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Daurian jackdaw facts talk about where this species occur, their genus, distribution, and description.
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The Daurian jackdaw (Corvus dauuricus) is one of the most fascinating species in the crow family. They belong to the Corvidae family, genus Corvus. They are migratory birds that are mostly found in Central and eastern Asia. The Daurian jackdaw has a mixture of black, white, and grizzled gray. The area around the neck is white.

The Daurian jackdaw is closely related to the Eurasian jackdaw. The two are of similar proportions and identical habits. The Eurasian jackdaw is found in Europe and the most distinctive feature of this jackdaw is its white-colored neck. The Daurian jackdaw tends to migrate to parts of Russia. The ideal location for breeding is in south China. The southern region is not that cold during April which is when their breeding season occurs. They are fascinating birds to study, but what makes them so fascinating? They have been able to adapt according to changing climates.

Even though this bird is considered to be a bad omen, it is interesting to see how this bird survives by changing its location every year. There are records that show that these birds have been migrating for a long time. In order to understand this bird, we have to understand the behavior of the bird and what they do to survive.

Read on to see how different and similar they are from western jackdaws, the pecies C. monedula, and the other jackdaws.

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Daurian Jackdaw Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Daurian jackdaw?

The Daurian jackdaw (Corvus dauuricus) is a bird and is similar to a member of the crow family.This bird species is a combination of grizzled gray and glossy black. Their diet includes carrion, berries, and small insects. This jackdaw species is slightly smaller than its counterparts.

What class of animal does a Daurian jackdaw belong to?

The Daurian jackdaw (C. dauuricus) is a type of bird that belongs to the class of Aves. They belong to the Corvidae family, genus Corvus. They are mostly located in Asia, more specifically in southern Mongolia, the western part of Siberia, and most of China. Their genus is Corvus and they are mostly found in trees. This species is similar to the Eurasian jackdaw species (C. monedula).

How many Daurian jackdaws are there in the world?

There is an abundance of Daurian jackdaws (Corvus dauuricus). They are considered to be migratory birds that have a varied distribution across the Eurasian landmass. Daurian jackdaw range in size is small compared to its counterparts in the bird kingdom. They are closely related to crows and coexist with crows in their environment.

Where does a Daurian jackdaw live?

The Daurian jackdaw (Corvus dauuricus) species tends to live in woodlands or near river valleys. There are different species of jackdaws, but this particular kind is found in the eastern region of Asia. This includes south China and western Siberia. These countries have the ideal habitat for these birds in the Asian region.

What is a Daurian jackdaw's habitat?

The Daurian jackdaw tends to live near human habitats but can be found in woodlands and valleys as their diet consists of berries and insects and like to be somewhere in the world where they can access food easily. They tend to migrate back and forth as they cannot survive in the winter.

Who do Daurian jackdaws live with?

These birds tend to live in bird colonies with other species of crow. They have also inhabited areas where humans are settled. Their family consists of the pair and they tend to stay with their partner until death.

How long does a Daurian jackdaw live?

The life history of a Daurian jackdaw (Corvus dauuricus) suggests that it has a lifespan of five years in its native distribution. This is much lower than the lifespan of the little crow.

How do they reproduce?

They usually have a monogamous pairing and stay with the same partner for life. The Daurian jackdaw nesting habits are not very unique, with the birds making their nests up in trees or in abandoned apartment buildings. During their nesting season, the Daurian jackdaw female lays eggs in the nest and takes care of them, while the male looks for food to bring to the nest. Their feeding habits are like other birds. Their range of food for the juvenile can be berries, small insects, and carrion. Their breeding season is in April when the weather is ideal. During that time of the year, this species of crows tends to be in the southern part of Asia.

The length of a juvenile is unknown, but we do know that the juvenile usually follows identical habits as their parents. Their breeding habits are like the Eurasian jackdaw as they are closely related.

What is their conservation status?

Their conservation status is Least Concern as classified by the International Union For Conservation Of Nature and other conservation organizations around the world.

Daurian Jackdaw Fun Facts

What do Daurian jackdaws look like?

The Daurian jackdaw appearance is glossy black in plumage color and their ear covets are grizzly gray. They are normally pictured in trees as this is where they tend to stay. These jackdaws have a white coloration around the neck and their iris is dark in color. They are considerably smaller than some of the other species in the family Corvidae. Their identification is their plumage as it is glossy black. This species of jackdaws are slightly smaller than the western jackdaw (Coloeus monedula).

A Daurian jackdaw pic can be an ideal tool to know its description, life history, and how to search for them.

How cute are they?

They are considered to be cute due to their small size. They are considered to be smaller than most other Corvidae species and the western jackdaw (Coloeus monedula).

How do they communicate?

They communicate with distinct loud shouts. They are high-pitched and their calls and croaks are at a higher decimal.

How big is a Daurian jackdaw?

The average length of these birds is considered to be around 13 - 15 in (32 cm to 36 cm). The Daurian jackdaw is considered to be one of the smallest species of crows and is about the same size or slightly larger than the carrion crow. They are actually two times smaller than the hooded crow while having the same length proportions and identical habits as the western jackdaw.

How fast can a Daurian jackdaw fly?

Most jackdaws can fly as fast as 13.4-24.6 mph (21.5-39.5 kph). We can presume that the Daurian jackdaw has a similar speed and usually migrates to Russia for the winter.

How much does a Daurian jackdaw weigh?

The weight of Daurian jackdaws usually occurs in the range of 3.8-9.7 oz (110–275 g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

A Daurian jackdaw male has no special name, nor does the female.

What would you call a baby Daurian jackdaw?

A baby Daurian jackdaw is called a juvenile.

What do they eat?

Their diet consists of feeding on insects, berries, and plants.

Are they poisonous?

They are not poisonous and they do not need to have any poison as they have no known threat. This is also the reason why they are not endangered.

Would they make a good pet?

They would not make an ideal pet as they are considered to be an omen of death in Western ideology. If this bird is seen on top of a chimney or at any location of the house, it is considered that someone was going to die. Their identification is that they are glossy black so that they can be easily spotted.

Did you know...

The Daurian jackdaw was an inspiration for a verse by William Cowper. He has given a description as to why this species is considered to be a bad omen.

Why are jackdaws thought to bring bad luck?

Jackdaws are thought to bring bad luck in eastern England and elsewhere around the world. The Daurian jackdaw is part of the same family and is also considered to be a sign of death.

Are Daurian jackdaws endangered?

They are not considered to be endangered and are in the Least Concern conservation status as there is no known predator to them. Their habitat is present in eastern Asia, and unlike some other birds, the species of Daurian jackdaw migrate once a year.

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