What Kind Of Dog Is Bolt? Fascinating Disney Dog Facts For Kids

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Originally Published on Oct 22, 2021
What kind of dog is Bolt? All fans want to know about their favorite of all the Disney dogs.

Did you know that Bolt is actually a white German shepherd dog?

'Bolt' is a masterpiece of the animation world, released in 2008. The movie is about a dog named Bolt.

It follows the story of a white German shepherd puppy who is the star of a popular TV show. He has superpowers and is now a famous Disney dog.

The dog truly believes that everything about this show is real and he has superpowers. The movie, released in 2008, has beautiful animation carefully crafted by the animators.

When it comes to making a touching, emotional movie of any genre that stays in your mind for a very long time, there is no competition for 'Bolt' by Disney. They have achieved mastery in making the greatest movies of all time.

Every movie they make, whether it be classic movies like 'Beauty and the Beast' to modern-day masterpiece 'Coco', is a treat for their fans and critics as well.

No wonder they have won an astonishing 135 Academy awards in total! That number is huge, isn't it?

The movie that we are looking at, 'Bolt', is another computer-animated masterpiece released by Disney in 2008.

The title belongs to the name of the star in the movie, who is a member of the white German shepherd breed and works in a studio for a TV show. The film was directed by Byron Howard and Chris Williams and features John Travolta as Bolt and Miley Cyrus as Penny.

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What dog is Bolt supposed to be?

Bolt is the star of the movie 'Bolt'. In the movie, he stars in a TV show with his owner, a girl named Penny. He is very cute, with huge ears and a bushy tail. According to the creator Joe Moshier, the character of Bolt is loosely based on a white German shepherd puppy.

Though it is not mentioned anywhere in the movie, Bolt's appearance (a muscular body, huge ears, and a strong neck with double coated fur), and comments made by the head animator Joe Moshier, makes it clear that Bolt is actually a white German shepherd puppy adopted by a girl named Penny.

Both of them are a part of a hit Television series in which they combat criminals using Bolt's superpowers.

John Travolta is the voice of the character Bolt, while Miley Cyrus is featured as Penny and Chloë Grace Moretz as Young Penny.

How old is Bolt the dog?

The animators have done a flawless job in the film. Bolt was rescued by Silver Lake Animal Rescue Center as a pup and was later adopted by his loving owner named Penny. It was really lucky for both of them as, 5 years later, both of them featured in a TV show.

So how old actually is Bolt? According to the Disney stats and the dates seen on posters, Bolt was born in March 2003 and was eight weeks old when he was adopted by Penny (a seven-year-old).

Bolt has a muscular body, strong facial expressions, and expressive body language. He is furious, adventurous, and is not afraid to perform stunts even in real life.

He is stubborn in nature and doesn't even accept the fact that he has had no superpowers for a very long time. According to some relevant sources, looking at his size and his behavior, Bolt could probably be as old as 31-years-old.

Bolt's breed is believed to be a white German shepherd in the animated feature film and TV show.

Is Bolt a real dog?

Bolt is a cute, little puppy that belongs to the white German shepherd dog breed. He has everything, including a loving owner and his own TV show. He is famous and has a pretty huge fan base. He also lives a pretty good life and is loved by everyone. But, is he a real dog?

As much as we wish he was, the answer is a no! Bolt is not an actual dog.

The appearance of this muscular, cute puppy really makes us wonder whether he is a real character or just an animated one. Bolt is a fictional character who works on a famous TV show where he has superpowers and fights crimes with his owner Penny. He is basically the animated star of an animated movie.

He is the product of the hard work of visual development artist Jim Kim and animator, Joe Moshier. In simple terms, the dog is an animated character that has been voiced by John Travolta.

Is Bolt a Superhero?

Bolt actually works on a TV show in which he has superpowers and works with his owner to fight against crime and save the world. However, the reality is a bit different and actually more beautiful and surprising.

To make his performance look realistic, Bolt has been deceived into believing that his superpowers, like a 'super bark', are real by the producers of the show throughout his whole life. Though Bolt doesn't own any superpowers, which he learns the hard way himself, by the end of the movie, this perception of himself changes.

When Bolt arrives back on the set and gets reunited with his owner, there is an accident, and the movie set catches fire.

Instead of leaving his owner after her request, Bolt manages to use his 'Super bark' and helps firefighters in locating them.

They soon get rescued. So, he might not have superpowers, but he certainly proves that you don't always need superpowers to be a superhero!

Other than his human, he has a team of other animals, all with their own different personality. The team is a mix of different mammals like a cat named Mitten, a hamster named Rhino, and some other animals as well.

Bolt spends time training his team to fight against the world and finding his way back to Penny.

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