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Brazil Sports Facts: All You Need To Know About Popular Sports Played

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Football is the most popular sport in Brazil as the country is home to some of the leading world champions.

Did you know that the soccer team of Brazil is the best soccer team in the world? Read the article to know more such exciting facts about popular sports associated with Brazil.

Brazil, officially known as the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in the continent of South America. It is also the fifth largest country area-wise in the world.

People often say that the most beautiful ladies and gentlemen of the world are found in Brazil. Well, that is true. But the fact that Brazil has some of the craziest souls on account of sports and games is also true. There are two kinds of sports in the country Brazil. Firstly, there are ones that are practiced and played in Brazil and are famous all over the world. Secondly, there are sports that are native to Brazil. Such sports were born in Brazil itself and have some of the other signs of Brazilian culture and traditional sports.

The people of Brazil are crazy about sports. The most played sport and the most loved sport in Brazil is football or soccer. Football is also the national sport of Brazil but the game did not originate in Brazil. Other than that, volleyball, martial arts (martial art in Brazil is also known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), tennis, motorcycle racing, and auto racing are other sports that are popular in Brazil.

The climate of Brazil is mostly tropical or subtropical. Sportspersons’ bodies are adapted to such climates and hence, they are usually unable to compete in the Olympics held in winters. With various modifications in their surroundings to make their body used to winter temperatures, the Brazilian athletes competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics and the Winter Olympics held in 2014. If we talk about the Summer Olympics, Brazil has been competing regularly since the year 1920. Brazil stands at the 33rd position in the world ranking of medals won in the Summer Olympics.  Rio de Janeiro in Brazil hosted the Summer Olympics 2016 that was held in South America.

After reading about the most popular sports in the country of world champions of soccer, also check out Brazil language facts and Brazil landmarks facts.

The History Of Brazil Sports

People believe that football rose in Brazil after a match inaugurated by the Brazil National Football team, between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in the Fluminense’s stadium.

If we talk about the initial days of the National Football team of Brazil, they were not as successful and brilliant as they became later.

In the year 1930, Brazil played their first World Cup that was hosted in Uruguay. Brazilian players won against Bolivia but lost their chances to win the World Cup to Yugoslavia.

Later, the Brazilian football team participated in but lost in the championship held in Italy in 1934. In 1938, they reached the semi-finals of the championship in France but then lost. As a matter of fact, Brazil was the only football team from South America that participated in the championship. After facing multiple failures, Brazil became the most successful football team by becoming the only team to win the FIFA World Cup trophy five times. They were declared champions of the World Cup in the years 2002, 1994, 1970, 1962, and 1958.

Volleyball was brought to Brazil in 1916. The massive beginning of volleyball in Brazil started in 1983, then a national match was hosted by Rio between the men’s teams of Brazil and the erstwhile USSR. More than 95,887 spectators were at the match. After winning the silver medal in the Olympics of 1984, volleyball achieved a lot of popularity.

First Sports Played

In the later half of 19th century, Dutch and British sailors brought football into Brazil. The sport was not invented here but today, watching a football match is one of the favorite pastimes of Brazilian people.

Earlier, these games were played on beaches along coastlines. According to some claims, Mr. Hugh was the first football teacher who taught soccer to workers at the Sao Paulo Railway in 1882.

The introduction of volleyball was in the Olympics of 1964. Eventually, volleyball became a competitive sport all over the world. Another sport which is popular in Brazil is beach volleyball.

A new game named ‘footvolley’ was developed in Brazil in 1965 by  Octavio de Moraes on a famous beach, Copacabana, situated in Rio.

Today, many people play football and volleyball on Brazilian beaches and seashores. Other games that originated in Brazil were frescobol, peteca, and sandboard.

A man sandboarding in desert

Popular Sports Of Brazil

Brazil is the first thing that comes to our mind whenever we think about soccer. This is because Brazil has earned its name in the game by becoming the country to win the FIFA World Cup Trophy the maximum number of times.

The second sport that has achieved fame in Brazil is volleyball. Not only in football, but Brazilians are also the most successful in volleyball. According to the world rankings by FIVB, both the men's and women's teams of Brazil have been ranked as the best volleyball teams in the world.

Brazil is famous for both beach volleyball and regular volleyball that is played on the court. Brazil has won many medals in its World Tours as well as in the Olympics. Sports authorities of the country even organize their own competitions in the male and female categories.

The Brazil-originated sport footvolley is now among the most furiously growing sports all over the world. The sport is gradually achieving recognition according to international standards and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

Sports Which Are Illegal In Brazil

Previously there was a ban on women’s football in Brazil. Earlier, by the year 1940, approximately 10 women football teams were formed in Brazil who were actively competing and participating in the competitions of Rio de Janeiro.

Seeing the growing women's interest in football, president Getúlio Vargas, passed a law forbidding women from practicing sports that, in any way, harmed their femininity and sexual or reproductive organs. The law was taken back after a lot of controversies. Finally, women's football regained its legality in 1983.

Another game that is banned in the country of Brazil is gambling. If you visit Brazil, you’ll rarely find any casinos there. Gambling is totally banned because the government of Brazil says that it cannot keep cash flows under control in such places. This law was laid in the year 1946. Although physical gambling in casinos is banned, online gambling is still legal in Brazil.

When it comes to a practiced sport in Brazil like tennis, in their version of tennis, they sometimes use a wooden racket. They have surfers because of their huge coastline as well. Famous surfers like Gabriel Medina and Carlos Burle are from the country. There are Brazilian fighters like Anderson Silva who have excelled in their sport of practiced martial arts. There are many football fans from Brazil due to the world record FIFA world cup titles from Brazil. As well as FIFA world cups, there is the national basketball association as well. Brazil has hosted and also participated in the Olympic games with its national team, and the national team has won the gold medal in the Olympic games as well!

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