19 The Little Prince Facts: Get Inspired By The Message Of This Story

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Originally Published on Apr 05, 2022
The Little Prince with a rose, a planet and a fox

French literature has a very powerful impact on readers across the globe, one such book from French literature is 'The Little Prince'.

This mysterious and adventurous book is written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The author is a writer and as well a military aviator which explains how detailed the book is on airports and on flying.

There are many illustrations in the novel or in the novella. These illustrations are published for the very reason to give the reader a little bit more clarity white reading through this book by Saint-Exupéry.

Characters Of The Little Prince

There aren't many main characters in the novel. 'The Little Prince' was also known as the little boy is the narrator and also the protagonist of the novel.

The plot follows the storyline of how the narrator, the little boy, is on an island alone and has crashed his aircraft.

This is taken from Saint-Exupéry and his very own experience as a pilot. He shares his own tale in form of this published book.

When the author Saint-Exupéry was still writing the book, he was traveling from one place to another.

This can be seen in the storyline too. Places such as Long Island and some other places of South America are present in the book. These are extracted from Saint-Exupéry's very own experiences.

Saint-Exupéry draws a character with the name Rose. Many believe that Rose is a character that seeks inspiration from the author's ex-wife.

As the title gives us a little idea about the overall book, this book mainly revolves around the little prince.

The writer Saint-Exupéry also describes places such as Montreal in his book.

Movie Vs. Novel

The book 'The Little Prince' got so famous that it was soon converted into a movie in the year 2015.

Before the book's adaptation to the movie, the book also had nay other adaptations in form of musicals. Bob Fosse and Gene Wilder can be seen in those adaptations.

The book was published after the author, Saint-Exupéry passed away. It didn't get the publishing rights, due to the author's exile.

The movie of this book follows a rich cast and some of them are Paul Rudd who played Mr prince, Mackenzie Foy, as the friend of the narrator.

Other characters such as Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, and names such as Albert Brooks are also part of this movie.

The movie is very different from the book. The movie follows the story where the entire history of 'The Little Prince' is being told by someone else.

The book however is the story that is first-hand narrated by the prince.

In the film, a little girl makes friends with an old aviator neighbor, who tells her about a little prince.

The old aviator tells her the story of how he met another aviator stranded in a desert. Later he tells how the body that was of the prince was never discovered.

The Little Prince on a planet in beautiful night sky

Awards Won By The Little Prince

This entire novella is written and also illustrated by the famous french author Saint-Exupéry.

This fantastic movie won many awards and many people couldn't stop singing praises of Saint-Exupéry.

This movie won the 'Best Animated Series Or Film On Television' award along with other awards such as the 'Best Animated Film' Award.


Let's look into the message of 'The Little Prince'.

Saint-Exupéry indeed poured his heart and experiences out into this book. As a result, the original copy of this book is a part of the museum, Hakone, in Japan.

The book takes the reader on a joyride to countless life lessons. Nonetheless, the most important lesson from this tale by saint exupéry is to find beauty in all things.

The book also talks about how we must look after our planet.

To many readers this book is a sweet and sour tale, however many others find it inspiring and courageous at the same time.


What is the climax of 'The Little Prince'?

The climax of this book talks about how the little prince now returns to his planet.

What does the rose symbolize in 'The Little Prince'?

The rose in this book is a symbol of love. It also gives a very important lesson, about how there are many other roses that look similar to each other but the prince only likes that one rose.

Is 'The Little Prince' a real story?

No, the story is not entirely real, it draws a connection from the author's real-life incidents from time to time.

What is the little prince's real name?

The little prince is not given a name in the book. Many readers believe the book draws a close connection with the author's very own experiences.

What is the main message of 'The Little Prince'?

The main moral of the story is to find beauty in the most ordinary things. To have the courage to look under the simple things and find them beautiful.

What is interesting about 'The Little Prince'?

There is a reason why 'The Little Prince' is still a very famous book. This is because it touches on unique topics such as growing up and childhood along with giving important life lessons.

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