japanese origin from 'Kyouran no Kikoushi,' which has the meaning of 'The Rampaging Noble.'

Popular Ric Flair Nicknames

Popular nicknames are a popular choice amongst people looking for nicknames. So, if you are in search of some popular Ric Flair  nicknames, then they are listed below:

  • Ramblin - is a perfect funny nickname for Ric because he's always rambling!
  • Rambling Ricky - is a variation of 'Ramblin' that is a part of one of his most famous quotes.
  • Richie - is a cute nickname for Ric Flair.
  • Ricky Rhodes - is a famous nickname for Ric Flair, another name he goes by.
  • Slick Ric - is a funny nickname for Ric Flair with a side reference to the namesake American rapper.
  • Son Of A Gun - is a nickname derived from one of his most famous quotes mentioned in the article above.
  • Space Mountain - is a nickname that refers to Ric's crotch rocket which he refers to with this name.
  • Stylin’-profilin' - is a nickname derived from one of his most famous quotes.

Awesome Ric Flair Nicknames

Ric Flair's stage name was - 'The Black Scorpion Ric Flair.' If that's not an awesome name, then who knows what is! Nonetheless, here are some equally awesome Ric Flair nicknames. These are as follows:

  • The Alimony Pony - is a funny nickname as he's been married five times, so there is no need to explain this nickname.
  • The Dirtiest Player In The Game - is a great nickname. According to several experts, Ric had quite the outrageous skillset and was the 'complete package,' thus getting him this nickname!
  • The Golden Stallion - is a super creative nickname for Ric Flair!
  • The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time - is a nickname he used for himself and the world!
  • The Man - is a cool nickname inspired by the quote, 'The Man, The Myth, The Legend -  Ric Flair'!
  • The Master Of The Figure-four - is a fantastic nickname. The figure-four is a signature wrestling movie, and because Ric had mastered it - this nickname's perfect for him, eh?
  • The Nature Boy - is one of those popular nicknames that originated because Flair began calling him the name himself. Flair won a match when he used that nickname and continued using it, making it the perfect nickname for Ric.

Best Ric Flair Nicknames

If you are looking for some simple nicknames which are also classy alongside the best in the business, then you are in luck because given below are some of the best nicknames for Ric Flair:

  • The Original Party Animal - is a fascinating nickname. Ric was considered one of the wrestling world's biggest party animals, hence the nickname!
  • The Real World's Champion -  is a self-owned nickname for Ric Flair!
  • The Sixty-Minute Man - is an awesome and creative nickname for Ric Flair!
  • Wheelin’-Dealin' - is a nickname derived from one of his most famous quotes mentioned in the article above.
  • Wooo - is a term that makes for an awesome nickname because it's Ric's favorite catchphrase.
  • Wrestling God - is what Ric as well the world considered him, making for the perfect nickname!

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