What Is A Male Ballerina Called? Curious Question Answered For Kids!

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Originally Published on Nov 24, 2021
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A person who practices classical ballet is called a ballet dancer.

Many people think that ballet is practiced only by females. But, ballet is a gender-neutral form of dance.

It originated in Italy in the 15th century. From there the dance gained popularity in Russia and France.

It became so popular in the latter countries, that people think that ballet was actually a Russian or a French dance form. Though the basic training is the same, it requires barre training initially. Then they practice different styles of ballet.

They are broadly classified into four types, classical ballet, neoclassical ballet, contemporary ballet, and romantic ballet. Every ballet technique has its base in a different country and is popular in different regions of the world.

Romantic ballet is the most popular with the French crowd. The play 'Giselle' is compelling and has been reenacted various times. 'The Nutcracker' is also a play that is performed by many companies across the world, and each ballet dancer aspires to be in the play.

There has been a popular play recently called 'Black Swan'. It owes some of its fame to the movie of the same name which came a few years ago and portrayed the life and hardships of a ballerina.

There are both male ballet dancers and female ballet dancers. Many years of training are required to be a professional ballet dancer.

There are strict gender roles and hierarchies in ballet dances. Ballet dancers begin their training at the ages of five or six years old, as basic training itself requires three to four years. One has to learn the basics for quite some time before they start dancing.

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What is the term for a male ballerina?

There is a high risk of injury involved for ballet dancers, for which they have to train regularly, six days a week.

Ballerinas have different names around the world. The term ballerina is an Italian word for females performing the dance and the term ballerino is an Italian word for men performing ballet.

But not every male ballet dancer is called a ballerino, only those who achieve high rank and have a main position in ballet dance are called ballerinos. A male dancer is usually uncommon, as it becomes difficult on their physique, and they have to be lean in order to appear aesthetically pleasing.

But, that doesn't mean that they should lack strength. Most of the duet dances typically hold a principal male dancer carrying their partner in their arms.

Danseur is a term usually used in French, for male dancers in ballet. Though not commonly used because of the ignorance of language in different countries, this term is what comes close to the English translation of the word male ballerina.

What is the main female ballerina called?

As mentioned above, ballerinas are sorted according to their rank in dance. A female dancer is called a danseuse in Italian.

Principal dancer or prima ballerina is the name given to the main female dancer. It can be used both for male and female ballerinas.

In the beginning, it was just the professional dancers who were given the title of ballerina, once they learned the whole dance form. But over time, the word lost its meaning, and even six to seven-year-old practicing dancers are called ballerina, so the title of the lead dancer became Prima ballerina.

The lead ballerina is called danseur noble. Danseur noble is a french word for the ballerino who has the most dance talent.

Do male ballerinas go on pointe?

While doing ballet, dancers are required to stand on their toes. That is until the invention of pointe shoes, which allowed them to stand longer.

Females are usually seen wearing pointe shoes for performance, while men seldom wear them. That is because they do not find it pleasing to the eyes, and associate it with something girly. Though men can go on pointe, it is not often seen.

A young male dancer leaping

What is the difference between a male ballerina and a ballet dancer?

There are many famous ballet dancers who are male, and who regularly perform on stage.

The ballet was originally a dance form popular in Italy in the 1500s. From there, it gained popularity across the world.

A ballet dancer is a person who performs ballet dance, they can be male or female. In the dance form, male ballet dancers are required to have strong athletic legs, as in many of their dances they are required to carry and lift female ballerinas.

The main dance of females includes dancing on pointe, only on their toes, for which they receive training from their teenage years.

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