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61 Brasilia Facts That Will Make You Want To Visit The Soccer Nation

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There may be some Brasilia facts that you have never heard of!

These facts will make you want to visit so that you explore this remarkably populous city which is the national capital of Brazil. Yes, the federal capital of Brazil is Brasilia which is home to the National Congress.

Brazil is well known for its city Rio de Janeiro but the country’s capital is Brasilia which is a federal district (Distrito Federal) and a metropolitan area. The federal capital city of Brasilia was built on purpose in order to serve as Brazil's new capital city in a more central location. It was founded on 21 April 1960.

It is estimated that Brasilia is the fourth most populous city in Brazil. The capital city of Brasilia is located in the central-western region of Brazil. It is situated on the Brazilian highland. The city has the government of the federal district located here; hence why it is the new capital. Brasília hosts around 124 embassies of other countries in Brazil. Most majors structures in Brasilia were designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. The south half of the metropolitan area of Brasilia is connected by the subway. The Cathedral of Brasília is regarded as one of the most popular monuments in the city.  Brasilia is not a legal municipality but is rather a federal district. The name Brasilia originates from the time when merchants from Lisbon, Portugal gave it the name Terra Do Brasil and the natives were addressed as Brasileiros. The name Brasilia has, therefore, been derived from this chapter in the history of the nation.

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Fun Facts About Brasilia

The City of Brasilia was planned and developed by the architects Lucio Costa, Joaquim Cardozo, and Oscar Niemeyer in 1956. Then the capital was moved from Rio de Janeiro to a central location. Brasilia was constructed in mere 41 months, from 1956 to 21 April 1960. After that, it was officially inaugurated.

Brasilia is not a friendly city for pedestrians or those who love walking. This city was developed at a time when Brazil started air travel. The buildings were designated spaces and embassy sectors for bureaucrats and new ministries. Niemeyer designed these vast, beautiful, and magical spaces. These wide spaces are not created to wander by but for being crossed in a motorcar. Brasilia is not even considered a city by some experts. The city does not have common elements like crowded streets, residential buildings, people living above shops, or people who work in nearby offices. Brasilia is seen as an 'office campus for a government'. The space in this city is not designed for humans. Brasilia is a cultural site for Latin America and represents a unique example of urban planning based on the principles of the Modernist Movement in the Athens Charter. Hence, it is also declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The idea to have a federal capital was first established in 1827. It was presented as a plan for a new city called Brasilia, which was not executed. A few years later, the Italian Saint Don Bosco had a similar dream where he saw a futuristic city placed on Brasilia's location. In order to cherish the legend, many references of Bosco are witnessed throughout the city. Brasilia is an example of modernist architecture built on two fundamental components; the Monumental Axis and the Residential Axis. These two form together with a cross that symbolizes the conquest of a new place.

Brasilia International Airport is the main airport in Brasilia.

Facts About Brasilia's Climate

If you are interested in visiting the city of Brazilia then May, June and July are the best months. The weather is pleasant, and the average temperature falls between 68-77 F (20-25 C).

On average, the temperature is very high. In the months of January, February, March, October, November, and December, it is the rainy season in Brasilia. The warmest month is September, with an average temperature of 82.4 degrees F (28 C). The coldest month is July. December is the wettest month. June is the driest month, and July is the sunniest month. The average rainfall in Brasilia is around 62.9 in (1600 mm) per year.

Interesting Facts About Brasilia

An important landmark in the federal capital of Brasilia is the Cathedral of Brasília. This building is unique for its glass roof that gives the illusion of reaching heaven. The cathedral was also designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

Events that Brasilians celebrate include Christmas, New Year's Eve, and the parade during Independence Day. The major festival celebrated by people in Brasilia is Festas Juninas in the month of June. They celebrate the Catholic Saints like Saint Peter, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint Anthony of Padua.

Brasilia is also the city with the highest GDP per capita in Latin America.

Facts About Brasilia's Location

Brasilia lies at an elevation of around 3500 ft (1060 m). It is blessed with the headwaters of the Tocantins, Parana, and Sao Francisco rivers. The city has a unique plan and architecture and it plays an important role in the development of the Brazilian interior.

The city planners have designated spaces for both axes. The Monumental Axis includes the National Congress, administrative region, government buildings, ministries, radio, and television towers. The Residential Axis, however, has designated areas with more dedicated housing space, expansive urban areas, churches, schools, and metropolitan areas.

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