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Movie culture is a big part of the world

Stories have a way of capturing people's hearts.

People love characters that resonate with them. They also provide entertainment through movies.

Movie culture is a big part of the world. Kids look up to their favorite characters and get engrossed in their stories.

Action figures, shows, musicals, and even TV series spinoffs are based on the popularity of children's favorite movies. Some are obsessed with action figures and adventure stories, while others prefer princesses and stories of overcoming difficulties and finding love. Most of the time, people enjoy both!

Disney has been famous for making movies that have princesses as their main characters. Walt Disney, the creator of the famous cartoon 'Mickey Mouse,' portrayed his venture with the famous 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.'

Then followed 'Cinderella,' 'Sleeping Beauty,' 'The Little Mermaid,' 'Aladdin,' 'Pocahontas,' 'Mulan,' and the famous 'Frozen.'

Though it has been over five years since the release of the first 'Frozen' movie, it is touted as one of the best sellers in the Disney princess collection.

So, even seven years after its release the craze continues, its title song echoes through every little girl's room, and the iconic 'Frozen' dresses are still a popular choice for a birthday party.

The princesses are based on a real story from different cultures. It includes stories of German, Arabic, Chinese, French and Slovakian culture.

The stories are twisted up and some own bits are added by the production team. Some of the stories are written for a universal appeal to kids and adults, others are to provide an entertainment value.

Since movies based on Disney princesses began appearing four decades ago, that is in the 1980s, the age of Disney princesses isn't constant. Though most of the Disney princesses are in their teens, when 'Frozen' was released, Elsa's age was given as 21.

Princess Tiana and Cinderella were known to be the oldest Disney princesses before that.

They are both 19 years of age. Some people say that these are nonconventional princesses, as in they were not princesses by birth, but rather by marriage.

Snow White, Aurora, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Merida, Ariel, and Pocahontas are princesses by birth. But, whatever the case these female leads have proven themselves to be the princess in the story, even if they were not born in a royal family.

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Who is the youngest Disney princess?

The age of Disney princesses ranges from the age of 14-21. The earliest princesses are younger in age while those whose movies which came later are older.

The youngest Disney princess is Snow White in 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.' It came out in 1937. The movie is adapted from the German Fairy tale, the Grimms tales. The original Snow White story came out in 1812 and was written by Brothers Grimm.

It is the first full-length animated movie produced by Disney. It was a commercial success, and one of the biggest grossing films of that time. It grossed about $8 million.

The story goes as follows. Snow White is a princess, and her parents both died at a very young age.

Thus she became an orphan early in her childhood. She lives with her stepmother, who is also the Queen of the Kingdom. Jealous of Snow White's beauty, at a very young age, the queen decided to put her through hardships.

She thought that by working as a maid, Snow White's beauty might get diminished. She had a magical mirror.

She used to ask the mirror from time to time, asking who is the most beautiful among all. The popular phrase 'Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the fairest of them all,' is the one etched in viewers' minds until now.

Every time, the magic mirror would answer 'You, my queen'. But one fine day, the Magic Mirror replied that Snow White was the fairest of all.

This did not sit well with her stepmother, and she banished Snow White into the forest. There she met the prince while she was alone and singing. They both meet up and fall in love with each other.

The stepmother looking at all this through her mirror could not stand Snow White's happiness and ordered the Huntsman to kill her. Snow White escaped to the forest where she was helped by dwarfs, and later when the Queen tried to poison her with a poisonous apple, the prince came and saved her.

How young is the youngest Disney Princess?

Disney princess characters are infamous for being in their early teens. They are also known to fall in love and get married to the prince in their teenage years.

Snow White is the youngest Disney princess. She was just 14 years old when she met the prince when her stepmother threw her in the forest.

She fell in love with the prince. Then, the Huntsman hired by the queen, hunts her and chases her to death. But, he could not bring himself to kill an innocent soul.

He warned Snow White to get lost in the forest and never come back. She wandered alone in the forest until she meet some dwarfs.

Their names were Doc, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Happy and Dopey. Those dwarfs worked in a diamond mine. Snow White was living happily with the seven dwarfs until her stepmother found out.

She came in the disguise of an old lady and gave her a poisoned apple. Snow White went into a deep slumber and the Queen died soon after being hit by a boulder.

Snow White lay still for a year. The dwarfs did not have the heart to bury the poor Snow White. Meanwhile, the prince searched high and low for Snow White for a year and finally found her in the dwarf's house.

He kissed her when he got to know about the prophecy that she would wake up only with a true love's kiss. Snow White woke up when the prince kissed then they lived happily ever after.

The story of Cinderella is arguably the most popular in the Disney princess franchise. The Cinderella story has had multiple adaptations throughout the year. Many Hollywood movies recreate the story of Cinderella every few years. Even in different countries, Cinderella-based movies are a hit among the crowd.

Elsa is the most popular princess of all Disney princesses.

Who is the third youngest Disney Princess?

The Disney princesses are very close in age. They also tend to marry quickly, given how young they are.

The ages of Disney princesses are in the range of 14-21. The youngest is Snow White. The second youngest is Jasmine from 'Aladdin.'

Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan, also the king of Agrabah. Jasmine lived her life inside the palace with her father and pet tiger, Rajah. Aladdin, a street parkour guy, woos Jasmine when he gets the genie from the lamp.

He lies to Jasmine about his identity. Jasmine learns this later in the story and starts doubting his love for her. In the end, Aladdin earns back the love and trust of Jasmine by defeating the enemy magician Jafar.

This story was adapted from the famous Arab folklore tales of 'One Thousand and One Nights.' It was released in the year 1992. It also got its spin-off TV show which was also a huge hit.

The third youngest Disney princess age is 16 years of age. There were multiple princesses who were of age 16. Aurora from 'Sleeping Beauty,' Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid,' Moana from the movie 'Moana' and Merida from the movie 'Brave.'

Aurora from 'Sleeping Beauty' is adapted from a French story. The French story is an adaptation of the Italian version. This movie was released in 1959.

She has the fewest lines of all princesses. Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid' is adapted from the story of the same name 'The Littel Mermaid'. It was written by Hans Christian Anderson.

Ariel is the first non-human princess of all the Disney princesses. It was released in 1989. It was the story of merfolk, with Ariel's parents as the king and queen.

Ariel was a mermaid. Ariel fell in love with Prince Eric on land and exchanged her voice for legs to go out in the sea. Merida from 'Brave' is an unconventional Disney princess.

Merida is the daughter of the king. It was released in 2012. The story is based in Medieval Scotland.

The parents of Merida wanted her to marry, while she protested against it. This movie does not have a male prince or king as a love interest. Moana from the movie 'Moana' is a Polynesian princess.

The movie was released in 2016. She is also known as Vaiana or Oceania in some language adaptations of the movie. Her father is the chief of the Polynesian village in which she lives.

Who is the newest Disney princess?

There are a total of 15 Disney princess movies released to date. Each movie story has progressed and tried inclusivity in its stories. Stories from more unknown parts of the world became a hit with the crowd.

One such example is the movie 'Frozen,' where the protagonist Elsa is the oldest Disney princess. Her age is 21, making her more relatable and acceptable to the older age crowds too. Anna her sister is known to be 18 years of age at the beginning of the first movie.

The latest addition to the Disney princess franchise is Moana. Her role in the movie was very much an inspiration. She was responsible for saving the island she lived on by returning a sacred relic to the ocean god. With the help of a demigod, she embarks on the journey to please god and save her island from destruction.

At 17 years of age, we also have Belle of 'Beauty and the Beast' and Rapunzel from the movie 'Rapunzel.' Belle was an intelligent and beautiful young lady, who was courted by the town's popular man Gustave.

But, circumstances led Belle to enter the palace of the beast in order to save her father. While inside the castle, Belle learns the true nature of the beast, and they both fell in love.

The love of Belle cured the beast of his curse in the end.

This movie was also re-made with Emma Watson as Belle. Rapunzel was a princess who was stolen by a witch when she was a baby.

Rapunzel was locked in a tower, and then with the help of a thief who escaped the royal guards, Rapunzel went out of the tower and discovered her birth parents. In today's times, anyone with long hair is jokingly called Rapunzel.

The criteria for becoming a Disney princess is to be the daughter of a king and queen of a land. Anyone married into royalty does not count, even though they may be the central character of the movie.

While there were no princesses who were below their teens, no one of the age 12 was a princess in the movies, the youngest Disney princess is Snow White, at 14 years of age.

Nowadays, with the older princesses, Disney is popular for having diversity in their princess's origins and ages. The Disney princesses in addition to being of different ages are also from different countries as follows:

Snow White: Germany

Mulan: China

Moana: Polynesian Islands

Jasmine: Middle East

Ariel: Denmark

Pocahontas: Native America

Cinderella: France

Belle: France

Aurora: Denmark

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